The Devious First-Daughter

Chapter 16

Chapter 16 The Handsome and Ruthless Prince Yi

A bellow abruptly came from the door!

The two of them turned to look in unison and saw a group of people standing at the door. The one who spearheaded the group wore a black robe with an eye-catching large blood-red spider lily print. The contrast of the garish, beautiful colors of black, red, and gold enveloped everyone’s vision.

The blood-red large blood-red spider lily print stood in stark contrast against the ink-like black fabric. The hem of the robe was lined with golden thread.

Under the purple-golden hat was an extremely handsome face that was equally as demonic. His seemingly pure-black eyes had no light in them and resembled two bottomless pits of darkness. He emanated a thousand-year coldness that frantically sucked everyone into his aura. He appeared both ruthless and treacherous.

Thanks to his aura, his delicately beautiful face didn’t lend him an air of femininity. Instead, he was full of the demonic charms with his manly nefariousness and ruthlessness on full display!

His pale, thin lips were pressed together, making him look frighteningly beautiful. However, he inexplicably made others feel the coldness akin to the frigidness of the Blood Sea.

Upon meeting that pair of eyes, Ning Xueyan felt her hands tucked inside her sleeves inexplicably began to cramp.

However, she swiftly put her emotions under control and showed no trace of her feelings aside from the appropriate display of surprise. Then, she slowly lowered her head.

Fortunately, her mental state was firm after her rebirth. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be able to stop herself from trembling in fear after meeting his eyes!

The man was as much as of an unrivaled beauty as he was cold. Together, he produced an extremely strong visual and mental impact.

A person like him was surely one to hold another’s fate in his hands. He must be frequently stationed above everyone else and had a cruel and tyrannical nature.

Right now, he was staring fixedly at the people inside the mourning hall with his overwhelming cold aura.

“What happened, Yan’er?”

A frowning Ning Zu’an was standing next to the man. He stared unhappily at Qingyu, who was kneeled beside Ning Xueyan. This girl was sure insensible to mention old illnesses. What would His Highness Prince Yi think after hearing that?

“Father, I’m… I’m fine.”

Ning Xueyan forced herself to sit up straight and put on a small smile. However, her hand that she placed by her side couldn’t help trembling.

“Tell me the truth.”

It was Qingyu who Ning Zu’an addressed this time. His expression was somber and his gaze was sharp. As a former military commander, his glare carried quite a bit of a demonic air.

“Marquis, my Young Lady isn’t feeling well and has been breaking out in cold sweat all day. I would like to invite a physician to check on her.” QIngyu was both worried about Ning Xueyan and terrified of Ning Zu’an. When she was questioned, she immediately lowered her head to the floor and answered.

“Why aren’t you going then?” Ning Zu’an frowned.

“The physicians are… all with First Madam…” Qingyu’s voice trembled. She didn’t finish her sentence.

Ning Zu’an looked at Ning Xueyan’s body, so thin that she looked like she would topple over with the slightest breeze, and then at the nonchalant expression that she forcefully wore. Finally, he took note of how the mourning hall was deserted except for a pair of master and servant. A trace of concealed anger inadvertently flashed across his face. He had ordered Madam Ling to organize the funeral properly but she had treated his words like air!

“Come, people! Go and fetch a physician from the Auspicious Clouds Garden!” Ning Zu’an said furiously.

“Father, please don’t. Mother isn’t in good condition either. I’ll be fine after enduring it for a while.” Ning Xueyan stopped her father, putting on the demeanor of a gentle and sensible child.

“Oh, now she’s gentle.” The corner of Prince Yi’s cold and stiff lips lifted into a smirk. He stared at her with great interest, his eyes partially narrowed. Amid his imposing aura was a trace of coldness in his gaze. It made Ning Xueyan shifted her body sideways in discomfort, avoiding his eyes. This noble guest’s gaze was simply too piercing for her liking.

“Your Mother is fine, but you, on the other hand… Stand up and get some rest first.” Ning Zu’an reached to help Ning Xueyan stand, his voice subconsciously carrying a trace of warmth.

“It’s alright. I’m… fine…” Ning Xueyan rose to her feet while holding Ning Zu’an’s hand. However, the moment she stood up, her body fell backward.

When Ning Zu’an touched his daughter’s hand, he felt that it was devoid of any warmth. He turned around and angrily scolded the manservant who had not left. “Why are you still here? Go and fetch the physician now!”

“Marquis, if you trust me, you may use the imperial physician that constantly accompany me. He can examine your precious daughter.”

His was a voice that was as pure and fragrant as fine wine and yet carried a hint of coldness and dauntlessness. Even with her head lowered, Ning Xueyan could feel that man’s gaze on her like a thorn in her back.

“This man is too dangerous! I must not provoke him!”

She inwardly made a resolution and allowed her long lashes to droop to fake a flustered appearance. Unfortunately, she had already provoked this man and even schemed against him.

“Many thanks, Prince!”

While Ning Zu’an was expressing his thanks, Qingyu heaved a sigh of relief as she helped Ning Xueyan take a seat in a short stool by the coffin.

The imperial physician walked to Ning Xueyan. With a quick sniff, he looked confusedly at the coffin placed on the deceased’s bed and frowned. However, he swiftly put his focus on examining Ning Xueyan’s pulse.

“Imperial physician, how is our Young Lady doing?” Qingyu couldn’t help asking when she noticed the imperial physician’s increasingly deep frown.

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