The Charm of Soul Pets

Chapter 96: Trap, Demon Feast

Chapter 96: Trap, Demon Feast

Chu Mu couldn’t use the same move twice. In reality, Chu Mu couldn’t use the same move because, aside from the two previous Secret Killer Attendants being spirit teachers, the other Secret Killer Attendants seemed to all be spirit masters.

Although the fighting strength of those spirit master’s soul pets weren’t very strong, they understood extremely well how to use their four soul pet advantage to deal with Chu Mu’s two soul pet disadvantage. Chu Mu used a strategy to split up one group of Secret Killer Attendants when they attempted to kill him. However, unless Chu Mu and Mo Xie used a dual Heavenly Flame Rite, they would not be able to defeat four soul pets.

Chu Mu’s soul power only allowed him to use the Heavenly Flame Rite once. Saving it was crucial, so Chu Mu definitely would not use it. Therefore, once he had no way of killing that spirit master Secret Killer Attendant, Chu Mu decisively chose to flee.


Halfway enroute towards the mysterious inner forest world, Chu Mu obtained another perfect opportunity; it happened to be that lone spirit teacher.

The Night Thunder Dream beast had already been continuously running and fighting, so its physical strength was clearly weakened. Chu Mu recalled the Night Thunder Dream Beast and chose the Devil Tree Battle Soldier, which was even more suited to forest fights.

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier was a plant world soul pet. Within the incomparably concentrated woods, its battle strength increasing by four stages was definitely not a problem.

The Devil Tree Battle Soldier was presently at the sixth phase third stage. Adding on the advantage of the woods, it was enough to reach the effect of the sixth phase seventh stage.

As long as it didn’t encounter a fire type or a dark type soul pet, a wood type soul pet would be able to completely counter the opponent. Chu Mu didn’t have Mo Xie immediately attack. Instead, he had the Devil Tree Battle Soldier noiselessly bury its demon wood roots underground.

“Pu pu pu!!!!!”

Suddenly, over sixty demon wood roots shot out of the dead, leaf strewn ground like massive incomparably sharp spurs!

The sharp roots didn’t receive any obstruction, and they were going to penetrate underneath the Ice Winged Tiger’s abdomen!!

The range of demon wood roots had reached nearly ten meters. Under such circumstances, it would be hard for the Ice Winged Tiger to dodge. However, just as the Ice Winged Tiger’s body was about to be penetrated, an eminently shocking curved light blade abruptly appeared in between the thicket!


A crisp sound rang out in the forest, and the sixty plus demon wood roots that had suddenly appeared were instantaneously sliced right in half just as they were about to penetrate!

“Gezhi Gezhi~~~~~”

Not only that, the terrifying curved light blade swept through in a flat line after, and the trees with a radius of twenty meters were all cut down. In the next moment, these nearly hundred meter tall trees slowly toppled down from high above!


Xia Guanghan’s ice cold voice rang out!

In the next instant, several tens of soul pets abruptly jumped out of their hiding spot amidst the treetops. Practically simultaneously, they locked down the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s location!!

“Sou sou sou~~~~~’

The thirty plus soul pets were all speed type and, as they ran, there wasn’t a frightening grandeur that powerfully swept through the entire forest. Rather, in this forest with a plethora of obstacles, they didn’t suffer any obstructions. Moreover, as they rushed through this narrow forest, they didn’t touch anything!

Amongst the thirty or more strange black figures, Xia Guanghan’s monarch rank demon – the Earth Fiend Dream Demon – was the most terrifying. Unexpectedly, it was faster than the soul pets of those Secret Killer Attendants behind it by more than double!!

Earth Fiend Dream Demon: Beast World – Demon type – Dream Demon species – middle class monarch rank.

Dream Demons had similarities with Dream Beasts, as well as differences. Dream Beasts still possessed a definite beast attribute, so when they used soul techniques, it wasn’t a pure demon technique. Aside from the dream realm, the techniques practically all carried a bit of the other attributes.

As for Dream Demons, they were the most pure high species ranking demon type soul pets. Apparently, the lowest rank Dream Demon was a high class commander. Tracing back to the the even earlier type division of soul pets, Dream Beasts could be considered to be the half-breed of a few unusual beast type soul pets and Dream Demons. When it came to solely comparing speed and intelligence, even if they were the same species ranking, the Dream Demons were definitely stronger than the Dream Beasts by an entire class.

Xia Guanghan’s Earth Fiend Dream Demon had very evidently gone through the most pure form of demon attribute strengthening. Although its speed wasn’t first-rate, its intelligence was extremely high. Once Chu Mu’s soul pet was mentally locked down, it would be futile to flee!

Xia Guanghan had already completely locked down the location of Chu Mu’s Devil Tree Battle Soldier. The monarch demon Earth Fiend Dream Demon astonishingly used a mental sword, piercing through the several tens of enormous plant roots before thrusting towards Chu Mu’s soul pet.

The powerful mental sword already possessed extremely powerful mental damage. Although plant world soul pets had a certain immunity towards mental and soul type techniques, the Earth Fiend Dream Demon’s mental sword still pierced the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s weak mind, causing it to let out a pained howl!

Seeing the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s mind being damaged, Chu Mu resolutely chanted an incantation, and he recalled the Devil Tree Battle Soldier, which had already finished its job, back into the soul pet space.

Amongst the towering trees, the black garment Chu Mu motionlessly stood there. After recalling the Devil Tree Battle Soldier, Chu Mu didn’t immediately flee. Instead, his gaze passed through the dense tree trunks, and he stared at the extremely fast moving Xia Guanghan!

