The Charm of Soul Pets

Chapter 98: Marvel, Half Man Half Soul Pet

Chapter 98: Marvel, Half Man Half Soul Pet

Coronary Blood Leech was a very special ability within the Plant World, especially among wood and vine type soul pets.

Whenever its vines or whiskers pierced the enemy body, they would immediately grow even finer feelers.

These feelers would have a very terrifying leeching ability. Once it was in an enemy’s body, it would, in a short time, suck all of the enemy’s blood into its vines and whiskers and bring it into its own body in order to recover its life force.

To Plant World soul pets, their life force was already their strongest characteristic. Other than fire type damage, it was very hard for any other soul pet to truly deal a heavy blow to them.

While fighting, wounded Plant Type soul pets was already tough. If this soul pet now had Coronary Blood Leech and could swiftly recover its fighting strength, then it would be an even greater headache to deal with.

Chu Mu’s Devil Tree Battle Soldier now had demon wood and could compare to commander rank soul pets. Yet, as power levels rose, if the Devil Tree Battle Soldier didn’t have any more threatening abilities, it was very hard for it to compete against stronger and stronger foes, so a soul item that could increase the power of the Devil Tree Battle Soldier was a necessity.


Mo Xie used her claws to help Chu Mu dissect the body of this Coronary Blood Vine, very quickly finding half a drop of a congealed blood-like substance.

Chu Mu pulled out the medicine flask that he had specially prepared, and he carefully stored this drop of Coronary Blood Fat away and put it in his spatial ring.

A thing like Coronary Blood Fat, in Chu Mu’s understanding, was something only a Coronary Blood Vine had, and it needed to be a Coronary Blood Vine that was higher than the eighth phase before it could create such thing.

Coronary Blood Vines usually lived in relatively deep forests, so finding them wasn’t easy. Because of their rarity, the Coronary Blood Fat naturally became a valuable item.

According to Chu Mu’s estimates, such an item’s cost was at least in the millions. Yet, the other Bloodsucking Wood was even more expensive. Combining the two to create a Coronary Blood Leech crystal was not cheaper than a sixth level soul equipment.


Mo Xie’s gaze soon looked towards the Night Thunder Dream Beast, telling Chu Mu that the Night Thunder Dream Beast seemed to have finished absorbing the demon type aura.

Chu Mu also looked over, and he was surprised to notice that the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s figure seemed even more devilishly attractive. Standing on the treetops, when the Night Thunder Dream Beast retracted its presence, it could noiselessly merge into the night. Even when moonlight fell upon it from above, the light wouldn’t be hindered. It was not even able to create a shadow for the Night Thunder Dream Beast.


The Night Thunder Dream Beast let out a high pitched neigh. Earning new demon type powers, the Night Thunder Dream Beast had become abnormally excited.

“It actually raised to sixth phase fifth stage, very good!” Chu Mu immediately smiled.

The most important thing for demon type soul pets was phase and stage. Only when it had grown to a higher phase and stage could its mental capabilities become stronger, causing the casting of mental abilities to also become more powerful.

Chu Mu had always worried before about how he could increase the power of the Night Thunder Dream Beast who lacked in fighting ability. After all, sky demon type soul items weren’t everywhere, and they couldn’t just be used at any stage or phase. He didn’t expect that absorbing this demon aura not only caused his Night Thunder Dream Beast’s type to be strengthened, but it could even speed up the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s growth.

This way, when they entered any region in the future, they had to bring the Night Thunder Dream Beast into Demon Homes with dense demonic aura to continuously improve the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s strength.

“Hui~~~~Hui~~~~~” The Night Thunder Dream Beast floated before Chu Mu, yet its eyes stared at the blue forest in the sky created by a weaving of the branches of the three guardian Firmament Ancient Trees. It sent a mental message to Chu Mu.

“You’re saying the demonic aura there is even stronger, and it could raise your power by another large margin?” Chu Mu asked.

The Night Thunder Dream Beast immediately nodded.

It was obvious that the centermost region of the Ninth Level Misleading World was this deep blue forest in the sky.

Yet normally, soul pets that could live in such a special environment either had special abilities or immense power. If they entered, once they invaded some soul pet’s territory, battling would no longer be avoidable. So, though this nomadic demon characteristic could let a demon quickly increase in strength, if it couldn’t overcome this problem, nomadic demons still couldn’t have such increases in strength.


The blue forest in the sky grew all sorts of strange flora. Standing on the treetops and looking over, one didn’t just see a jumble of interlaced tree branches, but instead one could see a vast blue grass field in the sky, where all sorts of different plants grew.

After Chu Mu rode his Night Thunder Dream Beast into this special region, he could smell a wave of special aroma. This aroma cleared one’s mind, and the taut nerves Chu Mu had from Xia Guanghan’s relentless chasing slowly relaxed.

