The Charm of Soul Pets

Chapter 132: Ice Air Fairy’s Imposing Manner

Chapter 132: Ice Air Fairy’s Imposing Manner

A fifth level soul armor was worth upwards of 1.5 million. To a teen expert, betting over a million was already very high. Surely, even his brother Chu Yue didn’t dare to bet this much easily.

Seeing Chu Mu throw out a fifth level soul armor, Chu Jia blanked, completely not expecting for this suddenly appearing man to have such actions.

“You want to do a gambling fight with me?” Chu Jia himself had a fifth level soul armor, but he didn’t mind having another. After all, there was no worry of such a thing being unable to sell.

When fame and reputation could no longer satisfy soul pet trainers, gambling fights would become more common.

In a gambling fight, both sides usually gave up a soul item that the other side approved of, or simply use gold coins. Then, the two sides battle, and the victor would take back his own things as well as the opponent’s item.

“Don’t dare?” Chu Mu looked at this ugly fellow and lifted up the corner of his mouth.

If it were before, Chu Mu definitely wouldn’t have hesitated to tell Mo Xie to give this vulgar fellow a claw and kill him in his place. However, he was in Great Chu Family, so naturally, Chu Mu had to keep a low profile in case he angered the older generation people.

The fifth level soul armor glowed with a light blue radiance, looking like it was made of water, glistening with light. Chu Xian beside saw that such a soul armor was carelessly thrown on the ground, and she was also very astonished.

“Chu Mu, don’t be impulsive. It isn’t anything major, and it’s easily settled.” Chu Xian knew that Chu Mu was protecting her, so she immediately went to stop Chu Mu.

“What a joke. A little character like you, I, Chu Jia still don’t attach importance to. If a gambling fight is what you want, then that’s what you’ll have.” Chu Jia said.

Chu Jia was somewhat wary of Chu Mu’s Night Thunder Dream Beast, but if he summoned all three soul pets at once, getting rid of his Night Thunder Dream Beast shouldn’t be an issue.

Chu Jia wasn’t the type to speak of morality. Knowing that this man was Chu Xian’s little brother, Chu Jia somewhat guessed that Chu Mu probably came from a normal city, and had never really seen a large power, thinking that if he were powerful within his city, he could be reckless within the Great Chu Family. So, when Chu Mu suggested such a brash battling method, Chu Jia didn’t feel like he was being humiliated, but instead it was just an foolishly arrogant person giving him treasures.

“Chu Mu……” Chu Qian had a look of worry. When Chu Mu rode his Night Thunder Dream Beast over, it meant that Chu Mu had overcome his past trauma, and had become a real soul pet trainer.

But, even the seventh phase first stage Night Thunder Dream might not be a match for Chu Jia. Such a gamble was basically giving the fifth level soul armor to Chu Jia.

“You go to the side and watch carefully.” Chu Mu interrupted Chu Qian, and he didn’t let her stop him.

Chu Xian was just about to say something, but seeing Chu Mu’s confident eyes, she momentarily didn’t know what to say……

“Don’t waste time, let’s begin.” Chu Mu said.

“Hehe, the fifth level soul armor is mine.” Chu Jia laughed, and he immediately started casting to summon his third soul pet.

When Chu Jia fought with Chu Xian before, he had already summoned two soul pets. Respectively, they were the seventh phase eighth phase warrior rank Storm Fairy, and the seventh phase third stage commander rank Flame Bird.

Starting the incantation, Chu Jia didn’t hide any of his strength, immediately summoning his main soul pet, the seventh phase second stage Light Rhinoceros.

Chu Mu’s eyes looked over them. These three soul pets’ qualities should be decent, but Chu Mu could roughly guess that these soul pets hadn’t undergone any good soul item strengthening, only having phases and rank. Single control was enough to defeat them.

Chu Mu also started an incantation to summon his soul pet. This time, Chu Mu didn’t summon Mo Xie, but instead summoned the Ice Air Fairy that underwent over 6 million gold coins worth of strengthening.

When the Ice Air Fairy was at the sixth phase third stage, its ice controlling powers could do great damage to many normal seventh phase commander ranks. Now that it had the Black Ice ice crystal, and with its ice type getting an absolute strengthening, its fighting strength was definitely within the top three among Chu Mu’s soul pets.

“Chu Mu, are you not letting your Night Thunder Dream Beast fight?” Chu Xian looked somewhat surprised at Chu Mu.

The Night Thunder Dream Beast’s dark and demonic aura were both very dense. The reason Chu Xian believed in Chu Mu was because of this extraordinary Night Thunder Dream Beast. What Chu Xian didn’t expect was that Chu Mu wasn’t even fighting with this Dream Beast.

Chu Mu opened his mouth to smile, and he didn’t say anything else, redirecting his attention to Chu Jia’s three soul pets.

“Strengthened Ice Air Fairy? Are you trying to laugh me to death? Sixth phase seventh stage, how dare you boast shamelessly with such a soul pet. A frog at the bottom of the well truly is just a frog1. I’ll let you know what being an actual expert means.”

Chu Jia’s seventh phase eighth stage Storm Fairy was of the same rank as Chu Mu’s Ice Air Fairy, yet his was a full phase higher. Chu Jia really couldn’t tell if the guy really didn’t recognize his soul pets, or he just had issues with his brain.

“If you’re ready, then let’s begin.” Chu Mu said lightly.

