The Charm of Soul Pets

Chapter 97-2: Ancient Firmament Wood, Magnificence of a Crown

Chapter 97-2: Ancient Firmament Wood, Magnificence of a Crown

The Night Thunder Dream Beast had three innate talents in total: demon, darkness, lightning. Of these three innate talents, the demon talent barely neared the peak of the commander demon rank, the dark type was considered excellent and the lightning normal. Presently, Chu Mu placed emphasis most on the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s demon type, then dark and finally lightning last. If the NIght Thunder Dream Beast succeeded in absorbing the demon aura, its demon innate talent would reach the peak commander rank and the effect of its demon techniques would at least increase by 30 percent. The usefulness was still significant.

As they ran past the protector God enormous firmament wood treetop, they encountered numerous soul pets. Chu Mu would have the Night Thunder Dream Beast intentionally evade the stronger soul pets, while passing right by the weak ones. Otherwise, Mo Xie would scare them away.

Approximately when the sun was setting and dusk had arrived, the Night Thunder Dream Beast finally reached the very peak of the treetop.

Chu Mu had only stood on top of a tall mountain overlooking the expansive earth. Standing now on the treetop of this firmament wood with the feeling of an incomparably vast forest as far as he could see was something that he had never experienced before.

The green colored treetop that constituted an ocean of forest swayed in the wind that rippled like an ocean wave towards the depths of the horizon.

On the green colored land, the beautiful and alluring sunset had already dipped halfway into the sea of forest. The gorgeous, radiating red horizon caused the forest world to become an even clearer world…

Chu Mu was completely bewitched by this magnificent scenery, and his eyes followed the sunset that sank into the green sea before slowly, the passion in his heart was suppressed.

The stern executioner, Xia Guanghan, was still chasing, and it wouldn’t be long before that fellow’s soul pets which had recovered their fighting strength would appear. Chu Mu presently was not only increasing the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s strength, but he also had to do so quietly while entering the blue colored demon home that was composed of the interweaving of the three protector God enormous ancient wood tree branches and tree vines. Using the assistance of the special forbidden grounds, he would free himself from Xia Guanghan’s pursuit.

“Hui~~~~~ Hui~~~~”

The final ray of sunlight retreated from the fantastic forest world, and darkness began to gradually shroud over.

With the advent of twilight, the Night Thunder Dream Beast seemed to be weightless, as it stood in the center of the treetop. It raised its head, waiting for the darkness to fully cover its body.

Nighttime was the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s paradise. During the night, the Night Thunder Dream beast was able to borrow the strength of darkness to absorb demonic aura.

Chu Mu didn’t disturb the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s demonic ceremony inheritance, while Mo Xie stood fifty meters away from the Night Thunder Dream Beast on the treetop.

Being higher up should have meant a stingingly cold gale would make breathing rather hard for people. Only, the surrounding night and demon aura had already gradually been controlled by the Night Thunder Dream Beast. There wasn’t any fluctuation of air within the radius of one hundred meters and, instead, it was filled with only dense demon aura.

Spiritual aura was an intangible thing. Chu Mu fundamentally did not know how much demon energy the Night Thunder Dream Beast had absorbed, but he could clearly sense that, as the Night Thunder Dream Beast continued its ceremony inheritance, his soul remembrance was also slowly increasing.

The moment a soul pet’s strength displayed a relatively large increase, the soul pet trainer’s soul would also increase. The Night Thunder Dream Beast’s strength increase couldn’t be compared with Mo Xie’s species mutation, but Chu Mu could distinctly feel his soul remembrance increase a bit!

Due to Mo Xie’s mutation, Chu Mu had directly stepped into the ninth remembrance spirit teacher level and moreover, faintly touched the spirit master realm. If Chu Mu could reach the spirit master level in a short period of time, he would be able to summon the sixth phase ninth stage monarch rank White Nightmare.

Presently, Chu Mu was near that powerful demon domain and, if an eighth phase monarch rank soul pet were to appear here, the master of this mysterious world would definitely appear. Therefore, even if Xia Guanghan appeared, he definitely could not summon something higher than an eighth rank commander rank or above a seventh rank monarch rank.

Once Xia Guanghan’s powerful main soul pet was restricted, by relying on Mo Xie’s formidable fighting strength and the White Nightmare, Chu Mu felt that he could definitely contend against Xia Guanghan. As such, if he could break through to a spirit master in a short period of time, this crisis would be resolved.


“Ge! Ge Ge!!!!”

Suddenly, as Chu Mu’s soul remembrance was increasing, a sound similar to a dead tree snapping rang out.

“Mo Xie!”

Chu Mu had already expected the top of this tree to have a powerful soul pet. After he sensed something was off, he immediately had Mo Xie prepare to fight!

A beautiful, double royal flame immediately ignited on Mo Xie’s body. The two layers of flame gave off a radiance that instantaneously illuminated the dark night, lighting a one hundred meter perimeter in a fiery red.

Without needing Chu Mu’s deliberate orders, Mo Xie promptly moved her body, and she quickly charged with a killing intent towards the plant world soul pet hidden within the treetop!

“Eighth phase commander rank Coronary Blood Vine!” very quickly, Chu Mu discovered a soul pet on the treetop, whose form was slowly becoming visible. His face became a bit serious.

