The City of Terror

Chapter 13

Chapter 13 – Expired Food

Previously, one meal had cost Wei Xiao Bei 50 yuan.

However, if he wanted to quickly level up his special skill, his saving’s would not even be enough. Even if he raked in 3000 yuan from those hooligans, he would only have 7000 yuan.

Only 7000 yuan?

Wei Xiao Bei bitterly smiled. Based on the current day’s spendings, 7000 yuan would probably only last for a month, and then he still had to pay rent and other expenses!

He leaned on the headboard, spending a long time trying to calculate, but failed to find a way to earn more money.

Wei Xiao Bei was only an ordinary person. He did not have a special background nor method. It would be very difficult for him to find a quick way to earn money. Moreover, if he was indeed capable of finding an easy way of earning money, he wouldn’t have come to Cui Hu City for work.

It probably wouldn’t be bad for him if he could meet a few hooligans everyday, but this was clearly impossible.

Wei Xiao Bei rubbed his head and lied down on the bed. The only thing he could do now was move one step at a time.

Another day passed and it was time to get off work. At this time, Wei Xiao Bei noticed that the Xing Xing Supermarket next to the Da Hao Office Building was having a food sale. The price of the expired food was less than a third of the original price.

Wei Xiao Bei couldn’t help but feel extreme happiness.

He madly swept through the supermarket and bought 800 yuan worth of food. He carried eight bags full of food and walked towards the public transport station.

After strenuously squeezing inside the public bus, Wei Xiao Bei was finally able to breath.

It was currently the time for most people to get off work, so even after the bus stopped at another station, more people got on and squeezed inside.

Wei Xiao Bei had already retreated to a corner, as he tightly guarded his eight bags of food.

“Everyone getting on the bus quickly squeeze in the back! Hurry up!”

The driver’s loud voice sounded. For contracted public buses, the drivers were the boss. They always wanted to cram the bus full of passengers from front to back and up to down.

The inside of the bus was already like a can of sardines.


A crisp and sweet female voice echoed from outside the bus.

The bus that had already begun to move suddenly stopped, causing the passengers inside to stagger forward and curse. The bus doors opened again.

Damn, how could another person get on the bus? It’s already tighter than a duck’s arse in here! 

Wei Xiao Bei secretly cursed, but his eyes suddenly widened as he saw a young woman wearing a long white skirt trying to squeeze inside.

Although she was not as graceful as a goose, she was extremely beautiful. She had a slim body, a delicate neckline, and a fragrant smell.

“Excuse me, can you move a bit?”

The woman’s cheeks were red as she faintly breathed, making her face look like a peach blossom.

As she spoke, a fragrant smell assaulted Wei Xiao Bei. His nose twitched a bit. He was a soldier for three years already, so even a female pig looked better than a cicada, and saying this was not even a joke.

When Wei Xiao Bei was in the army, everything close by, even the housefly in midair, was male.

Although he had already retired for more than half a year, he had never touched a woman until now, especially one this beautiful.

So fragrant!

The young woman’s attire was not revealing, but her snow white neck, and her faintly visible delicate collar bone arose a certain impulse from Wei Xiao Bei’s body, as he couldn’t help but bend downward. He tried to prevent people from seeing his swollen little brother, before he became a laughing stock.

Seeing that Wei Xiao Bei did not speak, the woman looked at Wei Xiao Bei and then looked at the bags in the the corner that Wei Xiao Bei occupied. Her face was slightly disappointed.

She had no choice but to stay there. Her entire body was full of unease from the feeling she had about the men’s gazes, as if they wanted to gobble her up.

Even as she got on the bus, a few shameless men had already become erect, leaving her embarrassed.

“Ah, I’m sorry.”

Wei Xiao Bei finally responded and hastily squeezed to the side. He shifted the position of the large bags to make space for her.

“Thank you.”

The woman relaxed and took the space left.

There were quite a lot of perverts in the bus. Seeing that the woman was squeezed into a corner, a rather educated looking middle aged man also squeezed over, his eyes filled with desire and greed.

Although this matter did not concern Wei Xiao Bei, as an upright man, his desire to protect young women would be aroused, especially for one this beautiful.

Wei Xiao Bei’s right arm quickly landing on the handrail near the woman, blocking the approaching middle aged man from squeezing in. He also changed his gaze to become slightly ferocious.

The middle aged man’s mood dropped considerably due to Wei Xiao Bei’s obstruction. However, when he saw the muscles bulging out of Wei Xiao Bei’s T-shirt and his ferocious glare, he subconsciously retreated. He even accidentally stepped on the person behind him, causing them to throw curses at him.

The middle aged man apologized, and peace returned to the bus.

Wei Xiao Bei also averted his gaze from the woman’s body. But because he was so close, her fragrance kept on drilling through his nose. His body began to become extremely restless, so he had no other choice but to focus his attention elsewhere. If he did not do so, he would most likely make a fool of himself soon enough.

This was the first time he had been this close to a woman, so he was experiencing a little hardship.

Finally, the bus stopped. Wei Xiao Bei carried the food he bought and hurriedly squeezed out of the bus.

The young woman also followed him down the bus, which had slightly surprised him.

Naturally, Wei Xiao Bei had not misunderstood about whether or not  she had fallen for him, instead, he simply thought that she must have lived around there.

They were only strangers going together by chance.

Wei Xiao Bei did not even look at the other person anymore and just walked towards his apartment.

After entering the courtyard, he discovered that the woman was still following behind him. Seeing Wei Xiao Bei turn around, the young woman blushed. She knew that Wei Xiao Bei must have been skeptical of her.

“I live here.”

The young woman summoned up her courage and spoke. After all, she did not want others to see her as a shameless woman.

“Oh. I also live here. Why have I never seen you before?”

Wei Xiao Bei wanted to slap himself for speaking without thinking. He was really bad at speaking; it was no wonder his persuasiveness was only 7 points.

His tone would have probably been seen as if he was questioning her honesty.

“I just moved here yesterday.”

The woman spoke in a low voice. From the looks of it, she was quite a bashful person. With only a few words said, her head was already hung low.

“Okay. Let’s go in. If we stand here too long, people might think that something is wrong.”

Wei Xiao Bei shook his head and took the initiative to go in.

The young woman truly lived here.

The entire apartment had 10 rooms. Wei Xiao Bei lived at the end of the hall, while the young woman lived directly across his room.

Wei Xiao Bei opened his door and stopped when he heard the young woman push open her door. He saw her skittishly walk in and close the door, almost as if there was a wolf chasing her.

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