The Devious First-Daughter

Chapter 39

Chapter 39 Madam Dowager’s Partiality

The ridicule of everyone was coming to Ning Yuling.

Ning Yuling’s face was pale. With tears in her eyes, she looked at the Third Prince with a grievance, hoping that he would stand on her side.

“Second Young Lady, if you’re feeling sick, you’d better see a doctor early. Don’t let it hurt you!” said the Third Prince who gave her a heavy blow. It meant that she was sick and went out to harm people, like a madman!

Seeing that the Third Prince looked at Ning Xueyan with gentleness and care, Ning Yuling was jealous. Suddenly, she cried with her hands covering her face as she ran back. “Ning Xueyan, how dare you do that? How dare you seduce the Third Prince in front of me? I’ll never let you go.” Ning Yuling thought in mind.

Seeing Ning Yuling run away, the group of servants looked at each other and immediately followed her.

It became quiet.

“Fifth Young Lady, are you okay?” The Third Prince took two steps, gently asked Ning Xueyan, who was standing behind Lanning. Just now Ning Yuling ran into Lanning, and the latter hit Ning Xueyan who was almost knocked down. Everyone saw it.

“I’m fine. Thank you. Third Prince, is there any doctor coming with you?” Ning Xueyan checked Lanning and saw she frown painfully, knowing that she was hit by Ning Yuling seriously. So she asked the Third Prince gently.

Lanning must have been hurt. People like the Third Prince must be accompanied by doctors.

“Go to invite the doctor.” The Third Prince also realized that Lanning was injured and asked people to invite the imperial physician.

He didn’t like to go out with too many people. So the imperial physician was in his courtyard. After a while, the imperial physician came and checked Lanning, leaving some medicine for her. Ning Xueyan thanked the Third Prince. She asked Qingyu to hold Lanning and went back with them, not going to appreciate flowers. It was unexpected that Ning Yuling was so crazy.

If it hadn’t been for Lanning, she would have been knocked down! She couldn’t bear any more injury now.

Ning Yuling was getting more and more vicious…

Madam Dowager knew it after waking up in the afternoon. She was very angry and reproached Ning Yuling. Ning Yuling also knew it was going to be terrible at this time. She cried sadly and blamed Ning Xueyan for everything.

It was Ning Xueyan who deliberately led her there, made her angry, and embarrassed her in public.

Ning Xueyan had been standing in the corridor for some time, but all the servants directly ignored her. She stood quietly, looking down and listening to Ning Yuling scolding her with a cold smile on her face.

Madam Dowager was so partial with Ning Yuling.

Many people saw Ning Yuling bully people by taking advantage of her power, but now they blamed Ning Xueyan!

Fortunately, she had no expectation on Madam Dowager. She knew that the Madam Dowager wanted to warn her by making her stand in the corridor. Ning Yuling was brought up by herself. She, an abandoned girl was no match for Ning Yuling. If Ning Xueyan’s reputation had been ruined today, Madam Dowager would not care about that.

Fortunately, she did not care about her attitude!

“Fifth Young Lady, Madam Dowager invites you in!” A female servant came out and said with a smile.

Ning Xueyan nodded and went into the house with Lanning.

As soon as she entered the house, she saw Madam Dowager sitting in the first place with a gloomy face and Ning Yuling standing beside her while wiping her tears with her handkerchief. At this time, Ning Yuling wasn’t arrogant at all. She cried sadly. When she saw Ning Xueyan, she looked at her with hatred and tightly grasped her handkerchief.

If it hadn’t been for an older female servant behind her who pulled her sleeve hard, she would have rushed over and torn Ning Xueyan’s face. “It’s me who humiliate you all the time, how dare you fight against me!” Ning Yuling thought in mind.

“Grandmother!” Ning Xueyan didn’t look at Ning Yuling and directly saluted Madam Dowager.

Madam Dowager coldly looked at her pale face and didn’t allow her to stand up. She asked faintly, “Are you better now?”

Actually, Ning Xueyan looked more delicate than Ning Yuling. But her face was pale and the color of her face and lips was faint. At first glance, one would know that she was a patient. No one would marry a patient. So Madam Dowager thought Ning Yuling was much better. She was in good health and was beautiful, smart, and sweet!

“Grandmother, thank you for your concern. I’m better now. Today, after getting up, I went out for a walk to breathe fresh air!” Ning Xueyan answered gently.

“Xueyan, you said you were sick when your sister asked you to pick up her. Why did you go out for a walk in a short time?” Madam Dowager stared at Ning Xueyan with an unhappy look. She doubted that Ning Xueyan deliberately made Ning Yuling lose face.

An older sister came to the temple and needed her sick younger sister to pick her. As their grandmother, she thought it was normal and blamed the younger sister not going to pick up her sister. Ning Xueyan sneered in mind but didn’t show that on her face. She was not in a hurry and said, “When my second sister came, I am taking medicine. I was expecting to visit her after she cleaned up the garden. But I didn’t expect her to rush over directly and get angry with me.”

