The City of Terror

Chapter 36

Chapter 36 – Leveling Up Bajiquan!

When Wei Xiao Bei grabbed on the pitchfork, he used his special skill and released electricity!

This time, the way he released electricity was different, instead of using all of his electrical energy, he continuously discharged electricity.

34 volts of electricity and 9.5 milliamperes of electric current continuously flowed, heavily affecting the opponent.

When the Fishman Guard’s hands started to numb, he quickly let go of its pitchfork. Wei Xiao Bei stood up and charged forward with all of his strength like a mad bison, instantly approaching the Fishman Guard and ramming his left shoulder on the Fishman Guard.

Iron Mountain Lean! Its original name was Contact Lean! Because of its widespread fame, the intonation and name gradually changed, becoming Iron Mountain Lean.

This Contact Lean was one of Bajiquan’s close combat technique. While facing an enemy, approach them quickly, stick close to their chest, and continuously ram them, making the enemy lose their balance and suffer heavy injuries!

Naturally, calling it Iron Mountain Lean sounded stronger than just Contact Lean.

Although he had just learned Iron Mountain Lean and he couldn’t even practice it everyday like his master, he was still quite familiar with this move.

Wei Xiao Bei used all of his strength to knock against the Fishman Guard’s chest. The Fishman Guard, however, was not weak, so Wei Xiao Bei was only able to lightly knock it backward.

However, he did not solely rely on the Iron Mountain Lean, he was also continuously releasing electricity. When the Fishman Guard wanted to retaliate, it was shocked numb by the electricity and lost its strength.

Wei Xiao Bei firmly planted his right foot on the ground and mustered power from his waist, once again, knocking his left shoulder on the Fishman Guard.

The Fishman Guard’s body numbed and once again it was pushed back, but this time the Fishman Guard already lost its strength to counter attack.

Wei Xiao Bei once again mustered his strength to knock against the Fishman Guard’s chest. The Fishman Guard, who had lost control of its body, was sent flying backwards from this third attack, flying a few meters away, landing on a thicket of reeds.

At this moment, Wei Xiao Bei had already recovered from the injury on his right shoulder. He shot forward with the small knife already in his right hand and jumped like a galloping horse, kneeing the Fishman Guard in the face and thrusting his knife in its throat.

Wei Xiao Bei lost full control of his body. When he kneed the Fishman Guard, he rolled forward while pulling out the knife from its throat, causing blood to flow out from the wound.

Wei Xiao Bei steadied his body and once again threw himself against the Fishman Guard. He did not care whether it defended or not, he just used his dagger and targeted its vital points.

He only stopped when the evolution points in his status panel changed. He sat beside the Fishman Guard’s corpse and panted.

Without a doubt, Wei Xiao Bei had yet again made many mistakes this time. He misjudged the strength of the Fishman Guard and overestimated himself. The only fortune in this misfortune was that he had finally killed the Fishman Guard.

Compared to the elite Fishman, the Fishman Guard provided him with a lot more evolution points.

Just killing one of them had given him 60 evolution points.

The only thing he was unsatisfied about was that it did not give him a meatball like those elite Fishmen.

However, he could understand why.

Killing an elite Fishman would give him 20 evolution points, and eating the Fishman Water Ball would give him another 20 evolution points, giving him a total of 40 evolution points.

But this Fishman Guard had given him 60 evolution point and it wasn’t able to shoot out water jets like an elite Fishman.

Naturally, with its strength and speed, a Fishman Guard should be able to deal with 2 elite Fishmen without any problems.

Should I put these evolution points in muscle or in Bajiquan? Or maybe I should use them to level up my special skill?

Wei Xiao Bei’s mind spun as he rested.

All of his three choices weren’t bad.

Increasing his muscle attribute would increase his strength attribute, thereby increasing his destructive power. As for Bajiquan and releasing electricity, it was thanks to their perfect combination that he was able to kill the Fishman Guard.

Wei Xiao Bei decided to put aside the special skill of releasing electricity for now. After all, he could still rely on releasing it to level it up. He felt that putting 60 evolution points in it was a bit of a waste.

He also quickly eliminated his muscle attribute, leaving behind his Bajiquan.

Naturally, the main reason he chose this was because he had already placed 80 points in it before. He wanted to know if it will change when he put 60 more points in it.

The evolution points quickly disappeared as he concentrated on Bajiquan.

When the 60 points decreased to 40 points, he felt his head ache as a wave of dizziness rushed towards his brain, and could no longer open his eyes

After a short period of time, Wei Xiao Bei finally broke away from from his state.


He frowned and closed his eyes to look at his status panel.

Name: Wei Xiao Bei

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Age: 21

Creature Rank: 1 star

Status: (The average adult male’s status value is 10)

Strength: 11.53 (Muscle: 13.03, Sturdiness: 10.03)

Agility: 9.78 (Hand-eye Coordination: 9.03, Flexibility: 11.03, Reflex: 11.03, Balance: 8.03)

Vitality: 10 (Health: 9, Endurance: 11)

Intelligence: 7 (Learning: 6, Reasoning: 8)

Awareness: 9.25 (Willpower: 12, Judgement: 8, Perception: 7, Intuition: 10)

Charm: 7.43 (Courage: 10, Persuasiveness: 7, Character: 7.6, Leadership: 5, Appearance: 7.6)

Skills: Shooting (Intermediate), Military Boxing (Intermediate), Electrical Work (Beginner), Bajiquan (Advanced), Fishing (Beginner)

Special Skill: Release Electricity (Maximum strength 34 volts. Maximum current 9.5 milliampere. This skill was formed after Wei Xiao Bei ate the Thunder Worm Electric Ball. Maintaining a constant output for a long period could allow this skill to level up. Using this while exercising would stimulate strength and slowly increase agility.)

Evolution Points: 40

Items on hand: none

It was clear from the changes in the status panel that he only needed to spend 20 points, or a total of 100 points to level up Bajiquan from intermediate to advanced.

“Hu!” Wei Xiao Bei then tried out Bajiquan techniques in an empty space by the lake. He spent a long time there training without a care until his body was completely drenched in sweat.

He let out a smile when he stopped.

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