The City of Terror

Chapter 38

Chapter 38 – Killing Continuously

Wei Xiao Bei looked at the returning Fishmen with a bit of hesitation. Should he attack or attack? Or maybe attack?

He did not have any plans to pull back at all. The only thing actually troubling him was how he was going to attack them.

Moreover, there was an Elite Fishman in the group.

The Elite Fishmen should not be looked down upon. Although they were weaker in close combat compared to a Fishman guard, their water jet attacks were very vicious.

If Wei Xiao Bei charged ahead while it was under the protection of the seven Fishmen, the Elite Fishmen would probably teach him a lesson to put him in his place.

However, Wei Xiao Bei, in the end, still decided to attack.

He was like a hyena stalking its prey, following behind the Fishmen. When the Fishmen found a piece of meat that they had overlooked and became happy, Wei Xiao Bei moved like a leopard that had found an antelope, charging forward in big strides.

At the same time, he thrust forward the pitchfork in his hands with all his strength.

Puchi. The Fishman standing at the very back could not even leak out a sound of surprise as the pitchfork pierced through its chest. The pitchfork, however, did not stop there. Although losing some momentum, it continued forward and pierced another Fishman’s back, sending blood spurting everywhere.

After killing the two Fishmen, Wei Xiao Bei did not continue fighting. He let go of the pitchfork in his hands and escaped.

When the other Fishmen responded and chased after him, Wei Xiao Bei had already fled 10 meters away, almost disappearing in the thicket of reeds.

The short legs of the Fishmen were truly not fit for running on dry land. Without even running 10 meters, Wei Xiao Bei had completely threw them off.

These Fishmen were so angry that they could not catch Wei Xiao Bei, they were about to vent their anger on the reed thicket instead, when they suddenly saw him come into their line of sight.

Seeing the main offender appear, how could these Fishmen hold back their anger. They immediately set off in hot pursuit, itching to turn him into minced meat.

After luring these Fishmen a lot further away, Wei Xiao Bei once again threw them off. He quickly returned back to the corpse of the two dead Fishmen to retrieve the pitchfork while gasping for breath.

Although his physical strength was better than most, these Fishmen had chased him quite far that the total distance he had run was probably already 1 kilometer .

His strength had been sapped quite a bit.

He drank a bit of water and lied down on the ground to rest while still being cautious of his surroundings.

After he recovered his strength,  Wei Xiao Bei held onto the pitchfork while carefully advancing forward. From time to time, he even dropped to the ground to listen for any movement.

Those Fishmen were truly stupid. They ended up returning to their original path when they could not find Wei Xiao Bei after searching for a while.

Initially, they were still a bit alert, with just the sound of wind blowing through the grass was enough to send them into panic, making them hit the reed thicket with their clubs.

However, it did not take long for only the Elite Fishmen in front to be wary, while the other Fishmen were looking at the ground, attempting to find more meat.

When he noticed this development in the Fishmen’s movement, Wei Xiao Bei prepared to ambush them. He followed the pattern from before and waited for them to pass by before following behind them and attack.

However, he was not as lucky as before as they did not walk in a straight line.

Naturally, this also had its benefits. After killing the Fishman at the end of the line, it did not alert the Fishmen in front of it. They only came to their senses when he had killed another Fishman from the back.

To Wei Xiao Bei, this time was much more troublesome than the previous one, since the Fishmen’s reactions were faster than before.

Moreover, he was a bit greedy this time and thrust his pitchfork towards a third Fishman.

However, at the same time he did this, the Elite Fishman opened its mouth and shot a high speed water jet towards Wei Xiao Bei’s left arm. If Wei Xiao Bei’s reaction was a little slower and he had not dodged that, a hole would have opened up in his left arm.

However, a cut still appeared on his left arm even after he dodged. The cut was more than two centimeters deep, making fresh blood rush out from the wound and flow down his arm.

Wei Xiao Bei’s face beaded from sweat from the pain of the wound.

Wei Xiao Bei quickly looked around him. After killing the third Fishman, there were only two normal Fishmen and the Elite Fishman remaining.

I’m going to do this!

He endured the pain in his left arm and pulled out the pitchfork with all his strength and threw it towards one of the normal Fishmen. Then he advanced towards the Elite Fishman without any hesitation like a mad bull, in an attempt to knock against it!

Iron Mountain Lean!

However, in this gap in time, the Elite Fishman once again fired a high speed water jet with all of its strength.

Moreover, its aim this time was at Wei Xiao Bei’s chest.

If he tried to dodge this, then he would not be able to tackle the Elite Fishman while still having to be hit by the water jet.

Naturally, dodging would only switch the place the water jet would hit. At most, it would completely chop his arm off.

If he did not dodge, the water jet would no doubt penetrate his chest.

In this critical juncture, Wei Xiao Bei decided to not think about the consequences of being hit by the water jet and did not hide or dodge. He did not even retreat. On the contrary, he advanced forward and poured all his strength into his shoulder, facing the water jet head on.

Pshhh. The water jet collided with Wei Xiao Bei’s charging force, changing its trajectory. It diverted a bit left from his left chest and pierced through him.

The split second pain was enough to make men kneel to the ground.

However, the strangest thing was, Wei Xiao Bei did not feel any pain at all when the water jet pierced him.

Not thinking about it anymore, he continued to charge at the frightened Elite Fishman like a mad bull, fiercely knocking his shoulder into the Elite Fishman’s chest.

The sound of breaking bones immediately echoed and the Elite Fishman’s chest instantly sunk in. The Elite Fishman was sent flying away by his Iron Mountain Lean.

What came out from the Elite Fishman’s mouth was no longer ahigh speed water jet but bone shards, meat and fresh blood.

Wei Xiao Bei’s skill level had increased. When he used his entire body to perform the Iron Mountain Lean, the Elite Fishman’s rib cage had shattered to pieces and even hit the internal organs.

It was so severe, its bones could be seen peeking out from the Elite Fishman’s skin.


Wei Xiao Bei had not yet steadied his foothold after sending the Elite Fishman flying, when suddenly, he was hit by a wooden club at the back of his head.

A violent dizziness spread through his head.

This is bad! There’s still another normal Fishman!

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