The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss

Chapter 2267: Affection (10)

Chapter 2267: Affection (10)

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With a straight, solemn face, the Eighth Elder shot a cold and stern gaze at Fairy Wu You. "For fellow students to murder each other so dreadfully. Wu You, you've broken the rules."

"I--!!!" Fairy Wu You tried to refute it!

The Genius Training Camp's rules had never tied her down before! These rules were for other people, and she, Fairy Wu You, had always placed herself above the rules!

"Even though you have the Third and Seventh Elders protecting you, during my lessons, you ought to abide by the rules that should be followed. Otherwise…"

In normal circumstances, Fairy Wu You would probably act spoiled and try to suck up to him. However, thinking back to the killing intent the Eight Elder was aiming towards her, her heart immediately sank.

Fairy Wu You was afraid of the Eighth Elder, and the Elder was controlled by Su Luo. This was just like a big fish eating small fish, while the small fish ate small shrimps, with everything having their natural predator.

Under the Eighth Elder's abuse of authority, Fairy Wu You didn't dare to take even half a step forward.

The Eighth Elder snorted, "I've already warned you once. The next time you dare to raise a hand against a fellow disciple in class, you're on your own!"

"I…" Fairy Wu You was so mad, the veins on her forehead pulsed angrily. Nevertheless, it was a real pity that her number one backer wasn't here.

The Eighth Elder had been bought over by Su Luo? Very good! Fairy Wu You clenched her fist, and silently started to hate the Eighth Elder in her heart.

"Let's go!" Fairy Wu You took her group of men and quickly left.

After they had left, the Eighth Elder fiercely glared at Su Luo. It felt truly awful to be under someone else's control.

Su Luo shrugged, feeling too lazy to deal with the Eighth Elder's bad mood. She quickly went to Li Man Man’s side, and knelt down to carefully treat her wounds.

Su Luo’s eyes were filled with guilt as she looked at Li Man Man.

She knew that there was no enmity between Fairy Wu You and Li Man Man, so she had only gotten injured by Fairy Wu You because Su Luo had involved her in it.

After bustling about for a long while, Su Luo finally managed to help Li Man Man regain consciousness.

Li Man Man half-opened her eyes, her breathing weak.

Su Luo hurriedly reassured her, "Don't worry, Fairy Wu You has already left. She can't hurt us anymore."

Li Man Man gave a weak nod, before looking guiltily at Su Luo, "The Metamorphosis Fire… has been refined by Mo Ze…"

She recalled that Su Luo only faced Fairy Wu You because she had been trying to help her grab the Metamorphosis Fire.

But Su Luo just laughed when she heard that.

Su Luo's heart was lined with all of the shame and guilt she was facing. Opening her right hand, a small flame quickly appeared inside a crystal bottle.

"Guess what I have here?" Su Luo was in a good mood.

Li Man Man's eyes fell onto the clear crystal bottle in Su Luo's hand.

Contained within it was an exceedingly peculiar flame seedling, appearing to be just as weak as fire on a matchstick. It burned a faint saffron yellow, and it looked very warm.

Furthermore, this flame seemed to be very lively, cheerfully darting about inside the glittering crystal bottle, dancing in circles as though it had no concept of what exhaustion was.

"Eh?!" Li Man Man immediately sat up with a cry of surprise.

Isn’t this flame brimming with a little too much spirituality? Li Man Man could tell that this flame's origin was definitely far from ordinary, because its scent was purer than any other flame she had seen before.

"This is a Spiritual Fire." Su Luo stuffed it into Li Man Man's hand, then said with a smile, "It doesn't matter if Mo Ze refined the Metamorphosis Fire. We now have this Spiritual Fire."

Li Man Man stared at Su Luo in utter amazement.

Just how did Su Luo get her hands on the Spiritual Fire with such ease? That was a Spiritual Fire, a Spiritual Fire! The highest grade of any fire!

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