The Devious First-Daughter

Chapter 18

Chapter 18 Confrontation with the Wickedly Charming Man

Ning Xueyan shivered inwardly. She made the correct bet. This man was typically a man who made good on his word and one who couldn’t tolerate any annoyance. She never thought that she would end up provoking a person like him. Right now, she could only stay humble.

“In response to Prince: I’m not intentionally manipulating you. The circumstances have forced my hand. If I had any other idea… why would I hurt myself?” Ning Xueyan was expressionless. It was as if she was talking about something as ordinary as the weather. However, her smirk inadvertently revealed a hint of wryness.

“Aren’t you… afraid of me killing you?” His voice was so cold that there was no trace of vitality to be found.

“If it means that I can plunge those who abuse, humiliate, and harm me into a world of despair, then I have nothing to fear!” Ning Xueyan stared fixedly at the man’s handsome face with neither fear nor admiration. Her gaze harbored only a sliver of coldness.

The purpose of her rebirth was revenge. The grudge she bore in her past life, the grudge Ning Xueyan bore, the grudge Madam Ming bore—every grudge was steeped in blood…

Very soon, Madam Ming would be buried six feet under. If she didn’t take advantage of this opportunity to raise suspicion about Madam Ming’s cause of death, the truth would be concealed forever and Madam Ling’s true colors would never be revealed.

Thus, she had thrown all caution to the wind for this purpose!

Prince Yi looked away from her and said ambiguously, “You’re clever but I won’t accept being used as your knife without compensation!”

“What do you want, Prince?” Ning Xueyan asked solemnly, while staring fixedly at that extremely handsome face. Someone else’s favor must be repaid in similar magnitude. She didn’t find this unreasonable at all. She understood very well that Prince Yi not exposing her trickery was equivalent to sparing her life.

To be precise, she owed him a great favor!

So what if he was forcing her to repay his favor? Even though she had borrowed his authority in this matter, it wasn’t he who took the initiative to help her. Even if she was aggrieved, she couldn’t reject him! This person in front of her didn’t look like someone who would take no for an answer.

Prince Yi looked at her and suddenly laughed out loud. “Very well, Ning Xueyan! Do you feel like I’m forcing you to repay my favor?”

It was as if he could see through her thin body, straight into her heart.

“No. I owed you the favor, in the first place!” Ning Xueyan replied neutrally.

Prince Yi rose to his feet and said nonchalantly, “I won’t make it difficult for you. If you ask for my help again in the future, I will reap the compensation for both favors at once: you must agree to one of my conditions.” Even so, his words were as sharp as a sword coated with poison. Like a sword pressed against her throat, his words made her unable to speak.

There was no negotiation. He was merely informing Ning Xueyan the truth without giving her any room for resistance.

“Yes!” Ning Xueyan calmed herself down and a cold smile appeared on her face. No matter what happened next, he had at least given her a way out now. She allowed herself to relax a little. This man was too dangerous. If their paths ever crossed again, she would undoubtedly stay away from him. As long as they never meet again, there would never be a situation whereby she would need his help.

Then, that condition would never appear!

Ning Xueyan had a feeling that the condition was surely not a condition that would delight her.

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