The City of Terror

Chapter 14

Chapter 14 – Entering The Dust World Again

Wei Xiao Bei bitterly laughed and closed the door. From his point of view, the young woman’s interaction with him  was only for show.

He knew that he could never obtain a beautiful girl like her.

He couldn’t even properly support himself!

Wei Xiao Bei shook off the young woman imprinted in his mind and begun to prepare dinner.

From morning till evening, Wei Xiao Bei had been maintaining a constant release of electricity for around 10 hours now. At noon, he had eaten boxed lunches, 6 boxes of them. And now, he was hungry again.

In order to economize, Wei Xiao Bei’s dinner right now was the food he had just bought on sale.

He placed five hardtack pieces in a pot, added water, and boiled it over a stove.

After reaching a certain temperature, the hardtack had become a fragrant paste.

The smell was pretty good, but it did not look that great. Wei Xiao Bei knitted his eyebrows and held the pot, gulping down the food.

This was the first time Wei Xiao Bei had eaten this full, that his stomach even slightly retched, almost causing him to vomit.

He drank a cup of hot water to make the thick liquid paste go down smoother, then laid down on his bed. He had to let his body rest while his brain kept thinking.

A few days had passed since he left the Dust World, and since then, he had never returned to the strange world even once .

Wei Xiao Bei boldly guessed that the reason he was able to enter the Dust World was because he was drunk.

Although his reasoning was 8 points just like most people, making such a conclusion did not really require a person to be on a Sherlock Holmes level.

After making his deduction about entering the Dust World, Wei Xiao Bei felt a little hesitant. He knew, from his previous experience, that the Dust World was not a peaceful world.

Normal people would never think of entering that world again if they had a choice.

However, the more Wei Xiao Bei thought about his continuous decreasing amount of money, an indescribable sense of urgency appeared in his mind.

Naturally, if this was the only reason, Wei Xiao Bei would only need to stop releasing electricity. This would simply decrease his expenses to the point where he could return to barely living with his monthly wage of 1200 yuan.

However, he was never one to be resigned to this kind of fate. Since he had encountered such a mysterious situation, he might as well try to change his future. He knew he would not be able to forgive himself if he just gave it up like this.

Wei Xiao Bei came back to his senses after contemplating his situation for a long time. He sensed that his right hand was now holding onto something.

It was a bottle of Jiang Jin Liquor, the cheapest kind. It was 250 grams that cost 6.8 yuan per bottle with an alcohol content of 38%.

(250 grams is approx. 250ml)

This was a part of the groceries he had bought today, but there it had not even been discounted. He did not even know why he had bought it.

Wei Xiao Bei lightly sighed, it seemed like his subconscious mind was suggesting an idea that he just could not give up on.

He twisted the bottle cap and began chugging down the liquor.

Wei Xiao Bei’s alcohol tolerance was not that high. In just a few gulps, he had finished drinking the whole bottle and his stomach immediately started burning. Two minutes had not even passed when the wine bottle crashed to the floor, signalling that Wei Xiao Bei had fallen asleep on his bed.

My head hurts!

Wei Xiao Bei did not know how long he had slept for. As soon as he woke up, his head had already begun to ache.

However, his muddle-headed brain immediately sobered when he saw the ruined ceiling.

He immediately sat up and inspected his surroundings.

I really returned to the Dust World!

The light entering the window was dusky. The floor and the table were covered in dust. Zhang Jing Ying’s poster had yellowed. Countless spider webs were hanging on the walls. The orange and apple had already rotted and covered in mold, while the fruit below had become like dirty mud. The aluminium window frame was still covered in white ash, while the glass was covered with dust and cracks.

The computer screen was covered in webs. The water glass did not have any water in it and instead there was a corpse of a dried up worm inside.

The air was filled with thick dust that could make people choke.

Everything was the same as when he had left the place. Nothing had changed.

Since this was the second time he saw his surroundings, Wei Xiao Bei did not panic as much anymore, it could even be said that he was completely calm.

He touched the dagger on his waist with his right hand and opened the door.

At that moment, Wei Xiao Bei looked at the tightly closed door across from his apartment. Her beautiful face floated inside his mind as a strange idea surfaced.

Should I go in and take a look?

He hesitated for a bit, but then made his decision, kicking downthe door in front of him.

Bang! The lock on the worn out door was completely unable to block Wei Xiao Bei’s 11 point strength. The door opened instantly.

However, because the door suddenly opened, as a result, air quickly moved into the room, causing the dust inside to soar up. It was like a tiny sandstorm surging in the room.


Wei Xiao Bei secretly cursed and dodged to the side.

It did not take long for the dust to settle down again.

Wei Xiao Bei was now faced with a strange phenomenon. This was because the inside of the room did not seem to have any traces of a human having lived there.

He was disappointed that the secret objects that he had hoped for did not exist.

However, he quickly rid himself of this feeling when a strange sound could be heard from the street outside

“Kaluluji! Kaluluji!”

“Zhiba! zhiba!

It was very clear that this sound was coming from an unknown creature.

Picking up an almost destroyed chair, Wei Xiao Bei silently approached the courtyard gate. Reaching the wall. he placed the chair down and stepped on it. He planted his hands on the top of the wall and carefully peeked outside.


What is that?

Wei Xiao Bei could never have imagined the creatures that he saw.

It was a group of children, all around the height of a 10 year old, wielding clubs. They were moving through the street and stopped from time to time to knock on the courtyard gates of the neighborhood. They were also the origin of the strange sound from earlier.

Why are there children here? Could it be that they are like me who came here from the real world?

Wei Xiao Bei did not dare get careless because the sounds they were making were just far too strange, giving him a sense unease.

The children continued to move forward and slowly approaching nearer to him. Wei Xiao Bei almost let out a surprised voice when he finally saw what the humanoid creatures actually looked like.

They appeared to be 10 year old children, but looking closely they were actually a group of monsters.

They had the head of fish and the body of men. Their feet were webbed while their hands were human. Their waists were covered in fish scales and their bodies were covered with a strange layer of white membrane.

Their appearance looked like the monsters from television shows. At first look, their appearance looked rather terrifying and even Wei Xiao Bei’s heartbeat sped up.

“Bang! Bang!”

A fish head raised its club and knocked another neighboring courtyard gate.

This time, there was movement from behind the courtyard gate.

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