The Devious First-Daughter

Chapter 5

Chapter 5 The Strange Fragrance at the Funeral

Ning Xueyan unsteadily stood up, holding onto Mother Han’s hand, and said, “Grandma, please spare Mother Yun. We were too impulsive just now.”

All the madams were stunned by Ning Xueyan’s unexpected pleading for Mother Yun. Ning Xueyan was still young and her face was pale, but she behaved elegantly and had a delicate appearance. Her behavior and words made people feel close to her.

They had not unexpected that there was such an outstanding girl in the Lord Protector’s Manor. They only heard that the First Young Lady was gentle and elegant, but now, they felt that Ning Xueyan was better.

“Xueyan, why did you plead for her? She doesn’t respect you and even hurt you. She’s an evil servant.” Looking at the gentle and graceful Ning Xueyan, Madam Dowager Liu felt happy and spoke with a soft smile on her face.

“Grandmother, she has to be punished because she hurt me. But I think today is important and it’s not suitable to kill her. She has been working in the Lord Protector’s Manor for many years. How about asking her to go to the backyard… It’s also a punishment for her negligence as a servant…” Ning Xueyan smiled when she said that sincerely, but everyone could see that she was in pain. And they all felt confused by Ning Xueyan’s complete words.

“What is she going to do in the backyard?” Madam Dowager Liu also did not understand what Ning Xueyan meant, and asked in puzzlement.

Realizing that Ning Xueyan wanted her to keep vigil at the funeral, Mother Yun shouted in horror. She crazily pushed away the two women and cried out in a hurry, “No! No! I don’t want to keep vigil for Madam Ming! First Madam, I won’t go. Help me, I won’t go! The funeral… Madam Ming… funeral…”

This sudden change scared everyone!

When they heard clearly what Mother Yun said, all the madams changed their expressions. Ning Xueyan had waited for this scene for a long time. She looked down slightly to hide the coldness in her eyes.

The death of Madam Ming was strange. When Ning Xueyan was at the funeral, she smelled a sweet scene. After careful distinction, she found that the fragrance came from the coffin! The source of this fragrance was a kind of poisonous food. Long-term consumption of it would lead to dizziness and illness, and the fragrance would stay in the body.

The slight, sweet fragrance must have had something to do with Madam Ling. Ning Xueyan’s mother, Madam Ming, had left her a set of methods for making incense, so she knew that that incense was harmful. Mother Yun was Madam Ling’s trusted personal servant, so she knew the truth about Madam Ming’s death. Therefore, she was afraid of keeping vigil for Madam Ming.

“You damn servant, what are you talking about here?” Madam Ling rushed over and slapped Mother Yun before she finished her words, interrupting Mother Yun.

But Mother Yun’s words had caused amazement among the madams who were watching.

Mother Yun’s words caused chaos in the backyard.

The Second Madam had died in the backyard, but they held a wedding banquet in the front. How could the Lord Protector’s Manor do such a disrespectable thing!

“Damn servant, what are you talking about? Come on, shut her up and take her away. Beat her to death directly!” Madam Ling did not expect Mother Yun to say that. She shouted at the two female middle-aged servants in a panic, totally forgetting that she had pled for Mother Yun just now.

“Beat me to death? Madam, I have…” On hearing Madam Ling’s vicious word, Mother Yun cried out. But before she finished her words, she was stopped and held back.

At this point, Madam Dowager already knew that the death of Madam Ming could not be covered up. Looking at Madam Ling, she trembled with anger. This matter not only brought shame on the Lord Protector’s Manor, but also would affect her son’s prestige. Faced with the gaze of the madams, Madam Dowager felt ashamed and angry, her face turning pale. She could say nothing now and finally fainted.

Then it became more chaotic. The doctor who had been called to cure Ning Xueyan happened to come over and was pulled to cure Madam Dowager first.

All the madams knew that the Lord Protector’s Manor had done something disrespectable. They all wanted to see how the Lord Protector’s Manor would end this wedding ceremony. Originally, some madams heard that there were other daughters in the Lord Protector’s Manor and wanted to take the opportunity to take a look at them. Now, none of them wanted to. It was said that the First Young Lady of the Lord Protector’s Manor was elegant and gentle. But in order to get married, she hid the death of her elder, which was greatly disrespectable.

She was not cultured or steeped in propriety at all!

According to Madam Ling’s guilty look, it was obvious that she already had known. She treated Ning Xueyan badly, allowed her servants to bully a mistress, and hid the death of Madam Ming, so a daughter taught by such a mother was no good either.

“Don’t beat her to death first. Take her away, we’ll deal with her later.” Madam Dowager Liu withdrew her smile and stared coldly at Madam Ling. At this time, there had to be someone to order.

Ning Zu’an, the Lord Protector, had great respect for his aunt, so no one dared to disobey her even though she did not take charge of anything during ordinary times. Immediately, two women took Mother Yun away to stop her from saying anything more.

“Young Lady, are you all right?” The maid Qingyu ran over and supported Ning Xueyan. She had been arranged to help in the wedding ceremony by Madam Ling and could not leave. Now she came when no one noticed her.

“Go and see where Mother Yun will be locked up,” Ning Xueyan leaned against Qingyu and said in her ear with a quiet voice.

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