The Devious First-Daughter

Chapter 38

Chapter 38 Let Her Know Who is the Master of Lord Protector’s Manor

Madam Dowager was having a nap now, so it was not her who asked someone to come.

Lanning went out and saw a maid who dressed well standing in the courtyard. At a glance, Lanning knew she was the First Maid. Raising her chin, she looked at Lanning impatiently.

She was the Ning Yuling’s First Maid, Xianghong. The Second Young Lady had come to the Cold Mountain Temple!

“Fifth Young Lady is sick and resting now. What’s wrong?” Lanning asked faintly.

Ning Yuling’s maids had the same temperament with Ning Yuling. They were cowardly in front of Ning Yuling, but were very arrogant outside. They always bullied other maids under the protection of Ning Yuling. And Ning Yuling’s two personal maids were more arrogant.

“The Second Young Lady is coming, let the Fifth Young Lady pick her up at the gate of the temple.” Xianghong glanced at Lanning and said with scornfully.

“Our Young Lady is ill and can’t go out. The Second Young Lady could come by herself. When Fifth Young Lady recovers, she’ll visit the Second Young Lady.” Lanning politely refused. The Second Young Lady was not an elder who needed younger to pick up, just came. Moreover, it seemed that the Second Young Lady had a bad idea.

“What? Let our Young Lady come by herself. Lanning, how dare you!” Xianghong was so angry. In the Lord Protector’s Manor, everybody had to respect the Second Young Lady, not to mention the cowardly Fifth Young Lady. In the past, Xianghong always helped the Second Young Lady to bully the Fifth Young Lady. She also took part in taking off Ning Xueyan’s clothes.

In her mind, Xianghong looked down upon the Fifth Young Lady all the time. Now Ning Xueyan’s maid dared to stand in her way. She instantly became angry!

“My second sister doesn’t come in by herself, do I have to carry her?” When the door opened, Ning Xueyan came out with Qingyu’s holding, smiling coldly.

She satirized Ning Yuling by her words, which made Xianggong angrier. Xianghong turned her gaze to Ning Xueyan and was about to swear. But she suddenly looked into Ning Xueyan’s eyes. Ning Xueyan was coldly looking at Xianghong, which scared her a lot.

Xianghong’s abusive words were stopped, and she didn’t dare to speak out for a moment.

“My second sister is effeminate and fragile, but I am sick now and grandmother is taking a nap at this time. She has to go to the yard and clean there first. I’ll visit her after taking medicine.” Ning Xueyan, with a faint look, said that and then came back the room, unwilling to say more to Xianghong.

The meaning of the Fifth Young Lady was that the Second Young Lady wanted the Fifth Young Lady and Madam Dowager to pick her up. Xianghong was angry about Ning Xueyan’s satire and wanted to say something. But Lanning didn’t look at her and turned into the house. Then laughter of them came out.

No one took Xianghong seriously. She was angry and then left in resentment.

She would tell the Second Young Lady that the useless Ning Xueyan dared to satirize her. She not only didn’t go to pick up the Second Young Lady, but also ignored Xianghong. She would ask the Second Young Lady to punish Ning Xueyan. They used to scold and bully Ning Xueyan. Unexpectedly, Ning Xueyan dared to fight against the Second Young Lady.

When Xianghong left, Ning Xueyan also didn’t stay in the house. She took some medicine and felt better. The weather was good outside. She was thinking of going out for a walk. At this time, of course, she wouldn’t stay in the courtyard and wait for Ning Yuling. So she went to the back mountain with two maids. There should be many people enjoying the chrysanthemum flower.

Ning Xueyan’s room was with other ladies’ and on a relatively remote place. It also was far from men’s courtyards. If she wanted to go to the back mountain, she had to pass through the men’s courtyards. Those princes chose the best courtyards. Ning Xueyan would pass through theirs.

When they left and were not far, Ning Yuling came to Ning Xueyan’s courtyard. After listening to Xianghong’s words, she was very angry and determined to teach Ning Xueyan a lesson first. “This bitch dared to talk back to my people. I’ll kill her.” Ning Yuling thought in mind.

But when she arrived at Ning Xueyan’s courtyard, she was told that she had gone to the back mountain to appreciate the flowers and got angrier. Instead of picking her up, Ning Xueyan went to the back mountain to appreciate the flowers, which greatly angered Ning Yuling.

Regardless of going to her own courtyard, Ning Yuling chased Ning Xueyan with a large number of maids. After walking for a while, Ning Yuling saw Ning Xueyan and the two maids behind her. She gave a look at two older female servants, then the two immediately ran to Ning Xueyan and stopped her with fierce momentum.

“Fifth Young Lady, please wait a minute.” One older female servant stretched out her hands and said in a weird way.

All of Ning Yuling’s servants looked down upon Ning Xueyan. These evil servants almost tortured Ning Xueyan to death several times for Ning Yuling.

“Second sister, you don’t tidy up your yard first but come to me, what’s wrong?” Ning Xueyan stopped, turned his head to look at the angry Ning Yuling, and asked with a faint smile on her face.

This question was natural. But Ning Yuling thought it was defiant. Just now, she sent people to inform Ning Xueyan of her coming and ask Ning Xueyan to pick her up. But Ning Xueyan didn’t come and dared to talk back. Now she pretended to be innocent. So Ning Yuling said nothing, came over and was going to slap Ning Xueyan.

