The Charm of Soul Pets

Chapter 97: Ancient Firmament Wood, Magnificence of a Crown

Chapter 97: Ancient Firmament Wood, Magnificence of a Crown

“Properly enjoy this demon feast!” Chu Mu swept his gaze over Xia Guanghan, who was quickly swallowed by this enormous group of demons and the corners of his lips raised, forming a smile. He jumped down from above and Mo Xie, who shook off the demon group promptly, appeared under him and brought him towards the depths of the forest!

The other three soul pets seemed to all wake up in a short period of time. Seeing his soul pet and Secret Killer Attendant soul pets immediately be encircled by the demon group, Xia Guanghan’s expression turned extremely gloomy. His gaze carried ashamed anger and malice as he stared towards the direction that Chu Mu had fled in!

This time, Xia Guanghan had truly miscalculated. As for this miscalculation, it fanned the flames of rage to an even stronger level in Xia Guanghan’s heart. It had already been a long time since anyone had truly angered this grim executioner of Nightmare Palace!

Xia Guanghan was willing to lay a trap, so why couldn’t Chu Mu do the same? He intentionally entered the eminently dangerous forest to employ the help of those wild soul pets to deal with the powerful Xia Guanghan.

Xia Guanghan evidently hadn’t thought that Chu Mu would draw on the help of the formidable Royal Flamed Nine Tailed Inferno Fox enraging the entire demon group. With incomparable guts, he lured the entire group to the place where Xia Guanghan laid down his trap.

Of course, Chu Mu also knew that the strength of Xia Guanghan and his subordinates made it so that the group of demons that numbered around 100 only had a slight chance of swallowing up a few Secret Killer Attendants. However, it definitely could not kill Xia Guanghan. Therefore, Chu Mu didn’t stay at all, and he had Mo Xie increase her speed as they entered the blue colored inner forest, where there were soul pets that were actually threatening to Xia Guanghan.

At the beginning, when Chu Mu had seen the blue demonic world, he sensed that he would be able to reach it after passing through the large forest. In reality, this was a long journey and, with Mo Xie’s running speed, it was nearly a day before they gradually reached the strange holy land.

During the one day, he gave the Night Thunder Dream Beast the specially bought sixth rank recovery medicine, and the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s physical strength recovered a lot.

Mo Xie’s aura was overly powerful, and it was very possible that she would anger a few seventh phase and above commander ranks, or anger the sixth phase and above monarch ranks. Therefore, Chu Mu still had the Night Thunder Dream Beast with relatively strong endurance to bring him forth. He had Mo Xie maintain her Pitiful Appearance and lie on his shoulder.

While he was standing in the distance looking at the mysterious blue world, it gave Chu Mu a nice surprise. When Chu Mu actually got near it and faced one of the three enormous plants, his inner heart had a shock that was hard to calm!

From a distance, Chu Mu only knew that these were three extremely strange Enormous Firmament Woods, and he was unable to estimate exactly how enormous they were. Yet, presently, he could clearly feel that this plant was earth-shattering!!

In reality, Chu Mu currently had yet to actually arrive underneath the enormous plant. He had only ridden on the Night Thunder Dream Beast into the shadows of the heavenly wood trees. What made Chu Mu truly shocked was that with the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s speed, even with a full minute of running, he had only managed to go from the shadow of the tree top to the twisted roots underneath the tree trunk!

A minute of running with the Nightmare Thunder Dream beast was enough to cover over a thousand meters. The radius of this Enormous Firmament Wood reached a thousand meters and thus, how could Chu Mu’s inner heart remain calm in the face of the magnificence of this natural world.

“Without actually entering here, who would know that within this misleading halo there was such an astonishing isolated world hidden away.” Chu Mu took in a deep breath of air. He felt a brush of an ancient, everlasting remnant of wind. If he had enough time, Chu Mu really did want to stay here for a while and search through the mysteriousness of this peculiar world.

When Chu Mu was young, he often heard his father talk about the various bizarre regions within the world, which numbered in the thousands, and he had gradually developed a sort of yearning. Right now, before such a region, he cognitively associated this mysterious place to harbor creatures that were extremely rare in the human world. He could have them become his soul pet and, unconsciously, some kind of fervent passion set afire in his heart…

“Hui~~~~ Hui~~~~~”

The Night Thunder Dream Beast let out a noise towards Chu Mu, ostensibly informing Chu Mu of something.

“You’re saying that the plants propping up the essence of this world are known as protector Gods to you guys?” asked Chu Mu.

“Hui~~~~ Hui~~~~” the Night Thunder Dream Beast promptly nodded its head before sending another bout of information into Chu Mu’s mental world.

After the Night Thunder Dream Beast finished its line of demonic language, Chu Mu was stunned. He abruptly thought of an unusual ancient ceremony pertaining to demons that Chu Tiancheng had once told him before.

Demons were the most spiritual life forms in the world. Their existence was closely bound with the natural world, and they enjoyed residing in lush forests, the treetops of ancient godly trees, and the valleys isolated from the world…

It could be said that a majority of demons enjoyed quietly living in certain a certain heaven and world of their own, where they didn’t receive interference or restrictions. They universally didn’t enjoy fighting. It was also because of this reason that among all the types of soul pets, demons could be regarded as those with the weakest fighting strength.

