The Charm of Soul Pets

Chapter 94: The Ninth Rank Misleading World, Mysterious Forest World

Chapter 94: The Ninth Rank Misleading World, Mysterious Forest World

An amethyst mountain and creek water. A multi colored lightly slowly washed over the sparkling meandering water, reflecting an enchanting lustre that was incomparably shooting gorgeously in all directions.

Chu Mu sat next to the fresh creek water and used his hands to cup the clear water flow. He was about to drink a mouthful when Mo Xie swept closer and, with her beautiful long mouth, quickly finished the water.

Chu Mu bitterly laughed and pinched the small fellow. He cupped another handful of water and drank it himself.

“I’ve unexpectedly made my way back to the wilderness.” looking at the surrounding boundless green mountain forest, Chu Mu felt a bit helpless.

Xia Guanghan could use the soul remembrance imprint to sense the White Nightmare’s location. Identically, Chu Mu could feel that Xia Guanghan wasn’t far from him through the soul remembrance imprint on the White Nightmare. Presently, Chu Mu had to think of a method of breaking away from Xia Guanghan in order to return to his normal life.

“Wu wu wu~~~~~” Mo Xie lifted her face with confidence as she spoke to Chu Mu.

“We can’t be impetuous and rash. Their strength is very powerful. Even if you’ve currently mutated into a Royal Flamed Nine Tailed Firefox, I’m afraid that we still aren’t that fellow’s opponent. Moreover, he has definitely brought many subordinates. Meeting him with force absolutely won’t do.” Chu Mu said to Mo Xie.

“Wu wu wu~~~~” Mo Xie grudgingly let out a noise, and she then began to grumble about the White Nightmare, which did nothing but make this situation worse.

“Nie~~~~~ Nie~~~~” the White Nightmare instantly let out a protest, and it firmly expressed that it didn’t have the slightest relation with this.

“You can’t blame the White Nightmare either. Xia Guanghan’s soul remembrance imprint should have been imprinted using an extremely powerful soul brand tool. Prior to my strength reaching the spirit master level, it will be extremely hard to destroy the imprint. The White Nightmare cannot remove the imprint by itself either.” said Chu Mu

Of course, Chu Mu had naturally thought of removing the soul pact as a method. Only, even if Chu Mu would actually heartlessly renounce the monarch rank White Nightmare, which he had spent an extremely large cost to raise for four years, the White Nightmare had to agree with Chu Mu to remove the soul pact.

The White Nightmare had presently already grown accustomed to absorbing Chu Mu’s soul power aura. It wouldn’t work for the benefit of both of them to remove the soul pact with Chu Mu. Moreover, Chu Mu’s own soul remembrance wasn’t powerful enough to forcibly remove the soul pact with the White Nightmare.

Chu Mu didn’t have any other options at the moment. He could only continue walking deeper into this southern land’s forbidden region. Using the complex terrain and those few dangerous soul pets, he could create a series of obstructions from Xia Guanghan’s pursuit.

In the various large regions of humans, there were always maps. A few relatively dangerous areas were also marked out and, at outposts of dangerous regions where people often entered, there would be rough sketches of maps sold.

As for those forbidden regions where practically no person set foot in, there simply wouldn’t be any map that could be purchased. Thus, Chu Mu had no path to look for, and he had to completely rely on his own senses to enter the depths of the forbidden region.

The reason why the forbidden regions caused people to tremble in fear was not only because there were countless soul pets there, but also because, in between the mountains and the areas connecting the forests, there would be a few strange phenomenons. There were misleading halos that seemed to display a few strange gaily-colored colors.

The misleading halo indicated a forest. It had, through unique plants or the growth of certain powerful plant type soul pets against the natural climate, slowly created a specially protected world.

The misleading halo not only allowed the different types of soul pets in this forest to hide, but it also caused intruders to have absolutely no way of finding their direction. Moreover, in the most terrifying of the misleading halos, it could cause a creature to be trapped in an area of fifty meters where there were simply no obstructions.

These fifty meters areas were rather narrow, but the moment one entered in it, those without understanding of these unique phenomenons would be trapped in this fifty meter forest area for three or four days and be unable to escape.

After Chu Mu entered the southern land’s forbidden region, he essentially finally understood why these areas were called forbidden regions. Because Chu Mu hadn’t entered that far in, what appeared in front of him happened to be the extremely terrifying misleading halo!

In the human world, there were many people who had done a bit of deep research towards the various regions of marshes, rivers, mountains, forests, plains, tundras… these different places all had their own unique, bizarre phenomenons.

As for the misleading halo, it was definitely the most brilliant appearance in a forest mountain range. Those who conducted deep research into this split the misleading fogs into different ranks. The misleading fogs that were fifty meters in area and could trap a newbie there for three days and three nights like this one were ninth rank misleading worlds!

In each region, the appearance of such a ninth rank misleading world would rank the region as a demonic land. However, this was merely the outer perimeter of the forbidden region, and there was a ninth rank misleading halo that made numerous hunters and adventurers faces change. How could this not make Chu Mu shocked?!

The Misleading Halo in the Broken Forest’s Mo Ye Forest could only be considered to be a seventh rank misleading world. Chu Mu only had to walk one circle around it to find the exit. If it was an eighth rank misleading world, Chu Mu would have to spend a dozen days before being able to leave. As for a ninth rank misleading world, it was exactly like the deep forest in the depths of Prison Island and, back then, Chu Mu had circled it for an entire year before finally leaving.