Ning Xueyan had expected that. She turned her head to avoid, took Ning Yuling’s hand, and asked with puzzle, “Second sister, why are you so angry as soon as you arrive here? Grandmother asked us to come to the temple to be calm and self-disciplined. Don’t get angry. If there’s something wrong with me, please tell me.”

To be calm and self-disciplined? It seemed that the Madam Dowager just asked Ning Yuling to change her bad temper here. Ning Yuling got angrier and got rid of Ning Xueyan’s hands, saying angrily, “All of you come here, give her a lesson. Let her know who is the master of the Lord Protector’s Manor.”

Ning Yuling’s servants were familiar with this kind of thing. Tow older female servants laughed and were going to beat Ning Xueyan.

Qingyu and Lanning were going to stop them, but was stopped by Ning Xueyan.

Ning Xueyan stepped forward, stared at the two evil servants and said, “I am the master anyway. Who dares to touch me?”

Her fierce gaze fell on the two older female servants. The two trembled and didn’t dare to go forward, subconsciously looking back at Ning Yuling.

The two were frightened by Ning Xueyan. Ning Yuling felt she had lost face and immediately shouted at the two older female servants, “Teach this little bitch a lesson. I’ll take all the consequences.”

Ning Yuling was mad by Ning Xueyan now and cared nothing. She had long forgotten that this was not the backyard of the Lord Protector’s Manor. A servant realized that something was wrong. She saw more and more people around them and couldn’t help pulling Ning Yuling’s sleeves.

“Young Lady, Young Lady…”

“Let me go, we’ve done it before. It doesn’t matter. Beat her, beat this little bitch.” Ning Yuling was really mad, getting rid of that servant. Seeing that the two older female servants didn’t start, she just came over by herself, raised her hand and was going to slap Ning Xueyan. Ning Xueyan took a step backward and avoided Ning Yuling’s slap.

“Second sister, can’t we talk about it?”

Ning Yuling didn’t beat Ning Xueyan, so she rushed to Ning Xueyan and wanted to knock her down. Lanning rushed forward to stop Ning Xueyan from being pushed down. But she was hit by Ning Yuling, stood unsteadily, and hit Ning Xueyan’s back. Qingyu reached her hands and pushed Ning Xueyan, making her stable.

A group of people was in chaos, attracting all the people from the side to watch.

“What an arrogant Second Young Lady of Lord Protector’s Manor!” The cold voice came from behind Ning Yuling with anger.

The crowd turned around and saw several young noble men were walking slowly. The first one of them was the Third Prince.

Looking at Ning Yuling fierce face and hearing her slanderous words, the Third Prince felt disgusted. How could such a woman become his Official Wife? He couldn’t imagine what she would do if he married concubines… Such an evil woman couldn’t be his Official Wife. He used to think she was beautiful, but now he only felt disgusted.

His gaze fell from Ning Yuling’s face on Ning Xueyan’s. Though she looked pale and weak, she had the demeanor of a lady. She was at a disadvantage, but others still felt that she was noble. His Official Wife must be this kind of lady.

Other childes also looked at Ning Yuling with disdain. They didn’t expect that the Second Young Lady of Lord Protector’s Manor who had a good reputation to be a shrew. Whoever married her, he would get into big trouble. Now she was so merciless to her bloody sister, she must be more merciless to her husband’s concubines in the future.

Was she taught by the Lord Protectors’ Manor? The shrew was better than her.

Ning Yuling stunned and then woke up in an instant. She began to tremble and couldn’t stand steadily, almost falling down. Why didn’t anyone tell her that the Third Prince was here. She was scolding Ning Xueyan just now and didn’t find that both the Third Prince and some childes were there.

“What… what should I do?” Ning Yuling thought in mind. Now she realized that she had to maintain her grace. But what should she do under such a circumstance?

“Third Prince, I…”

“Second Young Lady Ning, you’re so commanding. You really are a sister. Did Fifth Young Lady Ning make you angry? Did she do something wrong? If so, Fifth Young Lady should apologize to the Second Young Lady, Right?” A voice came from the Third Prince’s back.

Ning Xueyan’s gaze fell on a beautiful face, which was more enchanting than woman’s. Seeing Ning Xueyan looked over, he deliberately blinked at her.

Although she had never seen such a beautiful face, she had heard that. The man who was more beautiful than a woman was Wen Xunran, the son of Commandery Prince Min.

“I, I’m too angry. Fifth sister… Fifth sister has beaten a servant… So I’m so angry.” Ning Yuling didn’t know what she was saying. Looking at the Third Prince’s face, she almost cried. She just wanted to teach Ning Xueyan a lesson. How could she know it would arouse lots of things.

Everyone present saw clearly just now. They all knew that she was telling a lie and more looked down on her. Even several young ladies chuckled. They came here because they wanted to be the Consort of Prince or Consort of a Princely Heir. Ning Yuling was their opponent. Of course, they hit her when she was down.

“Fifth Young Lady Ning is so weak and might be blown away. Could she beat the servant? Did I hear aright?”

“I heard that the Fifth Young Lady has been here for a period of time, and never beat or scold the servant. How come the Second Young Lady found her beating the servant as soon as she came here to exercise justice for the servant? It seems that the Fifth Young Lady is not as good as a servant in the Lord Protector’s Manor.”

“Am I wrong? The Second Young Lady was going to beat the Fifth Young Lady by herself…”

All the people looked at Ning Yuling with sarcasm.

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