The Devious First-Daughter

Chapter 2 - Ning Xueyan Reborn at the Funeral

Chapter 2 Ning Xueyan Reborn at the Funeral

“Where am I?”

Seeing the white clothes on her body and the simple arrangement of a funeral in the house, Ning Ziying suddenly felt dizzy, and a lot of strange memories poured into her mind.

Ning Xueyan was the cowardly, 14-year-old Fifth Young Lady of the Lord Protector’s Manor. Her natural mother was the unfavored co-wife of the Lord Protector, Madam Ming, who had died the day before. Ning Xueyan had died at her mother’s funeral due to grief and weakness.

And Ning Ziying was reborn in Ning Xueyan’s body. She was no longer the Ning Ziying who went to the Lord Protector’s Manor for shelter.

The sound of joy and laughter in the front yard made her feel that it was a dream…

According to Ning Xueyan’s memories, it was Xia Yuhang and Ning Ziyan who were married now.

They thought that Ning Ziying had died!

Every dog has its day. Now she was no longer the same as she used to be. This time, it was her turn to send them to hell…

“Fifth Young Lady, Fifth Young Lady.” Mother Han’s voice came from the door.

“Mather Han, I’m here.” There was a mute voice in her throat. She had lost consciousness and been hungry for a day. She was lucky to be able to make a sound.

Hearing the sound of Ning Xueyan, Mother Han rushed over and said, “Fifth Young Lady, I brought you some water. Have a drink and rest for a while.”

“Mother Han, hasn’t madam arranged someone to send me food yet?” After drinking some water, Ning Ziying did not feel any pain in her throat. She slightly recovered her original voice and her gaze became serious. At this time, the bride had left, but the guests were still there according to noise outside. “Everyone will see if I go out now and make trouble for them,” Ning Xueyan thought.

“I have asked them, and they said…” Mother Han swallowed hard as she looked at Ning Xueyan, “they said that the First Madam would ask someone to send food to you soon.”

“Mother Han, let’s go and get it ourselves!” Ning Xueyan stood up suddenly with a mocking smile on her lips. If she remembered correctly, aside from the Madam Dowager, who very much valued face, there was a Madam Dowager Liu in the Lord Protector’s Manor, and both were extremely respectful of the rules.

This Madam Dowager Liu was the aunt of Ning Zu’an, the Lord Protector. Her dead husband was a famous scholar in the regions south of the Yangtze River and she only had a daughter. After her husband died and her daughter was married, she lived alone. So Ning Zu’an went to her home to bring her to the Lord Protector’s Manor to take care of her. At that time, all the people in the court said that Ning Zu’an was filial.

“What? We… we’ll get it ourselves?” Mother Han widened her eyes in shock and looked incredulously at the Fifth Young Lady, who had always been weak and protected by her.

“Yes, we’ll get it ourselves. They said that my mother has died and I’m unlucky now, so they don’t allow me to go to the front yard. I’ll go!”

Ning Xueyan spoke coldly, with hatred in her eyes!

“Ning Ziyan, don’t think everything is okay as long as you enter the Xia’s Manor. I’ll mess it up. Besides, the Lord Protector’s Manor never has been peaceful.”

“Fifth Young Lady, you can’t go. The Madam Dowager and First Madam will punish you if they find out.” Mother Han was shocked by Ning Xueyan’s sudden decision. She grabbed Ning Xueyan’s sleeve tightly for fear that she would recklessly rush out.

“Mother Han, don’t worry. I won’t be rash.” Ning Xueyan’s eyes were indescribably deep.

Seeing that the Fifth Young Lady was persistent, Mother Han could only pick up the lantern on the ground and hold Ning Xueyan with her hand.

Ning Xueyan walked toward the bustling front yard. Everything was full of happiness, and her white linen clothes were more dazzling than the others.

Most of the servants in the manor did not know that someone had passed away. And Ning Xueyan had not been out of her Bright Frost Garden for many years due to cowardice. The new servants did not know who she was, secretly guessing her identity.

“Who is she? How does she dress like this? It looks as if someone died.”

“It’s the Fifth Young Lady. Look at her, she doesn’t look like a lady of the Lord Protector’s Manor.”

“She has no manners. The First Young Lady got married today, but she is dressed like this. What does she want to do?”

Suddenly, a woman rushed out of the crowd and reached out to stop her, saying rudely, “Fifth Young Lady, why did you come here? You’re not in good health. You needn’t come out. The First Madam asked you to go back to rest.”

Everyone in the Lord Protector’s Manor called Madam Ning “First Madam” while they called co-wife Madam Ming “Second Madam”. The comer was Madam Ming’s trusted Mother Yun. Ning Xueyan recognized that she was one of the villains who had drowned Ning Ziying the night before. She could not help looking at her with great hatred.

“Mother Yun, the Fifth Young Lady hasn’t eaten for a day. Why hasn’t anyone sent her food yet?” asked Mother Han.

“We all are busy serving the guests. Madame and Madam Dowager haven’t eaten yet. Why are you in a hurry? When everything is done, we’ll send a meal to the Fifth Young Lady,” Mother Yun said impatiently.

“When everything is done? When will that be? Mother and grandmother also haven’t eaten for a day?” Hiding the hatred in her eyes, Ning Xueyan raised her head and asked in amazement.

The Fifth Young Lady, who had always been cowardly and seldom spoke loudly, had refuted Mother Yun today, which stunned Mother Yun. She raised her head and looked up at the cold eyes of Ning Xueyan and felt afraid.

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