The City of Terror

Chapter 15

Chapter 15 – Killing Fishmen

“Who is it!”

A sleepy and irritated male voice sounded.

The fish heads stopped making anymore sounds after they heard the voice from within the courtyard and quickly began surrounding the place while holding their clubs up high.

Wei Xiao Bei, after seeing this scene, hardened his heart. These fish heads were not peaceful creatures, their actions seemed to say that they were the hunters and the owner of the voice behind the courtyard was their target.

Should I warn him?

The fish heads were only 4 feet tall, and their muscles were not developed. Even Wei Xiao Bei could probably deal with three of them at a time. However, there were 12 of them, and each had a weapon at hand.

If he revealed himself, then the damaged courtyard gate might not even be able to block their advance.

After considering things, Wei Xiao Bei jumped down from the chair and picked up a rock. When he was about to get back up, he heard the sound of the neighboring courtyard gate open.

Creak! Creak!

The sound of the door opening could clearly be heard thanks to the quiet streets.

“What are you doing…Ah…”

The man who opened the gate suddenly let out a scream, which was sometimes accompanied by the sound of clubs hitting his body.

Too late.

Wei Xiao Bei’s heart became heavy. He didn’t even care about the creaking sound from the chair and jumped on it, looking over the wall.

At this time, the neighboring courtyard gate was widely opened. The group of fish heads continuously waved their clubs, beating the body on the floor.

Wei Xiao Bei had never seen the man before, but he knew that he was a tenant for the neighboring apartment.

Without a doubt, this tenant entered the Dust World because he was drunk or for some other reason.

The tenant was the complete opposite of Wei Xiao Bei. Wei Xiao Bei had been cautious the first time he entered this place, while the tenant did not have any sense of danger at all. In the end, he opened the gate and got beaten up by the fish heads.

Their clubs did not even exceed half a meter, but because its head was round, the damage it could cause the body was not small.

Under the continuous pounding from 12 clubs, in only a few minutes, the man stopped moving, and red blood flowed from his head.

Wei Xiao Bei knew that the man could not be helped anymore. If he rashly went out, he might also be a goner.

The fish heads did not stop at all as they continued on pounding at the man’s head. They only stopped when they heard the sound of the man’s skull shattering.

The tallest of the fish heads, who seemed like their leader, bent down and extended its finger. It dipped its finger in the man’s head and tasted it.

“Sala Sala!

The fish head leader nodded its head in satisfaction. It cried out and commanded six of the fish heads to carry the man’s corpse, while it led the group out. There were even two body guards behind it as they headed to the other side of the street.

After the group of fish heads left, only three fish heads were left behind. From the looks of it, they seemed to be unsatisfied that their leader had left them behind.They stood there for a while before entering the apartment. Soon, the sound of wood echoed from inside, as if they were trying to find something.

There’s only three fish heads left!

Wei Xiao Bei felt a bit guilty that he was unable to save the stranger, but his confidence rose when he saw that only three had stayed behind.

He checked to the end of the street to make sure that there were no indications of the other fish heads, who were carrying the corpse.

Wei Xiao Bei returned inside his apartment and picked up two beer bottles. He then placed a bit of mud in his pocket before opening the courtyard gate. Moving as quietly as possible, he hid as he moved closer to the other courtyard gate.

Wei Xiao Bei took a quick peek inside the courtyard before entering for precaution.

There was only one fish head left in the courtyard. It was currently using its club to destroy a rusted bicycle. The other two fish heads had disappeared, but they must have gone inside as the apartment door was open.

The fish head’s back was currently facing him, so when the fish head wedged the club into the bicycle, Wei Xiao Bei charged in without any hesitation. He fiercely smashed the beer bottle on the back of the enemy’s head.

Smash! The beer bottle had been completely destroyed in this attack due to his 11 points strength.

A sharp noise spread throughout the courtyard.

The fish head, having been hit on the back of his head, was stunned and was about to turn around.

It didn’t get knocked out??


Wei Xiao Bei used the beer bottle in his other hand to smash at it again, breaking the bottle in the process.

This time, the fish head finally fell down.

The sound of running came from the apartment signalling that its friends had heard the loud noise. Although they did not seem to be coming very  fast, Wei Xiao Bei did not dare let his guard down. He picked up the fish head’s club and charged to the apartment door, preparing to ambush them from the side.

One of the fish heads charged out just as Wei Xiao Bei got in position. It did not even notice Wei Xiao Bei as it moved towards its knocked out comrade.

Wei Xiao Bei tightened his grip on the club when he saw the fish head appear, but held back his impulse to attack.

He did not know if this was the correct decision, because if the second fish head was too slow,he would then be facing them two-to-one.

His luck was not bad. After the first fish head reached the defeated fish head, the second fish head quickly came out from the apartment building.

Now’s the time!

Wei Xiao Bei fiercely striked down onto the fish head’s back, and with just one hit, the fish head went limp and fell down.

He could not yet let himself feel relieved and fiercely pounded on it again. What happened after surprised him.

The round and moist fish head had been hit so hard it had actually caved in and cracked. A white and red mixture came out from the crack, and even splashed on his face.

This must be  brain juice. There’s no mistake about it.

When he used the club to smash the fish head’s skull, a warm feeling appeared in his mind, as if adding something to the experience.

However, Wei Xiao Bei did not have the time to care about this at the moment. He touched his face and saw the other fish head looking at him with hesitation, frightened. It immediately turned around and ran away from the courtyard.

Not good!

The last fish head is running away!

Wei Xiao bei immediately understood the consequences of letting this fish head run away.

Once the fish head escaped, it would without a doubt bring more fish heads.

He also realised after facing them, that he could only face two fish heads at a time. Moreover, he also needed to discharge electricity to beat them.

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