Ning Yuling was so arrogant that she got into trouble. Madam Dowager listened to her words and blamed Ning Xueyan.

“It is clear that you deliberately let Xinghong provoke me and led me there. Ning Xueyan, I didn’t expect you to be so vicious!” Ning Yuling couldn’t hold it anymore. She looked at Ning Xueyan with hatred and angrily said.

“Second sister, how did I let Xianghong provoke you? Xianghong is your maid. When you were in the temple, she didn’t serve you, but ran to my yard and urged me to greet you. There were not only our Lord Protector’s Manor living in the temple. What will they think when they see I greet you at the door? Will they think it’s the rule of Lord Protector’s Manor?!”

Ning Xueyan said slowly and looked at Ning Yuling.

The current Cold Mountain Temple was different from others. Everywhere you could see Young Ladies, Childe, and princes. If someone saw that the younger sister respectfully greeted her older sister, what would they think? What was more, the younger sister was in bad health. Madam Dowager frowned and unpleasantly stared at Ning Yuling.

She behaved so badly. If this was known by others, the whole Lord Protector’s Manor would lose face.

Thinking of this, Madam Dowager was unhappier. Even though she favored Ning Yuling, Madam Dowager wouldn’t let her harm the reputation of Lord Protector’s Manor.

“I forget that you just recovered. Stand up to talk!” Madam Dowager waved her hands.

“Yes. Thank you, grandmother!” Ning Xueyan stood up, holding Qingyu’s hands. She knew that Madam Dowager didn’t like her and deliberately ignored her salute.

Seeing that Madam Dowager was going to spare Ning Xueyan, Ning Yuling couldn’t allow that. She took two steps forward and cried to Madam Dowager. “Grandmother, she made things like this, now what should I do. Just let outsiders gossip me and ruin my reputation? And… the Third Prince… What will he think, what will he think of the Lord Protector’s Manor?!”

Ning Yuling wanted to persuade Madam Dowager in the name of Third Prince. Ning Xueyan didn’t expect that the arrogant Ning Yuling would be so scheming.

Madam Dowager coughed and turned to Ning Xueyan with an unpleasant look. She snorted and rebuked, “Xueyan, if you followed Yuling when you saw her, this would not have happened. Both our manor and the royal agreed on the marriage between your second sister and the Third Prince. Now, what will others think about the Lord Protector’s Manor?”

If Ning Xueyan went with Ning Yuling when the two older female servants stopped her, then she must be seriously injured. Ning Xueyan’s gaze became colder and colder. Compared with Ning Yuling’s reputation, her life was not important at all in Madam Dowager’s mind. Nobody really treated her as a real master in the Lord Protector’s Manor. Even a maid would struggle desperately when she was tortured by Ning Yuling, but her struggle was a mistake.

What Madam Dowager meant was that Ning Xueyan could be responsible for the whole thing in order to maintain Ning Yuling’s good reputation. What she thought was perfect.

Ning Xueyan bit her lip slightly and quickly thought in mind. Suddenly, she went up and saluted again. “Grandmother, you can put this matter on me, I’m willing to be responsible for it. Tell others that I provoked the second sister and made her angry so that people will know that she is a graceful lady.”

“What?” Madam Dowager was stunned. This was what she wanted to say next. Ning Xueyan said it in advance, and she didn’t react for a moment.

Ning Yuling, who stood aside stopped crying. She looked at Madam Dowager in surprise and cried out in a hurry, “Grandma!” Then she looked at Ning Xueyan with disdain. She had thought that Ning Xueyan had become smart. Now she found that she was still timid. Grandmother didn’t say anything before she took the initiative to take responsibility. “I needn’t persuade grandmother.” Ning Yuling thought in mind.

“Grandmother, I’m in bad health. I don’t know how long I can live. The reputation is useless to me.” Ning Xueyan coughed for a while and continued. “So no matter what you say, I’ll agree. As long as I admit this, those princes and princely heirs won’t say more even though they have seen what happened!”

“What? They saw all?” Madam Dowager widened her eyes suddenly.

“Yes. I went out to relax and saw them after a while. Unexpectedly, the second sister rushed over and asked two older female servants to stop me. Without saying a word, they were going to beat me. I was afraid that people would think that servants always bully masters in our Lord Protector’s Manor, so I reproached the two servants. But the second sister was angrier. She rushed to beat me by herself while scolding me, so this matter…”

Ning Xueyan said gently. It seemed that she defended the Lord Protector’s Manor, especially when she said ‘always’. But Madam Dowager was anger about her words, and her gloomy gaze fell on Ning Xueyan as if she wanted to see her through to see if she told the truth because Ning Yuling didn’t mention the detail just now.

Ning Xueyan faced Madam Dowager’s gaze and looked gentle and calm.

“Grandmother, she’s deliberate. She deliberately reproached the two servants, deliberately provoked me and deliberately framed me…” Ning Yuling cried out in a hurry when she felt something wrong.

“Shut up!” Madam Dowager shouted at her with anger.

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