“Wuwu~~~~” Laying on Chu Mu’s shoulder, little Mo Xie let out a tired yawn, and she lowered her eyelids slightly, wanting to sleep.

As the aromatic wind blew, waves of tiredness also assaulted them. Feeling comfortable all over, even Chu Mu felt his eyelids grow heavy, wanting to just take a good sleep under this soft and scented atmosphere.


Suddenly, the Night Thunder Dream Beast sent a mental sound into Chu Mu’s mind!

Chu Mu was suddenly jolted awake by the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s sound. Looking around, he immediately found that there were quite a few Sleeping Grasses growing on the blue carpet of flora!

Sleeping Grass was a plant that had powerful sleep aiding powers at night. Normally, it was very gentle, able to help with sleep at night. Many rich family princesses had one growing in their rooms.

Yet, once Sleeping Grass grew in clumps and all the sleeping pollen blew over together at night, it had an overwhelming hypnotising ability. Even monarch rank soul pets had a hard time defending against it sometimes.

Once the Sleeping Grass caused a person to faint in a short time through its sleeping effect, it would become one of nature’s strangest traps!

Sleeping Grass needed a very large amount of nutrients. These nutrients were usually provided when soul pets died in the dirt and were decomposed.

When Sleeping Grass came in clumps, it would cause an infinite slumber. If a soul pet accidentally fell within it, it would never wake up again, finally dying in its sleep and slowly decomposing……

Just now, Chu Mu had already felt a clear sleepiness. If not for the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s timely warning, Chu Mu would’ve fallen asleep unknowingly within the aroma. Once he fell asleep, he would die peacefully within this Sleeping Grass inhabited area.

“This place is indeed terrifying.” The awake Chu Mu immediately gave himself a layer of soul remembrance protection and said with lingering fears.

The Night Thunder Dream Beast slowly started releasing its dark aura, creating an invisible dark force field surrounding Chu Mu, Mo Xie, and itself to block out the sleep inducing substances spread by the Sleeping Grass.

“Night, you can control the sleep inducing substances of the Sleeping Grass, right?” Chu Mu asked.

Night Thunder Dream Beast immediately nodded, guaranteeing to Chu Mu that he wouldn’t be hypnotized by it anymore.

Chu Mu immediately smiled and jumped off of Night Thunder Dream Beast’s back. Telling it to block the effects of the sleep-inducing substance, he himself took out a medicinal bottle.

“Night, forcefully compress the sleep inducing aura into this bottle.” Chu Mu said to Night Thunder Dream Beast.

Though the Night Thunder Dream Beast was still doubtful, it still did as Chu Mu asked, and it controlled its night aura to fill the bottle with the sleeping pollen.

“Let’s continue walking, Mo Xie, you also stay more vigilant.” Chu Mu said.

“Wu~~~~” Mo Xie murmured, embarrassed. She adorably opened her little mouth and put one of her tails in her mouth, looking as if she was saying “if I want to sleep I’ll bite my tail to wake myself up”……

Chu Mu already felt that his own remembrance was on its way to break through to spirit master. If the Night Thunder Dream Beast absorbed the demonic aura at the centermost of the Ninth Level Misleading World, its power would definitely increase greatly again. This way, the chances that Chu Mu could break through to spirit master was even higher. So despite it being dangerous, Chu Mu felt the need to voyage further.


Xiling Region South Side

A shrill whistle flew past in the sky. It was as if a dazzling comet appeared, lighting up the entire night sky.

It was a soul pet that let off a dazzling starlight on every part of its body. It didn’t have any massive aura, but it was like the skies and stars- too high to reach!

On this starlit soul pet proudly stood a beautiful woman.

The woman’s clothes billowed along with her hair and emanated a noble air. Riding this unknown soul pet above this wilderness, she was like a goddess high up that descended into the mortal world……

“This direction?” The woman looked forward and asked coldly.

“It should be this direction. Her Highness, please let me free, I’ve already retired for many years and have kept to myself. I’ve definitely done no more atrocities, and I have nothing to do with Xia Guanghan.” A sound came from under the starlit soul pet.

If one looked closely, one would see that within the claws of the starlit soul pet was a strange organism with the head of a raccoon and the body of a human child!

Humanoid bodies were not uncommon in the soul pet realm, but one with a raccoon head and child-like limbs that wore clown like clothes was truly comical and strange.

Of course, the most special part was that this soul pet could speak the human language!

The communication between humans and soul pets were almost always through mental communication. Of over tens of millions of soul pets, no matter how long it had been with humans, they would never be able to speak human language. Yet, this half human half soul pet organism spoke fluently in a human language, even giving off the feeling of a small old man. It was definitely a marvel of the soul pet world!

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