The City of Terror

Chapter 35

Chapter 35 – Duping

Wei Xiao Bei inspected his surroundings after waking up. He found that he was still wearing his backpack. The hardtacks and the six Fiendish Man Fish corpses were still inside. He was also holding onto his improvised fishing rod.

After sorting out his things, he arrived at the courtyard and climbed up over the wall to see if there were any movements in the street.

Perhaps it’s been a long time that since a human had appeared here, but he could no longer see the Fishmen in the streets.

Wei Xiao Bei walked towards Green Lake, placing most of his attention in front of him, while thinking through some things in his mind.

What should I do next? Do I go lure out those Fishmen, or do I go fishing?

Fishing was undoubtedly the best way to earn evolution points. But compared to the Fiendish Man Fish, the threat of the Fishmen village was greater..

The Fishmen also caught fish from everywhere around the lake. Wei Xiao Bei could not know when he would bump into them.

Moreover, the Fiendish Man Fish corpses in his backpack had already begun to rot.

Wei Xiao Bei couldn’t help smiling as he walked towards the Fishmen village.

The Fishmen village as usual, had Fishmen Guards with iron pitchforks guarding the entrance. Compared to the first time he came here, the Fishmen Village seemed to be livelier.

More than ten young Fishmen were frolicking around the village. Three adult Fishmen were cleaning the mess on the side; they should have just finished eating.

Wei Xiao Bei, who was lying down on a reed thicket, couldn’t help looking at the dull gray sky.

Being able to judge the time in The Dust World was just wishful thinking.

The dull gray sun in the sky had never moved even once. Even the color of the sky could not help in determining whether it was daytime, night time, or dusk.

Wei Xiao Bei could only guess that most of the Fishmen in the village should be out catching fish at this time.

It was very clear that these Fishmen did not have a custom of storing food. Naturally, this might have something to do with their animalistic behaviour. These Fishmen would eat their harvests so clean, there would never be anything left.

Wei Xiao Bei hid his head back into the reed thicket and took out the Fiendish Man Fish corpse. He begun cutting up the fish on a rock.

The smell from the rotting Fiendish Man Fish could cause people to vomit. Luckily, the Fishmen’s sense of smell was bad. Otherwise, Wei Xiao Bei would have been noticed by those Fishmen a long time ago.

After spending ten minutes, Wei Xiao Bei had cut the six fishes into tiny pieces. He then walked towards the Fishmen Guards.

He placed 30 pieces of fish meat in a straight line ten meters apart until he was thirty meters away from the guards. And at the end of the trail, he created a few simple traps using reeds.

He walked along the dense reed thicket on the lake side and threw a few pieces of meat towards the village entrance, meanwhile the two guards did not notice at all.

Wei Xiao Bei quietly retreated after doing this. He lied on his stomach and observed.

The rotting stench of the meat had attracted a few strange looking mosquitos.

The mosquitoes had quickly attracted one of the guard’s attention.

This Fishman Guard walked towards the piece of meat, and the mosquitoes quickly flew away.

It wondered what the thing on the ground was. He picked it up and instantly threw it in his mouth.

Wei Xiao Bei was slightly regretful. If he knew that the Fishman Guard was so careless, he would have added an extra ingredient to the meat.

Naturally, this was only in his imagination, after all, he still hadn’t found any kind of usable poison in this Dust World.

The Fishman Guard soon found the other pieces of meat, picked them up and swallowing them instantly.

The other Fishman Guard doubtfully looked at the other guard’s actions, causing it to let out a strange sound.

However, the Fishman Guard, who was eating the meat, did not pay any attention to the other guard at all and continued searching for more meat.

Soon, it noticed a piece of meat ten meters away, and then another ten meters away……

The Fishman was lured out just like this, slowly moving closer to the trap that Wei Xiao Bei had set up.

Wei Xiao Bei held his breath and followed behind the Fishman Guard approaching his trap.

Finally, it stepped on the reed trap. Its body immediately tilted and one of its legs sunk down.

Wei Xiao Bie did not hesitate upon seeing this, he quickly strode forth and smashed down the wooden club on the Fishman Guard’s head.

However, something unexpected happened. When it heard Wei Xiao Bei’s footsteps, it reacted quickly by turning around its body and raised its pitchfork.

Bang. A heavy sound echoed as the club hit the pitchfork. The pitchfork swayed as it blocked the club.

The force Wei Xiao Bei placed in the attack was not small. The recoil from hitting the pitchfork shook his right hand numb.

When Wei Xiao Bei prepared to hit it again, the Fishman Guard counter-attacked, sending the pitchfork smashing towards him.

The Fishman Guard was much faster and stronger than the elite Fishmen, to the point that its strength was stronger than Wei Xiao Bei by a bit.

If it had not fallen into a trap and allowed Wei Xiao Bei to ambush it, the Fishman Guard would have already poked a few holes on Wei Xiao Bei’s body.


Wei Xiao Bei felt his right shoulder become heavy. A strong pain suddenly spread, as if his shoulders had been smashed to pieces. Half of his body suddenly weakened

The Fishman Guard quickly pulled out its foot from the trap after its successful attack. It retreated two steps with an evil grin and thrust the two meter long pitchfork towards Wei Xiao Bei’s chest.

This was one of the most dangerous situations Wei Xiao Bei had encountered since entering the Dust World.

He could not muster any strength from his right shoulder his club had already dropped to the ground. A small portion of his body had even been rendered useless;  it would be difficult even if he wanted to evade.

Risk it all!

Wei Xiao Bei’s 12 points of willpower finally had its time to shine. Without panicking, he stared at the incoming pitchfork and waited for the moment it approached his chest. He raised his right hand with all of his strength, knocking against the pitchfork. And then, he tightly held onto it without letting go. His body had almost fallen down from the impact, but he was smiling.

The Fishman Guard did not even worry about the human turning around the situation.

However in the next moment, the Fishman Guard suddenly felt a numbing pain from its hands that were holding onto the pitchfork. For some reason, it couldn’t hold onto it anymore, let alone thrust it again.

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