The Devious First-Daughter

Chapter 4

Chapter 4 Disorder and the Evil Servant

The surrounding maids and women reacted because the Fifth Young Lady still was a mistress of the manor even though she was not favored. If something bad were to happen to her, all of them would be punished. So they were overwhelmed at the moment, just trying to wake Ning Xueyan up and calling for a doctor.

The shouts in the garden passed to the front yard, where the madams were having a banquet. They looked at each other, not knowing what had happened.

At this time, a blood-stained female servant hurriedly walked by, but was stopped by a madam in splendid clothes. “What happened in the backyard?”

Mother Han did not know why Ning Xueyan had asked her to go to the front yard before she fainted. But now, she suddenly understood. The Fifth Young Lady wanted all these madams to go to the garden!

So she quickly said to the madam, “A servant stunned the Fifthe Young Lady in the garden. I’m going to fetch the doctor!”

Mother Han’s words shocked all the madams.

A servant dared to hit a mistress! Were there no rules in the Lord Protector’s Manor?

These madams’ interest of gossip was aroused, so they walked to the garden while gossiping about it.

Seeing these madams coming over, Madam Ling became extremely angry because she knew that things could no longer be controlled. She stared at Mother Yun, who then realized things would get worse, and knelt down beside Ning Xueyan.

“What’s wrong with the Fifth Young Lady? Who hurt her?” The Madam Dowager walked out, frowning. She became unpleasant when she saw the fainted Ning Xueyan and her injured arm.

Today was Ning Ziyan’s wedding. But the Lord Protector’s Manor lost its face because of such a thing. Why was Madam Dowager happy?

“Madam Dowager, please exercise justice for the Fifth Young Lady. Mother Yun not only starved the Fifth Young Lady for a day, but also scolded and beat her when the Fifth Young Lady came to ask her about it. Look, Madam Dowager, the Fifth Young Lady… Fifth Young Lady…” Mother Han, who came back with those madams, pointed to Ning Xueyan’s bloody hand and spoke with grief and indignation.

They all looked at Ning Xueyan’s hand. Some timid madams could not help crying. Although they did not see the bloody wound, the blood dripping down from Ning Xueyan’s hand made them shiver. What a cruel servant! She should bite a mistress like that!

“Madam Dowager, it wasn’t me. I didn’t bite the Fifth Young Lady.” Mother Yun anxiously explained, sweat dripping from her face.

The evidence was obvious, but Mother Yun still denied it. Some madams could not bear it and said with dissatisfaction, “If you didn’t bite her, why does her hand look like this! What a damn servant.”

“She should be beaten to death. There’s no reason for servants to bully their masters.”

“How could there be such an evil servant in the Lord Protector’s Manor?”

“Come on, shut her up and take her away to beat her to death!” Looking at this chaotic scene, Madam Dowager made the decision. She just wanted to end this chaos quickly. Otherwise, the face of the Lord Protector’s Manor would be lost!

“Help, First Madam! Help me!” Mother Yun turned to Madam Ling, crying for help.

But immediately, two women came up and covered her mouth with a handkerchief and were going to take her away.

“Wait a minute. Mother, we haven’t asked about it clearly yet before taking her away… It’s, it’s not good!” Although Madam Ling was afraid of Madam Dowager, she now had to stop Mother Yun from being taken away. If she did not help her personal servant, who was going to be beaten to death and begged her for mercy, no one would dare to follow her in the future.

“You mean we should just let her go?” Madam Dowager reprimanded Madam Ling and was more dissatisfied with this daughter-in-law who came from a small family and did not know it was inappropriate for such a matter to happen now. What’s more, Madam Dowager was displeased with the clothes that Ning Xueyan wore when someone died.

She was afraid that Madam Ming’s death would be exposed, and they all would get into trouble if that happened.

Having been reprimanded by Madam Dowager in front of all the madams, Madam Ling was ashamed and angry and could not speak for a moment.

“Sister, wait a minute. Today is Ziyan’s wedding. It’s unlucky if someone dies today!” Madam Dowager Liu, who stood at the side, tried to persuade Madam Dowager.

Madam Dowager Liu’s words were reasonable. So, Madam Dowager nodded her head and wanted to lock up Mother Yun first, and then interrogate her separately after the wedding.

Ning Xueyan, who pretended to be unconscious and listened to their conversations, knew that it was time to wake up.

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