“I’ll get rid of you in one minute.” Chu Jia ridiculed, and he immediately commanded his seventh phase second stage Light Rhinoceros to cast an ability, causing it to charge towards Chu Mu’s Ice Air Fairy.

“Ning, Ice Air Dance.”


After the Ice Air Fairy received a strengthening effect from the cold pond water, its spell casting speed was even faster than before. Even the advanced technique Ice Air Dance was finished almost instantly!

The cold colored ice spread. Countless ice flakes blossomed in the night sky. Every blossom shot out sharp ice cold lights that shot into the heavily armored Light Rhinoceros.

“Seventh rank initial stage defense, heng heng, how could some little snowflakes harm my soul pet.” Chu Jia mocked, clearly very confident in his Light Rhinoceros.

Indeed, the Ice Air Dance only caused some obstruction to the Light Rhinoceros. It probably wouldn’t take long for it to break through the ice type technique.

When the Light Rhinoceros was trapped within the Ice Air Dance, Chu Jia had already used his remembrance to command his seventh phase third stage Flame Bird to fly into the sky, and he directly casted a fire type technique towards the Ice Air Fairy!

The Storm Fairy had also finished his fairy incantation chanting. Immediately a powerful wind, under the control of the Storm Fairy, roiled like a massive python towards Chu Mu’s Ice Air Fairy.

At the same time the gale formed, the Flame Bird’s Ignite also finished. Opening up its fire red wings, immediately, a large blanket of cherry red flames flew down, perfectly swept into the Storm Fairy’s gale!!


A surprising flame hurricane formed, causing waves of burning air to assault Chu Mu.

“Combination technique……Chu Mu, you have to be careful.” Chu Qian looked at Chu Mu, and she locked her brows.

A combination technique would be a lot stronger than a normal technique. The combination technique of Chu Jia’s Flame Bird and the Storm Fairy Cast definitely surpassed the seventh rank, almost able to instantly kill any warrior rank soul pet under the seventh phase.

“Ning, Ice Spike!”

Facing such a powerful flame storm, Chu Mu was actually abnormally calm!


The burning flame storm immediately swept over, just a few meters shy, before completely engulfing the Ice Air Fairy!

Seeing this scene, Chu Xian’s heart had been suspended. At such a distance, the Ice Air Fairy didn’t have any chance of dodging, surely to be engulfed within it. Once it was thrown upwards, the charging Light Rhinoceros would immediately deliver a lethal blow to the Ice Air Fairy thrown off balance, and the battle would be over!

Just as the tragedy that Chu Qian predicted was about to unfold, there suddenly appeared an Ice Spike under the Ice Air Fairy that stabbed upwards on a slant to quickly push the Ice Air Fairy twenty meters into the sky!

The flame storm’s height was exactly twenty meters. When the Ice Air Fairy was hit upwards by the ice spike, the standing twenty meter ice spike was quickly destroyed, but the Ice Air Fairy stood above, twenty meters in the air, not only avoiding the flame storm, but also rendering the Light Rhinoceros with no target to attack!

“Directly attack this person!” Chu Jia saw that Chu Mu had been completely exposed in front of the Light Rhinoceros, and he immediately commanded his Light Rhinoceros to break the ice walls and attack Chu Mu.


An incantation completed, and an ice wall quickly appeared on the ground, almost instantly blocking off the position between the Light Rhinoceros and Chu Mu, causing the Light Rhinoceros to be unable to directly attack Chu Mu.


The Light Rhinoceros’s beast horn had a very powerful destructive ability, capable of breaking many hard objects! However, Chu Mu’s Ice Air Fairy had already grasped the even sturdier Black Crystal, so though the ice wall technique’s thickness did not increase, under the effects of the black crystal, the ice wall’s secureness was much greater than before. Even with its seventh rank power, it would need multiple attacks before it broke!

The ice wall incantation was basically instantly castable to the Ice Air Fairy. After completing the wall, the Ice Air Fairy immediately casted the destructive Ice Sword Formation spell!

The Ice Air Fairy’s incantation casting speed was far faster than Chu Jia’s Flame Bird and Storm Fairy. An icy aura started to permeate the battleground!

Countless black crystal shards floated near the Ice Air Fairy. With the Ice Air Fairy’s control, these black crystals slowly became massive ice swords!!

Twenty ice swords, each nearly eight meters long, floated magnificently above the Ice Air Fairy’s head!

The magnificent appearance of the ice swords made both Chu Qian and Chu Jia’s eyes wide open, showing expressions of disbelief!

This ice type technique’s imposing manner was completely not inferior to some seventh level ice type techniques!


With a long call from the Ice Air Fairy, twenty ice sword tips locked onto the Flame Bird. Giving off a terrifying coldness, the swords flew straight towards the Flame Bird under the powerful control of the Ice Air Fairy!!

Though the seventh phase third stage Flame Bird had Exquisite Dodging, its level could not compare to Chu Mu’s Mo Xie. Let alone, the Ice Air Fairy’s Microcontrol level wasn’t low either. Fifteen ice swords out of twenty managed to hit the Flame Bird!!

“Beng beng beng beng~~~~~~~”

Under the effects of the Black Crystal and cold pond water, the Ice Air Fairy’s ice sword damage increased by at least fifty percent. Such a terrifying Ice Sword Formation power was already at the peak of seventh rank. Adding on the fact that the type countered the Flame Bird, how could the Flame Bird block it? It was forcefully hit into the ground from the skies, losing the majority of the flames on its wings!

1. Idiom for a person with limited experiences and outlo ok

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