“I hope that I won’t be trapped for too long.” Chu Mu glanced at the adjacent Mo Xie, and then at the Night Thunder Dream Beast which expressed that it like this environment a lot.

The Nightmare Thunder Dream Beast had been obtained by Chu Mu in the ninth ranked misleading world. When it saw the misleading halo, the Night Thunder Dream Beast had a feeling like it had returned home, and it naturally didn’t constrain its feelings.

“Night, lead the way.” Chu Mu patted the Night Thunder Dream Beast and it jumped onto its body. He had the Night Thunder Dream Beast lead him forward.

The Night Thunder Dream Beast strode forward, and its black body gradually disappeared into the misleading halo…


Three hours later.

“We probably haven’t even walked 200 meters right…” Chu Mu tilted his head and looked at little Mo Xie on his shoulders.

Little Mo Xie vigorously nodded her head, and she strangely looked at the slightly annoyed Night Thunder Dream Beast.

The Night Thunder Dream Beast had arrogantly walked into the misleading halo; however, very depressingly, it had only walked two hundred meters before it, for some reason, returned to the original spot. This continued for an entire three hours, and they had only walked in circles within the the two hundred meter range of the misleading halo. Thus, it had dealt a heavy blow to the Night Thunder Dream Beast.

“There’s a bit of a difference between the distribution of forests on continents and forests on islands. Don’t fret, take your time look for a pattern.” Chu Mu patted the Night Thunder Dream Beast, not wanting it to be anxious.

Chu Mu released his soul remembrance, and he began to look for a method of deciphering the misleading fog with the Night Thunder Dream Beast.

In the next five hours, Chu Mu and the Night Thunder Dream beast finally escaped that two hundred meter plight and entered into the depths of the mountain forest.

“This should be a paradise for demon type and wood type soul pets.” when he felt the unique aspect of this ninth rank misleading world forest, Chu Mu couldn’t help but let out a sigh.

Different soul pets preferred to reside in different environments. Forests like this, filled with mysterious halos, were the most optimal habitats for demon and wood type soul pets. When the Night Thunder Dream Beast entered, he could see many rare soul pets moving around the forest.

If it wasn’t for the pursuit of the executioner Xia Guanghan behind, Chu Mu really would have spent a bit of time to look around and see if he could find a satisfactory soul pet to become his third spirit teacher soul pet.


As they were proceeding, the Night Thunder Dream Beast suddenly stopped in its tracks. Its black pupils stared at the deep part of the forest gradually disappearing into the misleading fog, as if it was afraid of something.

“What’s the matter?” asked Chu Mu.

“Hui~~~~ Hui~~~~~~” the Night Thunder Dream Beast immediately let out a noise, and it began to engage in spiritual communication with Chu Mu.

“You’re saying that there might be a powerful demon ahead. The surrounding area has already been sprayed with its domain aura?” asked Chu Mu.

“Hui~~Hui~~~~~” the Night Thunder Dream Beast instantly gave Chu Mu a certain response.

The unique environment of a ninth ranked misleading world was similar to a fortified human defensive castle. The larger the scale, the stronger the commander would be. It was very very common to see the appearance of an eminently powerful demon that surpassed his own land world in such a misleading halo forest.

“Wu wu wu~~~” Mo Xie let out a shout, and she wore an unafraid expression, urging the Night Thunder Dream Beast to continue going forward.

“Let’s go, what we’re looking for happens to be in the territory of some powerful soul pets. In this way, we’ll be able to create obstructions towards those fellows.” said Chu Mu.

The Night Thunder Dream Beast merely warned Chu Mu, but wasn’t actually afraid to enter. After obtaining Chu Mu’s consent, it promptly stepped into a stride, walking towards the habitat of some powerful demon type soul pet.

Able to sit at the head of a ninth rank misleading world, even if it wasn’t a monarch rank soul pet, it was definitely a ninth phase and above commander rank. Since Chu Mu was going to enter its territory, he naturally didn’t dare act too ostentatiously. Thus, after entering, Chu Mu intentionally had Mo Xie curb her powerful aura that rivalled a monarch.


As they penetrated deeply, Chu Mu gradually discovered that the misleading halo’s effect was becoming more sparse. On the approximately tenth day they entered this forest, Chu Mu abruptly discovered that after the layers of the misleading halo were brushed aside, and he was astonishingly standing in an even more expansive green ocean!

The plants in this green sea were even more plentiful than the surrounding trees. As they proceeded forth into this forest that rose steeply from the ground, they felt as if they were abnormally small!


Chu Mu had the Night Thunder Dream Beast jump onto the top of a tree to look for directions. However, when he stood on the top of a hundred meter tall tree and looked around, he shockingly discovered three enormous towering plants in the middle of the green colored forest ocean!!

The three plants formed a triangle shape in the vast forest ocean and they were respectively separated by a large distance. From the distance Chu Mu was at, he could clearly feel that the branches of the three loftily towering enormous plants were separately extending towards the surrounding enormous triangle forest!

The interweaving of the enormous tree branches, as well as the deep blue colored leaves growing on top as compared to the forest ocean, made it so that the tops of the trees in this forest ocean were nurturing an independent deep blue colored world, like a distinct and mysterious island on an expansive ocean!

After seeing the gorgeous scene, Chu Mu’s heart was set off with waves of emotion. He completely did not expect the inner world of this misleading halo would contain such an illusory and colorful world!

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