The Devious First-Daughter

Chapter 3

Chapter 3 Ning Xueyan Shows Off Her Great Change

“Mother Yun, I heard that you are in charge of the kitchen today. Why didn’t the masters have dinner, yet all the servants have eaten?” Ning Xueyan stretched out her hand and pointed at the greasy corner of Mother Han’s mouth, smiling ironically.

“Fifth Young Lady, you’re the daughter of the Lord Protector’s co-wife. It’s very disgraceful of you to argue with us. You’d better go back first, and when we’re not busy, we’ll send it to you.” Mother Yun was shocked to see that Ning Xueyan was so fierce today. But when she remembered that it was madam’s order to neglect the Fifth Young Lady and her cowardice, she was perfunctory again.

After that, without waiting for Ning Xueyan to answer, Mother Yun turned to the two women following her and said, “Come on, take the Fifth Young Lady back!”

Mother Yun was Madam Ling’s trusted servant, so she knew that she had to prevent Ning Xueyan from going to the front yard. So, Mother Yun asked them to take Ning Xueyan away, as she could not let her destroy the wedding ceremony.

“Who dares to touch me!” Looking at the two women coming at her in a threatening manner, Ning Xueyan suddenly gave a sneer and spoke sharply.

The indignation on Ning Xueyan’s face threatened the two women, and they did not dare to come closer.

Mother Yun felt humiliated and shouted at the two women, “Go ahead and take Fifth Young Lady away.”

Ning Xueyan sneered in her mind. Madam Ling’s servants dared to bully a mistress, but this was exactly what she needed. She pushed aside Mother Han who was protecting her, stepped forward, and slapped Mother Yun. “I am the mistress, and you dare to bully me!”

She slapped Mother Yun’s face heavily with great hatred.

No one expected that the cowardly the Fifth Young Lady would slap the First Madam’s personal servant!

Mother Yun had never received such treatment in the manor. She covered her face subconsciously and roared with a fierce look on her face, “How dare you slap me!”

She was dizzy now, just feeling the buzz in her ear. She felt that she was losing face when she saw several maids and women on the side secretly laughing.

She forgot that Ning Xueyan was also the mistress of this manor due to being enraged and she rushed at Ning Xueyan and was going to hit her!

“Sure enough, you’re an evil flunky and dare to beat a mistress,” Ning Xueyan thought with mockery in her eyes. She moved to one side, but pretended to be unsteady and fell down. Before she fell down, she secretly stretched out one foot and tripped Mother Yun, who then fell down beside Ning Xueyan.

Looking at Mother Yun coming over to her, Ning Xueyan stretched out from a very hidden angle and pinched Mother Yun hard on her breast. Then she fell down on top of Mother Yun, so it seemed that it was Mother Yun who had dragged her down.

Mother Yun screamed out in pain because of Ning Xueyan’s hard pinch. She completely forgot that Ning Xueyan was the mistress of the Lord Protector’s Manor, and was going to beat Ning Xueyan while she scolded her. “Bitch! How dare you hit me! I’ll kill you today.”

The maids and women around them responded at this time, and immediately rushed up to stop Mother Yun. Mother Han reacted quickly and protected Ning Xueyan with her body. It was chaos.

“Stop! What’s going on?” The angry sound came from over their heads. Madam Ling, who came in hurriedly, almost went mad when she saw the scene! She stared at Mother Yun fiercely. Mother Yun felt afraid so she let go of Ning Xueyan’s arm and hurried to explain.

“Madam, the Fifth Young Lady slapped me. Look, my face is swollen.” Mother Yun complained to Madam Ling, pointing at her swollen face. It had become red and swollen, and it could be seen that she had been slapped.

“Fifth Young Lady, what’s the matter? You don’t stay well in the Bright Frost Garden. Why did you come here and slap my servant?” Madam Ling frowned and looked at Ning Xueyan, who was being protected by Mother Han.

Ning Xueyan held Mother Han’s hand and stood up with difficulty. Her face looked pale. She pointed at Mother Yun and said, “She not only scolded me, but also bit me. Mother, please exercise justice for me.”


All of them screamed, and their eyes fell on Ning Xueyan’s sleeves, where there was a large bloodstain and blood still dripped from the sleeves. They all realized that Ning Xueyan’s pale face was caused by excessive blood loss.

This sudden change surprised everyone except Ning Xueyan! She hid all the hatred on her face. Because of her pale face and bleeding wounds, she looked more miserable in the eyes of the people around her.

“Madam, I didn’t bite her!” Mother Yun was also shocked, hurrying to explain. Even though Ning Xueyan was not favored, she still was a mistress of the manor.

“Do you mean that I bit myself?” Ning Xueyan stood unsteadily, covering her head with one hand. It looked like she was going to faint, but she still forced herself to turn her head to Madam Ling. “Mother, please exercise justice for your daughter.”

She emphasized the word “daughter” when she begged, then fell back after saying it. Mother Han hurried to reach out to catch hold of her. Before fainting, Ning Xueyan said something in Mother Han’s ear in a low voice.

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