The Devious First-Daughter

Chapter 40

Chapter 40 Ning Yuling Falls Down Badly

Ning Yuling didn’t expect Madam Dowager to yell at her. Looking at Madam Dowager’s unpleasant face, Ning Yuling was shocked, and she couldn’t help but say, “Grandma!”

Such a wronged look made people feel she was pitiful.

“How could you get into the prince’s manor like this? What did you say? You said that she led you there and framed you intentionally. But you asked someone to beat your sister in front of so many people. Now you dare to deceive me. Don’t you know I’m your grandmother? Your father and mother have spoiled you.”

Looking at her, Madam Dowager was so angry that she couldn’t help shouting at her. She had wanted Ning Xueyan to be responsible for this matter, explaining to others that Ning Xueyan treated her sister’s maids badly and beat her sister’s maids so that Ning Yuling angrily defended her maid, then the two argued in the back mountain.

But Ning Yuling didn’t tell Madam Dowager that the Third Prince saw what had happened. How could Madam Dowager explain to others this time?

If they blamed Ning Xueyan for this matter, even though Ning Xueyan was willing to take it, others would feel that the Lord Protector’s Manor was biased. What was more, Ming Feiyong was in the capital. He was difficult to get along with. Maybe he had been collecting evidence these days so that he didn’t go to Lord Protector’s Manor.

“Grandma, it’s not all her faults. I should be blamed as well. I should have told her early.” Ning Xueyan said.

Indeed, she didn’t want to make it clear at that time. Even though she wanted, Ning Yuling didn’t give her a chance to say. She rushed over and immediately asked two older female servants to beat her. She didn’t care about Ning Xueyan at all. Of course, Ning Xueyan had to say that she should have told Ning Yuling early to Madam Dowager, letting Madam Dowager understand what kind of person Ning Yuling was in other people’s mind.

Looking at the sensible Ning Xueyan, Madam Dowager sighed. “If she could be as sensible as you, it would be good. Look at what she has done today. She looks like a shrew. Let’s wait for the Honored Consort Ya to solve the matter.”

She hoped that the Honored Consort Ya would consider this an accident since Ning Yuling seldom forgot herself and forgave her.

Looking at that Madam Dowager was gentle to Ning Xueyan, Ning Yuling was very angry. Although she was afraid to speak, she stared at Ning Xueyan fiercely. She only wished to tear Ning Xueyan’s face. Suddenly, she looked at the outside and got a malice idea in mind.

Madam Dowager had no choice but to remedy what Ning Yuling had done. She only wanted Ning Yuling to stop causing trouble these days and do some decent things to cover this matter for Lord Protector’s Manor. So she repeatedly told Ning Yuling to behave herself these days.

Ning Yuling promised.

After saying goodbye to Madam Dowager, Ning Yuling rushed over and wanted to grasp Ning Xueyan’s hair as soon as they arrived at the gate of the courtyard. She didn’t believe that she could not deal with a patient, scolding, “You’re such a little bitch. It’s all your fault. You dared to provoke grandmother to scold me. I’ll kill you.”

Things happened unexpectedly. Ning Xueyan didn’t expect Ning Yuling to be so wanton. She just had time to avoid her head from being grasped. But she was grasped on the shoulder and pushed hard. She couldn’t keep stable. She rushed forward and was going to collide with the door frame and stone wall. Ning Xueyan was so weak that she might be dead if she hit the door frame and stone wall.

Ning Yuling was upset that she had not caught Ning Xueyan’s hair. But when she looked at the door and the stone wall in front of Ning Xueyan, Ning Yuling was immediately happy to see that she was going to die.

In the critical moment, Ning Xueyan grabbed an older female servant’s clothes who stood on the side. The older female servant was pulled to take two steps forward, but stopped when Ning Xueyan was going to knock on the door frame. Luckily, Ning Xueyan didn’t hit the door frame. She just was bruised slightly.

Even so, Ning Xueyan was too shocked and scared to hear other people’s voice.

“Little bitch, watch out. Do you still dare to fight with me?” Ning Yuling mocked at her, tidying herself. Then she strode past Ning Xueyan, glanced at her intentionally, but reached out her foot to trip Ning Xueyan who still stood unsteadily. She wanted Ning Xueyan to be seriously injured.

Ning Xueyan was furious, thinking, “She’s so vicious!”

Ning Xueyan gritted her teeth and lifted her foot slightly. When Ning Yuling stretched her foot, Ning Xueyan seemed to be unsteady and fell to Ning Yuling. The older female servant who was pulled by Ning Xueyan subconsciously exchanged her position with Ning Xueyan. So Ning Yuling finally tripped the older female servant.

The older female servant was powerful. When she noticed someone tripped her, she stood steadily with great strength. Instead, she tripped the Ning Yuling. Those servants following Ning Yuling was laughing at Ning Xueyan, so they all didn’t have time to stop Ning Yuling from falling down.

Ning Yuling staggered out of the door, and fell down, laying on the ground.

Nobody expected Ning Yuling to fall so heavily. Suddenly there was a burst of laughter outside the courtyard door. Ning Yuling looked up and saw several ladies looking at her with disdain and laughing ironically.

