The City of Terror

Chapter 37

Chapter 37 – Lure and Kill!

Although he could be counted as skilled in Bajiquan before all this, his posture and stance was still not at a good level, as a result, when he trained in Bajiquan fighting, he would waste a lot of energy without making as big of a progress.

But now that his Bajiquan level had increased to Advanced, he was able to position himself properly, thereby allowing him to perform better.

He had also become much more adept in Bajiquan’s routine movements.

Wei Xiao Bei’s current Bajiquan attainment was equal to the level a normal person would attain after training for 3-4 years.

If he had leveled up Bajiquan to the Advanced level before he lured out the Fishman Guard, he might have even sent it flying by his first Iron Mountain Lean.

In other words, after he leveled up, Wei Xiao Bei felt so rejuvenated it was as if he ate ice cream on a hot summer day.

He calculated that he still had three more hours left inside the Dust World. This should be enough time to lure out the other Fishman Guard and eliminate it.

He still had a lot of Fiendish Man Fish meat left, so he carefully observed his surroundings and placed the meat on the ground with his right hand while keeping hold of the pitchfork in his left.

When he got close to the Fishmen village, he once again lied down on the reed thicket and discretely poked his head out to observe.

At this time, more Fishmen had appeared at the entrance of the village. Probably due to the other Fishman Guard having disappeared for too long, the other Fishman Guard seemed to have raised the alarm.

There were now 20 Fishmen led by an elite Fishman heading out the village, searching all around the place.

It was clear that the other Fishmen did not want to go out as they lazily moved. After the elite Fishman urged them with a few words, only then did they move slightly faster. However, as soon as the elite Fishman turned around, the Fishmen immediately slowed down, appearing almost half dead.

However, when the elite Fishman found the Fiendish Man Fish meat, the other Fishmen were suddenly revived from their half dead state and immediately searched for more meat.

It was very clear the those Fishmen’s craving for food had far surpassed a normal human’s.

This was most likely because it was very hard to find enough food in The Dust World  to fill their stomachs,

Wei Xiao Bei came up with another idea when he saw this scene. He placed the rest of the meat in a separate straight line.

The Fishmen group naturally separated into two as they followed the different lines.

One group was led by the elite Fishman with 7 Fishmen, and this group followed the previous line that Wei Xiao Bei made. The other group had 5 Fishmen, and followed the line Wei Xiao Bei was currently making.

The group with the elite Fishman was much more orderly. Whenever they picked up a piece of meat, they would divide it equally. The other group was different.

The strengths of the 5 Fishmen were about the same. As a result, disputes clearly arose within the group everytime they picked up a piece of meat.

Wei Xiao Bei lured the latter group to a distance 300 meters away from the village. Because of the disputes that arose within the group, they had already risen their wooden clubs and started fighting each other.

To tell the truth, Wei Xiao Bei was dumbstruck when he saw this.

For the sake of food, these Fishmen would even ignore their camaraderie and smash their wooden clubs at each other.

After about two minutes, three Fishmen had fallen to the ground and the remaining two were glowering at each other.

Wei Xiao Bei went around the group and positioned himself behind one of the Fishmen. Then he quickly charged forward.

He was naturally first noticed by the Fishman at the opposite side.

The Fishman immediately let out a sharp sound to inform his opponent that there was an enemy behind it.

However, if Wei Xiao Bei was in the other FIshman’s position, even he would not believe the other side’s words.

As a result, the Fishman did not even turn around to look. On the contrary, it raised its club and started to attack, forcing the other side to fight back.

When Wei Xiao Bei was around five meters away, he stepped on a piece of dried reed, causing a sound which finally caught the Fishman’s attention.

However, it no longer had a chance to retaliate as it noticed him too late.

Wei Xiao Bei pierced the Fishman from behind with the pitchfork.


In one attack, the pitchfork had pierced through the Fishman’s back and out of its chest.

Then Wei Xiao Bei kicked the Fishman’s back and pulled out the pitchfork.

The other Fishman tried to raise its club and smash it towards Wei Xiao Bei., but Wei Xiao Bei easily used the back end of the pitchfork, and blocked the Fishman.

The club and the pitchfork collided, but Wei Xiao Bei won with his brute strength.

However, it still took him quite a bit of energy to finally kill the Fishman.

The reason for this was because he had never used this kind of weapon before.

It seems that I should ask master to teach me the Six Direction Spear once I return.

While thinking this, his hands did not stop at all. He walked towards a fallen Fishman and ignored its frightened appearance, directly piercing it with his pitchfork.

Puchi, the sharp pitchfork pierced through the Fishman, killing it.

He did the same to the other three Fishmen just so that he could be fully assured. He then raised the pitchfork and hurried to the other group.

Killing only five Fishmen was not enough to make him stop.

Today’s opportunity was hard to comeby. If he let those Fishmen return to the village, finding another chance to do this would be difficult.

After all if he just attacked from the front, Wei Xiao Bei would definitely not be able to win against a village of more than 70 Fishmen.

When he reached the other side, he discovered that they had actually fallen for his reed trap.

On the surface, it seemed like good news, but actually, it was bad news.

Even if his trap worked, it would not take long for the Fishmen to free themselves.

But hoping for a reed trap to be strong in the first place, was useless. Even being able to trip all those Fishmen was already a good result.

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