An eighth phase second stage commander rank plant world soul pet. As long as this kind of soul pet didn’t suffer from the counter of a fire type soul pet, it was an unbridled and terrifying existence on the battlefield. Regardless of defense, offense, or control, an eighth phase commander rank vine type soul pet had the most formidable fighting ability. It could be said that in a group fight, the one thing that someone could not lack the most was a plant world soul pet that could simultaneously release techniques.

Chu Mu realized that this eighth phase second stage commander could very well be the guard of this guardian ancient firmament wood. Its strength was extremely powerful, and without being stingy towards his soul power, he immediately began to chant an incantation.

Chu Mu’s black pupils began to slowly transform. Slowly, a blood colored lustre began to circulate and, against the pitch black night, it appeared to be extremely striking!

Violent Blood Pupil!!!!!!

The scarlet colored pupil immediately dyed Mo Xie’s silver eyes. Her silver fluttering fur was gradually enveloped by a layer of strange bloody light, like a bloody battle armor being draped on top.

Mo Xie, this Royal Flamed Nine Tailed Inferno Fox, had a violent aura. Further adding on the Violent Blood Pupils’ effects, she became even more imposing. It was completely like an incomparably ruthless nine tailed monarch!

Mo Xie was currently at the sixth phase fifth stage. With the Violent Blood Pupils’ effects, despite raising her five stages, Mo Xie could only be considered at the peak sixth phase, and there was a definite difference from the evolved seventh phase.

If she were to fight against an eighth phase commander rank at this phase and stage, even though Mo Xie possessed a powerful fighting strength comparable to a monarch, she was at a clear disadvantage. Fortunately, Mo Xie, who had a double royal flame attribute harbored an extremely large advantage…

“Nine Tail Flame!!”

“Wu wu wu~~~~~~”

Mo Xie’s nine incomparably ostentatious tails suddenly extended. On top of them quickly ignited the demon fire evil flame and the blood flame. The scorching heat of the double royal flames burned as Mo Xie abruptly waved the nine gorgeous tails!

The nine long tails fanned across and suddenly, a terrifying wave of fire surged forth like magma. As it swept through, it strangely transformed into a terrifying flame vortex that engulfed the Coronary Blood Vine!

The protector God ancient firmament wood was extremely special, and Mo Xie’s flames didn’t actually spread across the treetop. The commander rank Coronary Blood Vine was clearly afraid of Mo Xie’s powerful flames, and it flusteredly controlled pieces of blood colored vines, quickly weaving them together…

A vine attribute’s defense had a very good effect towards many beast type soul pet attacks. However, it was practically nothing against fire type techniques. Very soon, the Nine Tailed Flames burned down the Coronary Blood Vine’s defense and began burning its body.

The two royal flames inherently were extremely terrifying fire type crystallizations. Especially since, in these two royal flames was the Blood Flames, which directly passed through skin and burned the blood.

The Coronary Blood Vine circulated its blood inside. This blood allowed it to become even nimbler, and its attacks to be even more imposing. However, it happened to be completely countered by Mo Xie’s Blood Flame!

“Wu wu wu wu~~~~”

Mo Xie’s proud howl resounded on the treetop’s peak.

Even deeper into the night, a bent moon hung in the clean night sky. A silver radiance, without any obstructions, illuminated the top of the tree.

Although the eighth phase second stage Coronary Blood Vine was eminently strong in teamfights, Mo Xie completely countered it. When the moonlight spilled onto Mo Xie’s body, it caused her strength to undergo a large increase once more. The eighth phase second stage Coronary Blood Vine was ultimately unable to free itself from Mo Xie’s Illusion Royal Flame Claw!

Four claw traces struck across, and the Coronary Blood Vine’s body was instantly ripped apart by Mo Xie!

“Don’t use fire.” just as Mo Xie was about to burn the defeated enemy’s corpse cleanly into ashes as per her habit, Chu Mu suddenly warned her.

Mo Xie’s reactions were very quick, and she promptly controlled her double royal flames and extinguished them just as they were about to spread onto the Coronary Blood Vine’s body.

“Wu wu wu~~~”

Mo Xie stepped on the Coronary Blood Vine’s corpse and stared at Chu Mu. She was somewhat confused as she looked at Chu Mu.

The Coronary Blood Vine’s soul core was vine attributed. Such a soul core naturally could not be given to the Devil Tree Battle Soldier to eat. Normally, against such an opponent, Chu Mu would habitually burn it immediately, in case they were faking death.

Chu Mu glanced at the Night Thunder Dream Beast still absorbing demonic aura. Very rapidly, he jumped next to the corpse of the eighth phase second stage Coronary Blood Vine, and he extremely patiently pried open its tree vine-like corpse.

“The eighth phase Coronary Blood Vine has already solidified its Coronary Blood Fat. This Coronary Blood Fat is an extremely precious spiritual item, and if I can find the Bloodsucking Wood and combine the two, I can give to the Devil Tree Battle Soldier to use. The Devil Tree Battle Soldier will then possess the ability of Coronary Blood Leech.” Chu Mu searched for the Coronary Blood Fat he spoke of while explaining.

“Wu wu wu wu~~~~~” Mo Xie half-understood and nodded her head. In short, any item that helped the Devil Tree Battle Soldier increase its strength made it right.

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