The Devious First-Daughter

Chapter 17

Chapter 17 Vicious; The Beauty Get Intoxicated Amid Peach Blossoms

“Imperial physician, how is our Young Lady doing?”

The imperial physician didn’t answer. He made Ning Xueyan offer her other hand and his frown deepened.

His gaze fell on the teacup placed near her. He reached out for the cup, placed it near his nose, and sniffed. He asked Qingyu, “Did your Young Lady drink this?”

“Yes. The kitchen sent it over. Is there something wrong with it?” Qingyu asked nervously.

“I didn’t touch the tea when they sent it over this afternoon. But I got thirsty earlier and took a sip or two. We’re all drinking tea prepared in the kitchen; how could there be a problem?” Ning Xueyan explained feebly.

Her face was deadly pale.

Her explanation stopped Ning Zu’an from questioning.

The imperial physician fished a silver needle out of his bosom and dipped it inside the teacup. The snow-white silver needle was now dyed a faint layer of black!

“There’s the Intoxicating Peach Blossom inside this. This medicine has a cold nature and carries a naturally sweet and mellow fragrant aftertaste. It’s also poisonous and a frequent user will die of poisoning. Judging from this Young Lady’s complexion, I think it’s not her first time consuming this. I fear that her body has been deeply harmed and requires thorough care or her life will be at risk.”

The imperial physician shook his head as he gave a thorough explanation. The household affairs of an aristocratic family had nothing to do with him but since he had received his master’s order, it meant that they would be meddling in this matter. Naturally, the imperial physician would reveal his findings without reservation. After thinking about it, he decided to reveal that it wasn’t the first time this Young Lady had consumed the poison.

The Intoxicating Peach Blossom—the full name being The Beauty Get Intoxicated Amid Peach Blossoms—had a lovely name and yet was deadly enough to claim lives. It was particularly vicious due to its faint fragrance being difficult to discover.

“It’s… It’s impossible. This is my old illness; my mom suffered something similar. It couldn’t be a poisoning. My mom and I would experience symptoms like these every now and then. How could it be poison? Imperial physician, are… are you mistaken?”

Ning Xueyan clutched the imperial physician’s sleeve as she questioned him.

The greatest taboo for a physician was having his expertise questioned. When he saw that Ning Xueyan didn’t believe him, he became so furious that even his beard stood up!

“I have been a physician all my life and never have I been mistaken! But this is my first time having someone doubting my expertise. You’re indeed poisoned with the Intoxicating Peach Blossom, but you’re still living because the dosage is small. This Madam of the Lord Protector’s Manor ought to have died from Intoxicating Peach Blossom poisoning as well. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be lingering fragrance on her body the second day after she died. If you don’t believe me, you may lean close to the coffin. You will be able to smell the fragrance better.”

“As expected, one who enters the Lord Protector’s Manor finds himself entering a deep sea. The waters inside the Lord Protector’s Manor sure are deep!”

Prince Yi’s unfathomable eyes were fixed on the girl leaning on one side, his mouth forming a teasing smirk.

The Lord Protector Marquis’ expression immediately changed. The veins on his forehead protruded as he turned around and barked, “Go and investigate it! Investigate what exactly has been going on! Let it be known that without my order, no one is allowed to leave the manor!”

He rarely made such strict orders, so it was evident how furious he was.

How could he not be angry when he was discovering something like this, which even caused Madam Shi’s death, in front of a Prince?

He never expected something this shameful to happen in his household, and even caused the death of a person! In front of outsiders, to boot! Ning Zu’an became even angrier. He had a feeling that Madam Ling was surely involved in this matter. Never did he imagine that Madam Ling would dare do something like this and make him so furious that he was shaking.

The servants moved a spacious seat inside and Prince Yi occupied it. In a leisurely manner, he said, “Lord Protector Marquis, please go on your way if you have something to attend to. I don’t mind staying here a little longer.”

“Yes. Well, please take a seat, Prince. Your humble servant will be back soon!”

The Prince looked as if he was about to watch a good show. Even though Ning Zu’an found his interest inappropriate, he dared not say anything about it.

This man was temperamental. He might look like joyful now but who knew if he would turn around and cripple someone for something minor?

“Go on!” Prince Yi waved offhandedly. His eyes were focused on Ning Xueyan, his gaze carrying a sliver of interest.

Ning Xueyan ought to feel bashful under the watchful gaze of such a noble and handsome Prince and yet she felt as if her hair was rising on its end. His gaze was like the focused gaze of a venomous snake, cold and frightening.

Even without looking at him, she could feel his stare on her. It was a stare that made her feel as if she had been plunged into darkness!

Only after a long time, when cold sweat was already forming on Ning Xueyan’s back, that Prince Yi revealed an indifferent smile on his face. He leaned sideways into the spacious chair, with his elbow propping up his waist. In a leisurely manner, he asked, “The Fifth Young Lady of the Lord Protector’s Manor, is it? Should I ask the imperial physician to give you a prescription?”

“Many thanks, Prince, for your grace in saving me.” With Qingyu’s help, Ning Xueyan stood up and made a deep bow.

Instead of confirming or denying it, Prince Yi retorted, “Oh. I don’t remember when I have done something like saving you.”

It was as if there was nothing she could hide in front of this person. His cold gaze fixed on her was frigid and carried a hint of demonic air. Ning Xueyan gnashed her teeth and said, in neither servile nor domineering manner, “Many thanks for your help, Prince.”

She had planned on going along with the flow and let this incident pass under the guise of thanking the Prince for saving her. However, the Prince in front of her evidently had seen through her ploy.

“You dare to manipulate me?” Even though his snort was without warmth, his tone lacked the coldness that sent chill down one’s spine earlier.

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