The Charm of Soul Pets

Chapter 130: Hundred Valley, Eternal Blood Fruit

Chapter 130: Hundred Valley, Eternal Blood Fruit

Under Chu Xian’s guidance, the five of them gradually walked into the Chu Mountain’s main peak.

The Chu Mountain’s main peak was the place where the core members congregated. The mountain peak was the highest, and if one wanted to go up, walking up slowly would definitely be very tiring. However, the Great Chu Family was very humanistic and, at the bottom of the mountain, had prepared a few wing type soul pets specialized to carry disciples to the top of the mountain.

“Due to Princess Jin Rou’s arrival, the majority of the Cyan Birds have been used to carry the guests coming to pay a visit to the princess. Right now, there are only four Cyan Birds that can carry one person. You guys can do as you see fit.” the young disciple guarding the mountain had a very arrogant manner as he slowly spoke.

“There’s still a Cyan Bird over there, why won’t you give it to us?” Chu Xi pointed at the Cyan Bird walking on another patch of grass and angrily spoke.

“That is my own soul pet.” said the mountain guard disciple. After speaking, he specially swept his gaze over Chu Mu and the two others, sneering: “Chu Xian, could it be that these three are the rescuing forces that you moved over? Then they should have a wing type soul pet, right? If they summon it out and use it to fly up, then that works. There’s no need to ride on these low level Cyan Birds.”

Chu Xian’s expression slightly changed, and her gaze fell on Chu Mu. With a slightly apologetic and slightly forced smile, she used soul remembrance to ask: “He’s ensnaring me in a trap. My teacher right now is in a fit of anger, and there’s no one to protect me. They are intentionally making things hard for me. It wasn’t like this in the past.”

Chu Xian occupied a large portion in Chu Mu’s heart, so how would he let her suffer these grievances? His gaze coldly swept over that mountain guard disciple.

“Chu Mu, there’s no need to argue with that person.” feeling Chu Mu’s gaze turn ice cold, Chu Xian was worried that Chu Mu would be impulsive and spoke to him.

Chu Mu himself had propriety. After all, this was the Great Chu Family. However, he wouldn’t let Chu Xian suffer this annoyance, and he instantly chanted an incantation, summoning Mo Xie.

“…Haha, Chu Xian, what kind of rescue forces are these. He even summoned the wrong soul pet; bringing out such a small pet. This thing will get crushed with one wrong step…” seeing that Chu Mu had summoned the furry Mo Xie, the mountain guard disciple immediately let out a sneer.

Ye Qingzi and Ye Wansheng both knew that this fox soul pet of Chu Mu’s had extremely terrifying strength, and both displayed an expression of amusement.

“Chu Xian, this brother of yours… there’s no problem with him, right? Why did he just summon this adorable small fox…” Chu Xi whispered to Chu Xian.

Chu Mu ignored that fellow’s mockery and used his soul remembrance to issue an order to Mo Xie.

Mo Xie waved her nine tails, and she skipped all the way to the front of the mountain guard disciple’s Cyan Bird.

A flashing lustre appeared in her silver pupils and suddenly, an incomparably strong mental remembrance forcibly entered the mental world of the Cyan Bird lying there comfortably resting.

Evil Pupil Demonic Scare! Soul control!

The pouring in of the powerful mental strength caused the mountain guard disciple’s Cyan Bird’s gaze to clearly appear lifeless, as if it had lost its soul…

A moment later, this Cyan Bird began to flap its wings and, under that mountain guard discple’s eminently flabbergasted gaze, unexpectedly directly flew to Chu Mu’s feet.

“Let’s leave.’ the corners of Chu Mu’s lips rose, and he ignored the extremely shocked mountain guard disciple. He promptly stepped onto the Cyan Bird and rose into the air.

“…Cyan, damn it, quickly come back. You idiot, who let you ride them up?!” the mountain guard disciple was completely unaware that his soul pet had been controlled by Mo Xie, and he unceasingly let out soul remembrances. Yet, his soul pet was currently unable to receive his orders and continued to flap its wings. It fully followed Chu Mu’s intent, and it became his ride up the Chu Mountain’s main peak.

Chu Xian was stunned for a long while, before finally riding on a soul pet following behind Chu Mu.

“What happened? Why is his soul pet listening to your orders?” Chu Xian’s Cyan Bird quickly caught up to Chu Mu and she puzzledly asked her question.

“It’s a mind controlling technique. His Cyan Bird’s intelligence is very low, and it is very easy to control.” explained Chu Mu with a laugh.

“It’s a technique of your small fox?” Chu Xian looked at the adorable Mo Xie on Chu Mu’s shoulder, and a slight radiance was added to her eyes.

Mo Xie possessed an attractive force towards females that was much stronger than Chu Mu’s handsome confidence. It was practically very rare for a woman to be able to resist it.

