The Charm of Soul Pets

Chapter 95: Dream Underworld, Reverse Killing While Escaping

Chapter 95: Dream Underworld, Reverse Killing While Escaping

The mountains outside the mountains rose into the sky. The ocean of the forest oceans. This was the capital of demons.

In this moment, Chu Mu finally understood about the “great outer world” that Chu Tiancheng had told him about before!

This world was fantastically vast. Only by being there oneself and seeing it with one’s own eyes could one truly experience the elegant magnificence of it!


The Night Thunder Dream Beast let out a resounding whinny. Clearly, it had also been attracted by this exotic demon world, and it was a bit hard for it to suppress its excitement.

“Let’s go. Since we’ve already come here, you can go run around freely.” said Chu Mu as he patted the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s dream horn.

In this small, fantastical forest world, there definitely would be various strange soul pets. After entering, he could first obtain a new soul pet and then use the unique region to restrict Xia Guanghan. After all, there definitely resided a few territorial hegemon out here, and the moment Xia Guanghan summoned a soul pet that was too powerful, it would certainly disturb the territory hegemon.

Passing through the lush ocean of forest, Chu Mu could distinctly feel a slightly unique and demonic aura lingering in the forest. Demon and plant world soul pets were closely related, and Chu Mu could naturally guess that, in this world, there absolutely existed all kinds of peculiar plant type soul pets.

“Xiu Xiu~~~~~”

Suddenly, the minute sound of leaf shaking flitted next to Chu Mu’s ear.

The Night Thunder Dream Beast didn’t make any noise when it ran, so the acute hearing of Chu Mu was able to hear the noise extremely clearly.

“Night, Thunder Tailwhip!” Chu Mu immediately used his soul remembrance to tell the Night Thunder Dream Beast.

The Night Thunder Dream Beast had also become aware of danger appearing, and its long, white-colored tail abruptly swept up, transforming into a curved, purple-colored thunder whip that fiercely smacked the adjacent tall tree!

Thunder Tailwhip’s might was extremely formidable. Practically after touching the tree, the tree was sliced apart, and a crisp creak was emitted. Countless treetops were spread apart as it fell onto the ground.

“Hu hu hu~~~~”

After the large tree fell down, two figures immediately appeared amidst the treetops. Long wings and a imposing tiger body swooped down from above, causing a powerful stream of air that caused a clamor among the surrounding trees…

“Ice Winged Tiger…” seeing the two Ice Winged Tigers appear, Chu Mu immediately creased his eyebrows.

Chu Mu already understood that all of those who rode on an Ice Winged Tiger to fight happened to be the Nightmare Palace’s Secret Killer Attendants who caused many people to feel terror-stricken.

The Secret Killer Attendants were currently under Xia Guanghan’s control, and they strayed a bit differently than Nightmare Palace’s assassins. These Secret Killer Attendants were an even more elite set of troops, and they were only in charge of assassinating a few powerful Nightmare Palace criminals or traitors.

The Secret Killer Attendants were most adept at pursuing and besieging. If one didn’t have absolute strength, then it was futile to think of escaping from the pursuit of Nightmare Palace’s Secret Killer Attendants.

“Mo Xie!”

Chu Mu currently relied on Mo Xie, who was comparable to a sixth phased monarch rank. These two Ice Winged Tigers were approximately at the sixth phase eighth stage, but they clearly were not of average quality. Their fighting strength was perhaps even stronger than the Luo Region Nightmare Prince’s Radiance Lion!

“Wu wu~~~~”

Mo Xie instantly jumped down from Chu Mu’s shoulder. After her body lithely landed on the ground, the Demon Fire Evil Flames and Blood Flames that created the double crowned flame split into nine parts. They circled around Mo Xie’s body and as they spanned downwards, a fire lotus abruptly blossomed!!

The imposing and majestic nine tails expanded and Mo Xie, who had transformed into the Royal Flamed Nine Tailed Inferno Fox, suddenly released a powerful demonic aura that intimidated the two Ice Winged Tigers following closely!

“Nine Dance!”

Nine Dance was also one of Mo Xie’s tail techniques. After Mo Xie transformed into the Imperial Flamed Nine Tailed Inferno Fox, her tail part was no longer a secondary weapon. In fact, in battle, its usage may be even more frequent than her two royal flame claws!

The nine long tails imposingly danced about, wanton and ostentatious. They wildly smashed towards the two sixth phase eighth stage Ice Winged Tiger!!

“Pai!!! Pai!!!!!”

The two Ice Winged Tigers could dodge one or two dancing tail attacks, but with the simultaneous onslaught of nine dancing tails, unless the two Ice Winged Tigers reached an even higher dodging realm, they would not able to bear it…

The two Ice Winged Tigers had just swooped down when the nine tails fiercely smacked the two powerful bodies like houseflies, causing them to firmly smash into the trunk of the large tree.

The two Secret Killer Attendants realized that the Royal Flamed Nine Tailed Inferno Fox’s strength was extremely strong, and they immediately chanted an incantation, respectively summoning two other soul pets!

“Mo Xie, leave.” Chu Mu didn’t want to zealously continue fighting and, after knocking them back, he immediately had Mo Xie escort him as he continued to run towards that peculiar world.

In terms of speed, there wasn’t any soul pet that could compare to Mo Xie. Her turning around and leaving meant that the two Secret Killer Attendants could only change to speed type soul pets and ride on the Ice Winged Tigers that had been knocked slightly muddleheaded as they chased after Chu Mu.

“Night, Extreme Speed!”

Chu Mu immediately had the Night Thunder Dream Beast use its speed type technique.

