The Charm of Soul Pets

Chapter 131: I’ll Single Control, You Can Summon Whatever

Chapter 131: I’ll Single Control, You Can Summon Whatever

Chu Mu had told Ye Wansheng that Chu Chen wasn’t his real name, and Ye Qingzi probably knew that as well. However, the fact that she was able to deduce that he was really the Prison Island King Chu Mu, truly meant that her thoughts were meticulous.

After knowing Chu Mu’s identity, Ye Qingzi was naturally curious as to why Chu Mu would mysteriously leave Princess Jin Rou’s side. After all, being able to do things next to Nightmare Palace’s princess’ side was something many peak experts yearned for, even in their dreams.

However, although Ye Qingzi was curious, she didn’t ask. She wasn’t someone who enjoyed getting to the bottom of everything; moreover, she felt that Chu Mu wouldn’t easily tell matters of himself to others.

“You bimbo, you’re as short-sighted as your short hair. Only a ghost would want you…” Ye Wansheng’s tempered voice rang out in the courtyard.

“You scoundrel, I’ll kill you!” Chu Xi’s angrily yelled.

With the noise in air, occasionally, one could see a few things being thrown out of the courtyard. Subsequently, either Ye Wansheng would run out from one room to another, or Chu Xi would grab something from the kitchen and chase him…

Nonetheless, no matter how much the two of them argued, Chu Mu and Ye Qingzi sat abnormally calmly sat there. The two of them didn’t say anything, thinking of their own things.


“That’s strange, it’s so late. Why hasn’t she returned yet?” Chu Xi had grown tired of arguing with Ye Wansheng and, after chasing him into the courtyard, she was panting and didn’t chase further.

“What did she go to do at her masters?” asked Chu Mu.

“Her teacher probably wanted to see her soul pets, or she arranged for an opponent to train something. Regardless, the time when she has to enter hundred valley is fast approaching, and if she can’t use this last bit of time to have her soul pets achieve a breakthrough, entering the hundred valley will be extremely difficult. Eh, it could be that she herself is at the training field, training. I’ll call her back.” said Chu Xi.

“I’ll go with you.” Chu Mu stood up and spoke to Chu Xi.

Chu Xi nodded her head and swept her gaze over for Ye Wansheng who was hidden somewhere. She didn’t pay anymore attention to this immoral fellow, and she returned to her room for another layer of clothing before bringing Chu Mu out of the courtyard.

“Chu Chen, your sister definitely didn’t explain the situation clearly, right?” asked Chu Xi.

“She more or less explained it; that is, regarding the Eternal Blood Fruit matters.” said Chu Mu.

“This obviously is only one side of it. In truth, Chu Yue’s younger brother, Chu Jia, has always drooled when seeing your older sister. He has always wanted to obtain her, but your sister doesn’t like this sort of immoral behavioured fellow; she even hates it a lot. The more Chu Xian hates and rejects this fellow, the more Chu Jia wants to obtain her. If they were to be officially wed, it would still be fine. It’s actually not bad to be married to him; at least this Chu Jia’s brother is Chu Yue. With this support, your small Chu Family will perhaps be able to obtain a place in Wogu City. Only… this fellow has already been engaged with the Jia Family’s young lady…” said Chu Xi.

Previously when it was mentioned that someone wanted to frame Chu Xian, Chu Mu had already guessed that this sort of situation would occur. After all, Chu Xian didn’t have any faction to rely on in the Great Chu Family. With her, this naturally beautiful but alone woman, it would definitely be easy to suffer from the harassment of disciples with influence.

“Why don’t you have any reaction? If your small family comes out, coming here from very far away means nothing. In the Great Chu family, your side branch will only be considered outer family disciples. Oh, I almost forgot, since you don’t even know of Chu Ke, you definitely don’t know of Chu Yue. he is a peak expert in our Wogu Region. Even speaking conservatively, he is on the same level as that bodyguard of the princess, Chu Mu. I expect that it should be Chu Yue who fights Chu Mu this time. Chu Ke disdains to fight this sort of enemy.” Chu Xi said a lot in one breath.

“Have you heard of someone called ‘Chu Tianmang’?” asked Chu Mu,

“Chu Tianmang? It seems to be very familiar. However, it should be a slightly famous elder. My impression of him isn’t deep. Why? Does this Chu Tianmang have a lot of influence in our Great Chu Family?” asked Chu Xi.

“Nothing, I’m only asking.” Chu Mu shook his head.

Chu Tianmang was Chu Tiancheng’s real name that Chu Mu learned from Liu Binglan. Chu Xi seemed to not know this person, and Chu Mu was a bit disappointed.

After bypassing a few corridors suspended in the air and passing through the night fog, an isolated mountain peak in between sheer cliffs and precipitous rock faces appeared in front of Chu Mu. The peak of this mountain was a battlefield and probably was the field where the Great Chu Family disciples trained their soul pet’s fighting.

In Chu Mountain, there were countless numbers of these towering mountain peak battlefields. When Chu Mu rode on the Cyan Bird, he had seen many of them.

When it came to majesty, the Great Chu Family’s encampment was much more powerful than the other region’s region masters. Merely this towering mountain peak battlefield in between mountains required a consumption of a great number of resources to construct…

After walking through the winding corridor in the air, they promptly went towards the battlefield’s suspended bridge. The suspended bridge hung 1000 feet in the air, and even with Chu Mu’s night vision abilities, he was still unable to see the bottom when looking down.


From the bottom of the mountain in the darkness would occasionally ring out one or two palpitating howls. When walking on the swaying suspended bridge, one would feel a wave of chills all over his or her body.

“On our Chu Mountain, wing type soul pets are an extreme necessity. Without one, the person will be a joke. Chu Chen, do you have a wing type soul pet?” asked Chu Xi as she turned her head.