An eighth phase second stage Earth Fiend Dream Demon. Feeling the imposing demonic aura’s onslaught, Chu Mu creased his eyebrows.

An eighth phase monarch rank soul pet. Even if he were to use the Violent Blood Pupil and Moon Essence on Mo Xie, she would only barely reach the seventh phase monarch rank’s strength. Yet, this demon of Xia Guanghan’s was a terrifying eighth phase. One on one, merely this demon alone could easily dispatch of all of Chu Mu’s soul pets.

Chu Mu passed through the trees and looked at Xia Guanghan. Xia Guanghan could also see Chu Mu standing between the trees. His eyes let out a terrifying cold intent, making it seem like his two eyes were swords!

Xia Guanghan naturally understood separation tactics. Chu Mu was in the dark, while they were in the light. Xia Guanghan moreover directly laid a trap, having that spirit teacher go alone to wait for Chu Mu to appear.

As expected, in order to reduce the number of opponents, hidden extremely deeply in the forest, Chu Mu had ultimately still appeared. However, when Chu Mu appeared, he had fallen into the trap that Xia Guanghan had laid.

“You have two options. Undo the soul pact with the Royal Flamed Nine Tailed Inferno Fox and then die a quick and painless death, or just like four years ago, I’ll have you, this pitiful thing, feel the feeling of having your soul pierced!” Xia Guanghan condensed his soul remembrance into a voice that passed into Chu Mu’s mental world.

Four years ago, Chu Mu had, with great difficulty, increased his strength to the spirit soldier level. He was able to sign soul pacts with soul pets and also summon them. However, Xia Guanghan, who kidnapped Chu Mu, made Chu Mu sign a soul pact with a monarch rank White Nightmare.

Signing a soul pact was an autonomous signing. If the person didn’t chant the incantation, outsiders could not forcibly have him or her sign a soul pact. Only through ceaseless torture towards a person and having his or her willpower surrender could one make the other person sign the soul pact of his or her own accord.

At the beginning, when Chu Mu was unwilling to sign a soul pact with the White Nightmare, Xia Guanghan had extremely cruelly stabbed into Chu Mu’s soul. Even now, this feeling of wanting to die still remained.

Furthermore, four years ago, Chu Mu had maliciously sworn that there would finally be a day that Xia Guanghan would taste the feeling of having his soul pierced!

“I have a third option, while you only have one outcome! In five years, I will personally kill you!” Chu Mu coldly changed his soul remembrance into a voice that transmitted into Xia Guanghan’s ears.

After listening to that sentence, a smile of ridicule rose up on Xia Guanghan’s face. While speaking, the gap had closed to one hundred meters and, to Xia Guanghan’s eighth phase Earth Fiend Dream Demon, one hundred meters only required a few rushing steps!

Seeing Xia Guanghan approach, Chu Mu apathetically turned around, and he stared at the terrifying surging dust approaching from the depths of the forest.

Chu Mu turned around and jumped, quickly jumping onto a tree. He continuously jumped a few times, nimbly landing on top of a tall tree’s branch…

In the depths of the forest appeared a rumbling ruckus. The source of this ruckus happened to be pursuing in Xia Guanghan’s direction.

Xia Guanghan was the leader, and he ordered the thirty plus Secret Killer Attendants’ soul pets to chase in the forest. Facing them was the violent and imposing Royal Flamed Nine Tailed Inferno Flamed Fox’s extremely fast charge. Astonishingly, behind it, was a large following of a group of demons!

The number of these demon type species was much larger than the soul pets of the Secret Killer Attendants Xia Guanghan lead. Even though each of their strong and healthy bodies unobstructedly traversed through the trees, as they grew closer, they could clearly feel the vibration of the demon group’s charge!

“Flame Dance!”

“Wu wu wu~~~~”

Mo Xie, who was wildly charging in the forest, let out a howl filled with intimidation force. Her gorgeous nine tails crazily danced about. Despite facing Xia Guanghan’s eighth phase Earth Fiend Dream Demon, it didn’t have the least bit of fear!

However, Mo Xie didn’t intend on directly fighting Xia Guanghan’s soul pet. When Mo Xie was forty meters away from Xia Guanghan, Mo Xie abruptly used the technique Flame Dance and beautifully dodged Xia Guanghan’s Earth Fiend Dream Demon’s mental attack. In this forest filled with myriad towering forest, it ran in a exquisite arc, running in a lateral direction!

Seeing this Royal Flamed Nine Tailed Inferno Fox’s enormous aura, Xia Guanghan’s face instantly let out an amazed expression. However, when he discovered that behind the Royal Flamed Nine Tailed Inferno Fox was unexpectedly the pursuit of an entire demon group, his expression immediately changed!

“Properly enjoy this demon feast!” Chu Mu swept his gaze over Xia Guanghan, who was quickly swallowed by this enormous group of demons and the corners of his lips raised, forming a smile. He jumped down from above and, Mo Xie, who shook off the demon group promptly, appeared under him and brought him towards the depths of the forest!

The other three soul pets seemed to all wake up in a short period of time. Seeing both his and the Secret Killer Attendants soul pets immediately be encircled by the demon group, Xia Guanghan’s expression turned extremely gloomy. His gaze carried ashamed anger and malice as he stared at the direction Chu Mu had fled in!

This time, Xia Guanghan had truly miscalculated. As for this miscalculation, it fanned the flames of rage to an even stronger level in Xia Guanghan’s heart. It had already been a long time since anyone had truly angered this grim executioner of Nightmare Palace!

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