The Night Thunder Dream Beast’s body faintly leaned forward, and its speed suddenly increased by threefold. Under the effects of the purple lightning on its body, it quickly disappeared into the lush forest.

“Night, Dream Underworld!”


The Night Thunder Dream Beast’s eyes underwent an evident change. As it was running, its body unexpectedly transformed into an empty shadow that weirdly stepped into a space that had warped.

The existence of the misleading halo and the peculiar forest allowed the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s demon type techniques to be used even more effectively. Even though Dream Underworld was actually incapable of causing the two Secret Killer Attendants to completely enter the dream, it was still able to create a certain confusing effect.

As expected, after the two Secret Killer Attendants chased towards the Dream Underworld’s location, they immediately let out a blank expression. For a while, they simply didn’t know which way they should continue looking for Chu Mu’s figure.


Chu Mu turned around and glanced at the two Secret Killer Attendants confused by the Dream Underworld. The corners of his mouth faintly rose. The Night Thunder Dream Beast was currently at the sixth phase third stage. If its phase and stage could increase, the effects of such an illusion would be even more powerful. Under this circumstance, the Night Thunder Dream Beast would certainly be able to display the greatest use.

The true reason why Chu Mu had the Night Thunder Dream Beast use Dream Underworld wasn’t to stop the pursuit of the two Secret Killer Attendants; instead, it was to have them split into different directions to chase after Chu Mu in the dream.

The two Secret Killer Attendants clearly didn’t have the strength of a monarch rank. Furthermore, in this ninth rank misleading world, the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s demonic techniques were amplified by at least 50 percent. The two Secret Killer Attendants had fallen into the trap that Chu Mu had laid long ago, and the separate directions in which they chased after had the shadow of the Night Thunder Dream Beast.

Absconding fights in the forest could be regarded as Chu Mu’s most adept form of fighting. For at least half a year on Prison Island, Chu Mu had always been in this sort of state.

The very experienced Chu Mu understood that, in the face of multiple enemies chasing, if he didn’t create a trap that heavily wounded them, the most optimal method was to split them up and break through them while running away!

“Mo Xie, Illusion Royal Flamed Claw!!”

After locking down that Secret Killer Attendant riding the Ice Winged Tiger, Chu Mu immediately issued an order to Mo Xie.

Mo Xie’s nine tails swept through the trees, and it was almost impossible to see her moving body. She incomparably strangely appeared in front of the soul pets of the Secret Killer Attendant that had summoned three soul pets.

Four strange figures astonishingly appeared; Mo Xie’s Illusion had clearly reached an even higher level!

The imposing Royal Flamed Nine Tailed Inferno Fox flew past, and the effects of the full form offensive soul claw that covered the top of Mo Xie’s sharp claws that had already reached the final seventh stage caused her attack to approach the eighth rank!

“Shua Shua Shua Shua!!!!!’

Four nearly eighth rank Royal Flamed Claws strangely swept across the Secret Killer Attendant’s own body, as well as his three soul pets!!

The Secret Killer Attendant had evidently sensed the Royal Flamed Nine Tailed Inferno Fox’s terrifying strength, and he had immediately had his three soul pets gather together, forming a combined defense!

There was a very large gap between the monarch and commander ranks. Frequently, a sixth phase monarch rank was capable of contending against five sixth phase commander ranks. Amongst the Secret Killer Attendant’s three soul pets, only one of them was a seventh phase fifth phase commander. Such fighting strength simply wasn’t enough to resist Chu Mu and Mo Xie.

However, the Nightmare Palace’s Secret Killer Attendants were not some normal people. Although these three soul pets could not be the opponent of this perfect commander rank Mo Xie, he was able to correspond the three soul pet’s attribute techniques together and make it so that for a short period of time, Mo Xie’s imposing attack could not break it apart!

The Secret Killer Attendants were not from the young generation. Their fighting experience was definitely much more ample that those so-called peak young experts. Chu Mu had to add a Night Thunder Dream Beast’s dark type technique before just barely being able to kill one of the Secret Killer Attendant’s soul pets.

With one less soul pet, the correspondence of the techniques between the Secret Killer Attendant’s soul pets had a large gap. Thus, this Secret Killer Attendant decided to retreat very decisively.

How could Chu Mu let him flee? Under the strength of an incomparably powerful monarch rank, this Secret Killer Attendant was ultimately killed by Chu Mu in the forest.

When the other Secret Killer Attendant arrived, the first Secret Killer Attendant’s corpse had already been burnt into ashes. Chu Mu originally wanted to use the opportunity to kill the other Secret Killer Attendant, but these fellows who often trained were not those eminently reckless prisoners on Prison Island. After realizing that he was by himself, this Secret Killer Attendant, under the protection of his three soul pets, decisively decided to retreat.

Chu Mu knew that the appearance of Secret Killer Attendants here meant that it was very likely that Xia Guanghan wasn’t far away from him. He naturally didn’t dare to pursue, and promptly changed directions, continuing to run towards the peculiar world.


Not long after Chu Mu left this place, Xia Guanghan, alone, appeared in front of the charred corpse of that Secret Killer Attendant. His expression was apathetic as he picked up the medallion on the Secret Killer Attendant’s waist.

“You want to play a game? Then I’ll accompany you and play, eh?” a while later, the corners of Xia Guanghan’s mouth rose.

Squeezing his palm, Xia Guanghan crushed the slightly charred waist medallion from the burnt Secret Killer Attendant into pieces. He rode on his eighth phase demon type commander rank and chased in the direction that Chu Mu had fled!

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