The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss

Chapter 2268: The Way Back (1)

Chapter 2268: The Way Back (1)

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Li Man Man stared at Su Luo in silence, not knowing how to respond.

Su Luo chased Li Man Man to keep the Spiritual Fire. "When you return, find a place to quickly refine it. You want to avoid delaying too long, in case trouble arises."

"Got it!" Li Man Man nodded her head vigorously in excitement!

A Spiritual Fire. This bottle in her hand held a Spiritual Fire! How could she not get emotional? Even the captain only had Mystic Fire, but she now had a Spiritual Fire!

At this moment, Li Man Man seriously wished she could stay by Su Luo’s side and serve her!!

Every time she was with Su Luo, treasures that one could only dream about appeared just like toys in her hands, as though obtaining them were as easy as 1 2 3.

After waiting for Li Man Man to recover her spirits, Su Luo left the Demon Clan's Fire Territory with her.

With the road being cleared by the Eighth Elder, Su Luo and Li Man Man's journey was without obstacles, and they even exited the area earlier than Fairy Wu You's group.

As they left the Demon Clan's Fire Territory, Su Luo heaved a deep, rough sigh.

Just how fresh was this outside air?

Right at this moment, Fairy Wu You and her group also came out.

Compared to Su Luo, Fairy Wu You's group was in an exceedingly miserable shape, with their clothes ragged, and their hair burnt off in patches here and there.

In contrast, Su Luo's group was completely unharmed and sparkling clean.

Nevertheless, Fairy Wu You was in a good mood. She held a tongue of flame with both hands, and waved in front of Su Luo, a look of extreme satisfaction present within her eyes.

Like a typical henchman, Mo Ze bragged to Su Luo, "You couldn't find the Metamorphosis Fire, right? Well, this is a Spiritual Fire!"

Fairy Wu You had actually found a Spiritual Fire? Su Luo raised her brows slightly, while giving an ambiguous smile.

"Are you jealous? Hehe." Mo Ze sneered.

Jealous? What was there to be jealous about? Su Luo just thought it was funny. She had an Exotic Fire with her, and as for Spiritual Fire, she had caught two of them, one which she gave to Li Man Man, and the other for emergency use.

Su Luo then conveniently accessed her space, the corners of her mouth lifting into a smile ever so slightly. "Spiritual Fire, was it? Sounds like nobody has one."

Just as she said that, the small, blazing red flame appeared in her hand, its fiery red glow giving anyone extreme satisfaction when looking at it.

Once Su Luo took out the Spiritual Fire, everyone present stared in shock, their mouths almost drooling with envy.

Each of them affixed ferocious gazes onto Su Luo, causing her to feel very good about herself.

Might as well not wait any longer and do it now. Su Luo hooked the corners of her mouth into a smile. "This Spiritual Fire is of no use to me, so I might as well give it away since you all happen to be here."

Everyone had guessed that Su Luo had the Spiritual Fire on her earlier, so Su Luo planned to settle things here in a vague way, so that nobody would think twice about it after it was over. Otherwise, if news spread that she had Exotic Fire with her, and another "Eighth Elder" came to chase her, how could she survive?

Once Su Luo said this, all of the students were shouting and jumping in excitement!

Su Luo had been very clear about it. She was going to give that little Spiritual Flame seedling away!

There were thirty people here, which meant that each had a one-in-thirty hope!

Thus, pair after pair of sparkling eyes all fixed on Su Luo.

Su Luo thought for a moment before saying, "It'll be simple, we'll play a guessing game."

Su Luo closed her fist, then smiled at the crowd. "Guess how many stones I have in my hand, and the first to get it right will get the Spiritual Fire."

Everyone was bewildered: "That simple?!"

"You all want something more complicated?" Su Luo shrugged and said in a casual manner, "If you really want something more complicated…

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