“I don’t.” Chu Mu shook his head. He really didn’t have a wing type soul pet. The Night Thunder Beast possessed the ability to tread on air, but could only completely do so at night. During the day, it was only able to do so with shadows.

“Then you truly have lost. I really don’t know what you’ve come here to do. Chu Jia possesses Chu Yue’s authority, and he has forced Chu Xian to submit. If Chu Xian doesn’t have enough strength and strong enough team members, going to hundred valley is equivalent to suicide…” said Chu Xi.

“What’s that Chu Jia’s strength like?” asked Chu Mu.

“In our Great Chu Family, he’s still considered an expert. However, compared to his brother, he’s still severely lacking. Eh… why are there two people.” Chu Xi was somewhat suspicious as she looked at the two people at the end of the suspension bridge.

Chu Mu creased his eyes and stared at the two unwelcoming fellows.

“They seem to be Chu Jia’s underlings. I had guessed such a situation would happen. You wait here, I’ll call for my master.” Chu Xi’s face slightly changed and she immediately chanted an incantation, summoning her wing type soul pet.

“Don’t be impulsive. If you offend them, your sister will be in trouble. I’ll return very soon.” Chu xi jumped onto her wing type soul pet before instantly warning Chu Mu.

Chu Mu merely nodded his head. After Chu Xi rode on her wing type soul pet away, Chu Mu immediately chanted an incantation, summoning the Night Thunder Dream Beast.

“Night, Night Dance.”


The Night Thunder Dream Beast’s body jumped up from the suspension bridge and its sleek body quickly blended into the black night. Its four hooves created dark ripples wherever they tread in the night. It promptly ran on top of the incomparably precipitous cliff, like a flying cloud, free and easy…

The suspension bridge was covered by a lot of fog and the two underlings of Chu jia clearly didn’t detect Chu Mu and Chu Xi. Moreover, Chu Mu’s Night Thunder Dream Beast was noiseless when running at night. The soul remembrance of those two simply could not discover Chu Mu.

Lithely flying across, Chu Mu, riding the Night Thunder Dream Beast, instantly entered the mountain peak training battlefield. Looking down from the air, he was instantly able to see multiple soul pets using techniques, causing violent sparks of fighting to fly as they clashed!

“What other abilities do you have? Use them all. Tch, in any case what I have is time.” a man wearing dark blue clothing had a bantering tone as he spoke. His brown eyes weren’t staring at his focus, instead only staring at Chu Xian’s beautiful figure.

Chu Xian’s face was flushed red with anger. Originally, she had wanted to come here to train her soul pet’s techniques. Yet, she didn’t expect this annoying fellow to suddenly burst in.

This wasn’t the first time such a thing happened. Practically any chance he got, Chu Jia would run over to bother her. Although Chu Jia didn’t dare to brazenly make any actions, deliberately challenging her at night made Chu Xian extremely annoyed.

Chu Mu was high above, and when he saw that Chu Jia didn’t have any unbehaved actions, he let out a sigh of relief. He urged the Night Thunder Dream Beast to slowly descend from the air.

Chu Xian’s two soul pets were presently fighting Chu Jia’s two soul pets. Her concentration was on the two soul pets when suddenly, she felt a black creature appear in front of her. She thought it was a sneak attack of Chu Jia’s soul pets and immediately chanted an incantation…

“Don’t be nervous, it’s me.” Chu Mu appeared on top of his Night Thunder Dream Beast and descended next to Chu Xian.

The gorgeous yet abnormally demonic Night Thunder Dream Beast appeared in front of Chu Xian. The onslaught of the dense aura of darkness promptly gave Chu Xian a lot of visual obstruction. What made her even more surprised was that the person riding this spirited steed of the Night Thunder Dream Beast was Chu Mu!

“You… what are you doing here…” Chu Xian was extremely surprised. She completely did not expect Chu Mu to have appear in front of her in this form!

A long white robe and resplendent black pupils. His handsome face gave others a somewhat demonically charming flavor. Further adding on the dense dark aura of the Night Thunder Dream Beast, it further gave others a mysterious and abnormally evil feeling. He was like a handsome lover always residing in dark dreams; full of a unique charm that had an extremely attractive force towards females, Chu Xian herself didn’t dare believe the person in front of her was her younger brother, Chu Mu!

Chu Mu jumped off the Night Thunder Dream Beast and allowed Night to blend into the darkness. His pupils were fixated on the long faced Chu Jia and his eyes were cold and emotionless.

“Put your soul pets away. I’ll deal with it.” Chu Mu said to Chu Xian.

Chu Xian was stunned, and he wanted to say something, but for some reason the confident manner that Chu Mu displayed made it very hard for her to object. Promptly, she chanted an incantation, and recalled her two soul pets into their soul pet spaces.

“Chu Xian, you truly have a lot of guts, unexpectedly bringing an outsider in Chu Mountain. Could it be that you feel your offense wasn’t severe enough?” sneered Chu Jia.

Every member of the Great Chu Family had his own medallion on his or her waist. Chu Mu didn’t carry one on his body, and Chu Jia had never seen him before. Thus, he naturally guessed Chu Mu was an outsider.

“This has already been permitted. He’s my younger brother.” immediately explained Chu Xian.

“Younger brother? Hmph, I can’t see it.” Chu Jia’s tone was unwelcoming. His gaze was fixated on Chu Mu’s seventh phase first stage Night Thunder Dream beast, and he was clearly slightly afraid.

“I’ll fight against you. I’ll single control and you can summon whatever. If you win, this item will belong to you. If you lose, then don’t bother her in the future.” Chu Mu strode forward one step and retrieved the unused fifth level soul armor.

1. TL: It’s Chinese feet, so 3.3 meters per one Chinese foot.

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