However, even if a demon’s fighting strength were somewhat underwhelming, a demon type soul pet was a necessity for every soul pet trainer. Moreover, the main soul pet of many powerful soul pet trainers was a pure demon type soul pet. This was because demon type soul pets a possessed speed and dodging ability that was unrivaled by any other type of soul pet.

The most unique thing about demons were their strange demon type techniques. A few demon type techniques were targeted towards the mind. The demon type mental techniques that Chu Mu had come across were Charm, Conceal, Confuse, Demonic Scare, Dream, etc. These were clearly just the tip of the iceberg of demon type mental techniques. The truly strange abilities would ultimately always appear on those powerful demon soul pets, and it would allow them to practically become the most headache-inducing type of soul pets.

Pure demon type soul pets were extremely hard to obtain, because they lived in seclusion and rarely went out. Their whereabouts were fleeting, and they often received the protection of a few plant world soul pets.

However, among demon type soul pets were an extremely small amount of nomadic demon species. These nomadic demon species would hardly settle in some quiet and isolated world. They would always wander everywhere, searching for a demonic habitat to stay at for a period of time.

The reason why these particular demon species soul pets unceasingly wandered was because a special energy circulated within their body that could absorb demonic spiritual aura. After easily absorbing this special spiritual aura and spending a long period to nurture it, the demonic strength of these demon species would become even stronger.

The wandering demonic species amongst demons were a special case. They were good at fighting, and didn’t like staying in one place for too long. Therefore, they unceasingly traveled around the world of thousands of societies to find new demonic homes and, under the influence of this special demonic aura, obtain increases in strength.

When their strength was incapable of increasing anymore, they would leave and look for a new demonic home.

This fantastical demon trait was very rarely seen in books, and Chu Mu had only come to know it through Chu Tiancheng. What made Chu Mu feel extremely surprised was that the Night Thunder Dream Beast belonged to one of the wandering species of demon type soul pets!

The Dream Beast species wasn’t a wandering demon species, but the circumstance of nomadic demons often occurred in individual cases. As such, when the Night Thunder Dream Beast expressed that it could absorb the dense demon aura to increase its demonic strength, Chu Mu felt exceptionally astonished.

“Hui~~~~ Hui~~~~” the Night Thunder Dream Beast appeared to be rather impatient.

The Night Thunder Dream beast’s fighting strength had a limit, and because its demon techniques rarely had an effect due to its low phase and stage, when Chu Mu had to fight, it would always end up sitting on the sidelines.

Good demon fighters were not many. Since the Night Thunder Dream Beast could become a special wandering species among Dream Beasts, it meant that this fellow had a noble and arrogant heart. In the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s heart, how was it a good feeling to always be sitting on the sidelines and becoming a steed only when going somewhere? After all, its longing desire was to fight enemies like Mo Xie.

As such, as a demon that found such a dense demonic aura, the Night Thunder Dream Beats was incessantly excited. It wanted to immediately jump onto the peak of the enormous firmament wood and absorb the purest demonic aura!

“Let’s go then.” Chu Mu was spiritually linked with the Night Thunder Dream Beast and naturally could understand its emotions. He didn’t further consider whether there were any powerful dangerous soul pets on top of the enormous ancient wood, and had the Night Thunder Dream Beast fill its heart’s content by sprinting in a zig zag from tree trunk to tree branch towards the higher area!

The Night Thunder Dream Beast’s jumps were extremely lithe, and it also could use the rather shadowy areas to tread on air.

“Si si~~~ Si si~~~~~”

A strange noise suddenly appeared beside Chu Mu’s ear, and Chu Mu immediately used soul remembrance to lock down the location of the origin of this sound…

“Double Headed Scarlet Wood Python.”

Chu Mu promptly discerned the soul pet which let out the noise, and his gaze fixated on the glossy large tree branch that wasn’t much of a different color than the tree trunk.

The Double Headed Scarlet Wood Python was a warrior rank soul pet, and its rank couldn’t be regarded as very good. Yet, the Double Headed Scarlet Wood Python Chu Mu had sensed was a powerful soul pet that had already reached the seventh phase fifth stage.

“Night, Death Ray!”

Chu Mu realized that this seventh phase Double Headed Scarlet Wood Python had an intention of ambushing them. Thus, he wanted to strike first to gain the advantage, and he immediately had the Night Thunder Dream Beast launch an attack!

The Night Thunder Dream Beast raised its head and, between its curved dream horns, appeared a circulating black lightning ray. After the lightning ray disappeared, a dark colored energy promptly began brewing in the depths of its throat.

“Hui~~~~~~~~~~~~” the Night Thunder Dream Beast focused down the Double Headed Scarlet Wood Python, which thought it was hidden very well, and the death ray instantly spat towards that fellow’s body!

The Death Ray quickly flashed through the light beam spraying down from above. It very accurately struck the area where the Double Headed Scarlet Wood Python’s two heads interweaved. It directly knocked this restless fellow flying, who fell from high above!

The Double Headed Scarlet Wood Python was still considered agile and, while falling, one of its heads abruptly bit onto the tree trunk. Its long, ten meter body flipped back up like a whip, and it once more returned to the crisscrossing tree trunk area.

“Ignore it, continue going up. The demonic aura here is very dense. Perhaps it can make your demon attribute increase to the peak level of the commander rank.” Chu Mu swept his gaze over the Double Headed Scarlet Python which had fallen over fifty meters. He didn’t pay it any further attention. After all, with the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s speed, it was enough to leave that fellow behind.

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