The Demonic King Chases His Wife: The Rebellious Good-for-Nothing Miss

Chapter 2266: Affection (9)

Chapter 2266: Affection (9)

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After praising Mo Ze, Fairy Wu You simply pushed him aside, slowly walked up to Li Man Man, facing Li Man Man's angry face.

"Slap!" Fairy Wu You fiercely slapped Li Man Man's face.

Li Man Man was instantly hit aside!

Her originally pink and white cheek was now puffed and swollen on one side, with bright red blood dripping from the corner of her mouth. Her head had also hit the hard rock, making her dizzy and bleary-eyed.

She staggered and tried to get back up, but before she had the chance to recover her balance, Fairy Wu You had already walked up to her slowly and kicked her viciously where her heart was!


Poor Li Man Man was kicked into the air, and fiercely spat out a mouthful of blood, spraying Fairy Wu You all over her face!

"Wretch!" Fairy Wu You raised her hand and wiped it across her face, and when she found that it was covered in blood, she was so angry that she almost went crazy. She walked up furiously, her cold sword raised high in her hand!

Right at this critical moment, Su Luo descended like a heavenly goddess.

"Stop it!" Su Luo arrived at Li Man Man's side using teleportation and pulled her to the side, and in the same instant, Fairy Wu You's sword slashed downwards!

The place where Li Man Man was originally standing was now split into a deep gash!

Su Luo glared at Fairy Wu You, her eyes bursting with flaming anger!

Fairy Wu You laughed coldly, "Su Luo, you've finally come."

Su Luo took out the last Emperor Grade Blood Condensation Pill and hurriedly gave it to Li Manman to preserve her life.

Then she set Li Man Man down by the rock not far away, then walked back to the original position and stood still, staring Fairy Wu You down for some time.

The corners of Fairy Wu You's mouth pulled up into a sneer.


"Slap!" Su Luo slapped Fairy Wu You fiercely!

Fairy Wu You was caught off guard and couldn’t come back to her senses, and just like that she was slapped by Su Luo!

"Stinky girl!" Fairy Wu You was furious and was about to rush towards Su Luo.

Just at that moment, the Eighth Elder gave a clear cough.

Fairy Wu You was instantly like a mouse that had seen a cat, and her entire body cowered for a moment. She turned her head and weakly looked at the Eighth Elder. "How do you…"

At this time, Fairy Wu You had her back to Su Luo, and so at this very moment, Su Luo flew up and kicked towards her backside with all of the strength she could muster.

How could Fairy Wu You have expected Su Luo to be so emboldened? So once again, she was caught off guard, and kicked by Su Luo. She stumbled towards the Eighth Elder who she was facing!

The Eighth Elder frowned and subconsciously took a step back.

The poor Fairy Wu You couldn't stop her momentum and fell facedown to the ground.

Su Luo's mocking tone rang out at this time, "Oh, Fairy Wu You is giving such a big salute to the Eighth Elder, is there something she wants to ask him?"

Fairy Wu You climbed back up fiercely, glaring at Su Luo with hatred, her bulging eyes appearing nearly bloodshot!

Before she met Su Luo, she had never been embarrassed from her childhood to now, but after meeting Su Luo, she was embarrassed every time she saw her!

"Su Luo! I’m not waiting for the one-year contract, I'll just kill you now!" Fairy Wu You hissed and replied, looking as if she was about to rush towards Su Luo.

But Su Luo still had a light and shallow smile on her face.

Just as Fairy Wu You was about to strike, at some point the Eighth Elder appeared in front of Su Luo and shielded her behind him.

"Eighth Elder!" Fairy Wu You was so angry that her face turned red as she fiercely glared at the Eighth Elder!

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