“Mhmm.” Chu Mu nodded his head.

“That’s quite powerful, haha.” Chu Xian immediately laughed, and she intentionally looked back at the angrily stomping about mountain guard disciple. She felt that she had given him some payback. Otherwise, those fellows would always use the opportunity of her master being angry to cause her trouble. Yet, causing her trouble was nothing much. Chu Xian obviously knew the real intention of these people was to get her to do something. Chu Xian naturally could not compromise.

“Isn’t this brother and sister pair your friends? Why are you still intentionally hiding your name. Chu Chen… why do I always feel weird when I say this name.” asked Chu Xian.

“I met them at Cold Pond City and don’t know them very well. To be safe, I didn’t tell them my real name.” explained Chu Mu.

“Haha, that’s interesting. Your name is the same as the recently famous Chu Mu. Moreover, he currently is at the main peak following beside the princess. If there’s an opportunity, we can see. Two Chu Mu’s…. Chu Xian let out a pleasant laugher.

“Not hiding it from sister, I am that Chu Mu.” said Chu Mu.

“Braggart. After not seeing you for so many years, you’ve become crafty. You even unexpectedly…” Chu Xian remembered when Chu Mu had lowered his head and brushed his lips against hers, and a pink cloud rose on her face. As for Chu Mu’s words, she obviously didn’t take it seriously.

“…” Chu Mu was speechless.

Due to the sensitivity of Chu Mu’s identity further coupled with the fact that Chu Tianheng and Chu Xian’s correspondence were very simple and short, Chu Xian only knew that Chu Mu had returned. She didn’t know that Chu Mu was the same person as the great reputation of Prison Island King.

In truth, it would be very hard for Chu Xian to connect the two people. After all, four years ago, Chu Mu was still a soul pet trainer incapable of summoning even a soul pet. Yet, this Chu Mu, with a huge reputation, had the qualifications to challenge the peak expert of the Great Chu Family, Chu He…


Chu Xian immediately brought Chu Mu to her courtyard, which was shared with Chu Xi. It was still considered relatively spacious, and inside there were four servants who were conducting the daily tidying and sweeping of the room and courtyard.

There were still empty rooms, and Chu Xian respectively allocated a place for the three people to live. She also had the servants make dinner to bring to the three.

Chu Mu and the Ye Family brother and sister didn’t rest after arriving in the city, instead heading straight towards Chu Mountain. They then sat a long time in the Chu Mountain’s waiting room, and they were truly a bit tired. Therefore, after eating dinner, Chu Xian left to see her master, and Chu Mu and the Ye Family brother and sister went to rest.

Chu Mu didn’t rest for too long. He only laid down for a bit and washed away the exhaustion from running about the past few days. When night arrived, Ye Wansheng had at some time gone to Chu Xi’s, kicking up a fuss in her courtyard to no end.

When Chu Mu walked out of the room, he saw that Ye Qingzi was sitting elegantly alone in the courtyard, looking at the night flowers faintly blossoming in the center of the courtyard, as if she was pondering something.

Ye Qingzi truly was very beautiful, even a bit more so than Chu Xian. Further adding on her unique temperament, as she was focused on the beauty of the flowers, Chu Mu was also admiring her…

“You never make a sound when you walk…” a while later, Ye Qingzi finally discovered Chu Mu standing beside her, and a light smile rose as she spoke.

“It’s a habit. There’s no other intent.” Chu Mu also laughed and walked over adjacent to Ye Qingzi, where he sat down.

Ye Qingzi faintly shifted her body. It was unclear whether she wanted to give Chu Mu more room, or if she didn’t want Chu Mu to touch her. Her gaze was still focused on the petals moist with a bit of dew…

“I’m guessing that you should be that Prison Island King, Chu Mu, right?” a while later, Ye Qingzi’s melodic voice rang out, causing a wave of large billows in Chu Mu’s heart.

Chu Mu was stunned and slightly astonishedly looked at Ye Qingzi. A while later, he finally said: “How did you know?”

It had to be said that Ye Qingzi’s thoughts were very meticulous. There were many times when she would have an appearance of refined incompatibility with the surroundings. However, she could remember a few very insignificant and often overlooked details by others in her heart, before then making a deduction with these details.

“Your soul pet, your name, and your sister’s reaction. In the rumors, Chu Mu has an Royal Flamed Nine Tailed Inferno Fox. In my opinion, your small fox should be using some special method to preserve its petite state as an Royal Flamed Nine Tailed Inferno Fox… Chu Chen and Chu Mu are similar1, and when my brother mentioned that he was Chu Chen’s big brother, your sister reacted like she was at a loss. This means that Chu Chen isn’t your real name…” said Ye Qingzi.

1. TL: Chu Chen and Chu Mu are similar names because the chinese character for ‘Chen’ means dawn, while ‘Mu’ is evening.

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