“Well, isn’t this the Second Young Lady of Lord Protector’s Manor? What are you doing this time? Are you dressing in motley and clowning to amuse your grandmother?” The Young Lady who spoke put her handkerchief over her mouth and laughed at Ning Yuling.

“She must be. The Second Young Lady is really filial. Knowing that Madam Dowager likes drama, she plays a part to amuse her grandmother. It’s lucky that we also see the play.” Another laughed happily. Her family wanted her to marry with the Third Prince, but heard that the Lord Protector’s Manor wanted Ning Yuling to marry the Third Prince. She was depressed. So now she was happy to see Ning Yuling losing face.

“You… you…” Ning Yuling didn’t hurt, but she felt embarrassed. And now she was mocked by her opponents. She was extremely furious.

“Second Young Lady, Madam Dowager invites you in!” One older female servant told this to Madam Dowager who then almost fainted in her anger. She immediately asked people to call back Ning Yuling. One problem hadn’t been solved and another problem came. Madam Dowager didn’t know how to help Ning Yuling!

Would it be fine for her to marry Third Prince?

Ning Xueyan calmed down and was called in by Madam Dowager too.

As soon as they entered the room, they saw the angry Madam Dowager hitting the ground with her cane. Ning Yuling knelt and said with unwillingness, “Grandmother, I’m not wrong. Ning Xueyan deliberately stripped me. She wanted me to lose face. She’s malicious.”

Although she didn’t know how she was tripped, she still pushed things all over Ning Xueyan. If it hadn’t been Ning Xueyan, she wouldn’t have stretched her feet and fallen down! It was her fault.

“You’re ruining yourself.” Madam Dowager had no time to scold her and said to the servants, “Go to see if Master Mingyue has time now. Invite her to come here. Help Fifth Young Lady sit down.”

Only after a while, Ning Xueyan’s forehead had been swollen. It looked scary and worse than Ning Yuling.

Ning Xueyan’s forehead was swollen, but she was calm, covering her forehead with a handkerchief, and said with a smile, “Grandmother, I’m good. How’s second sister? Is she also injured? Check her first.”

No one saw the ridicule in Ning Xueyan’ eyes. She was only slightly hurt, but Ning Yuling lost face in front of many people. For those Young Ladies, reputation was more important than life!

“Don’t be hypocritical. Bitch! It’s your fault!” Ning Yuling shouted with hatred.

Madam Dowager looked at this sick granddaughter who almost could be blown down by the wind. She kept calm even though she was seriously injured. Then she looked at Ning Yuling who knelt on one side and spoke out a stream of abuse. Madam Dowager felt pity for Ning Xueyan now.

She personally came over and looked at the forehead of Ning Xueyan. “Because of her, you’re injured seriously. Leave her alone. Later when the Master comes, I’ll invite her to check you first. You’re a Young Lady, your face couldn’t be ruined.”

Ning Xueyan looked at Madam Dowager loving face and her eyes brimmed with tears. She lowered her head and wiped tears with her handkerchief, hiding the sneer in her eyes.

Ning Yuling’s behaviors had proved that she was a vicious shrew. Now Ning Xueyan wanted to get rid of this matter. Although she was pushed forward by Ning Yuling first and it was not she who tripped Ning Yuling, she was not sure whether Madam Ling would pick on her. So she had to come up with an idea to let Madam Dowager believe she was innocent.

“Grandma, why do you still protect her? She tripped me.” Ning Yuling was angry when she found that she was kneeling while Ning Xueyan was sitting on one side.

“Since when her status was even higher than me? You’re just a bitch. How dare you sit?” Ning Yuling thought in mind. Because she was beautiful and charming, she often made Madam Dowager happy. So she was favored by Madam Dowager and stood by her word in front of Madam Dowager. Even though she almost killed Ning Xueyan in the past, Madam Dowager never scolded her.

Today, she just pushed Ning Xueyan. Ning Xueyan didn’t fell down, but she fell down and was mocked by several Young Ladies. Ning Yuling felt that she was aggrieved. The cause of this incident was Ning Xueyan. If she hadn’t wanted to trip her, she wouldn’t have fallen down.

There was a kind of person in this world who was vicious and killed others but claimed all were other people’s fault.

If Ning Xueyan really died today, no one would suspect what Ning Yuling said!

“Shut up and go back to your yard. You can’t go out without my permission.” Seeing she still was stubborn, Madam Dowager was angry and shouted at her.

“Grandmother, you punish me for her? Do you really think she is the daughter of Official Wife and is equal to me? She’s just a bitch. Yes, I want to kill her. But so what? Grandmother, you’re partial.”

Ning Yuling was unwilling, shouting in the house.

“How dare you! Take her into the yard.” Madam Dowager was extremely furious, hitting the ground with her walking stick. Ning Yuling didn’t know that she also scolded Madam Dowager as she scolded Ning Xueyan. Madam Dowager had a close blood relation with Ning Xueyan.

Seeing a few older female servants come toward her, Ning Yuling shouted more loudly, pushing them away.

“Grandmother, how can you do this to me? I’ll tell my mother!”

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