The Charm of Soul Pets

Chapter 129: Budding Emotions of Childhood, Chu Qian

Chapter 129: Budding Emotions of Childhood, Chu Qian

“Chu Mu? Heng heng, compared to the Chu Ke from our Great Chu Family, he’s nothing. For people like the Luo Region Nightmare Prince and Jia Feng, Chu Ke wouldn’t even need to summon his main soul pet to get rid of them. From what I see, if that Chu Mu’s Evil Flamed Six Tailed Demon Fox didn’t mutate into a Royal Flame Nine Tail Inferno Fox, he wouldn’t even have had the qualifications to challenge Chu Ke. I really don’t understand why so many clueless people think he is strong.” Just when they spoke, a slightly dissatisfied girl’s voice came from out the side.

Chu Mu lifted his head and looked over to see two women in their prime of youth walking over shoulder to shoulder. The girl that spoke looked decent, but she seemed to have some prejudice towards the recently famous Chu Mu, showing a face of hate.

The other woman’s body was well rounded and slender. Even though she was wearing the clothes that most female Great Chu Family disciples wear, it could hardly hide the curvy attraction of her body.

Mature, amorous, and mesmerizing. Though her appearance wasn’t as breathtaking as Ye Qingzi, the manner and hinted appeal in every one of her actions gave one a deep impression.

When the two women walked over, their gazes mostly fell upon Ye Qingzi. Women naturally liked to compare themselves. Especially the woman with a face full of disdain, when she saw Ye Qingzi, her expression grew even worse, completely not disguising her jealousy that didn’t permit anyone to be prettier than her.

“Who’s Chu Ke?” Chu Mu asked very unperturbedly.

“……” The speaking woman immediately rolled her eyes and looked over Chu Mu before saying, “You don’t even know Chu Ke? You’ve truly wasted your past few years. If you asked the entire Western Kingdom, who doesn’t know Chu Ke?……” When the woman spoke she had a prideful face.

Ye Qingzi didn’t seem to like this girl’s snobbish and starry-eyed look, so she interrupted the girl’s heap of praise for Chu Ke and concisely said, “Top five young expert within the Western Kingdom ranking.”

There were many powers within the Western Kingdom, and the notable young experts would come out of every land region. These experts could be called first rate, high tier, and even top tier, but no matter which fame level, they didn’t dare to boast to be the top five within the entire Western Kingdom!

The Western Kingdom was so vast, and countless young experts would at some time display surprising strength, getting known, but at the same time there were so many already famous young experts slowly being forgotten as they grew older and their fame weakened……

It could be said that young experts didn’t have a definitive power ranking, because there were many variables in a young expert’s growth. At one point, maybe one top tier expert had the advantage, but possibly in a year or two, another young man would reign.

Such ebbs and flows in power were very common among young experts, so this so called young expert ranking was also very prone to fluctuations. Usually, people wouldn’t directly rank a young expert, but instead guess what level a young expert was based on their relative fame.

Usually, one didn’t use rankings to measure a young expert, but this didn’t mean the ranking had no meaning. For those who could constantly stay at the top and indeed couldn’t find many opponents within the region, this ranking could display that!

The Great Chu Family Chu Ke was one that could be described by the ranking, as he was a top tier young expert that almost couldn’t find his match within the entirety of the Western Kingdom!

“Speaking of which, you two beauties didn’t walk over just to purely proclaim your Chu Clan young expert, right? Is it that you’ve noticed I, Ye Wansheng’s, special attraction and have unwittingly walked into the curious trap of my mysterious quality and so specially came to strike up a conversation?” Ye Wansheng looked at the two girls and asked.

“Pei, who would strike up a conversation with you.” The girl immediately cursed.

“Lan Xi, stop it, just help me find my second uncle first.” The girl who emanated a womanly attraction from head to toe said.

“Chu Qian, I think you’re just wasting your time. Even if your second uncle came, it would be in vain; it wouldn’t solve the problem.” The girl called Lan Xi replied.

“Chu Qian?” So you are Chu Qian. I really didn’t think you would be such a mature and sexy lady. I am Ye Wansheng, Chu Cheng’s big brother. Chu Cheng’s cousin is my cousin, so when I heard you had trouble, I travelled thousands of miles here……” After Ye Wansheng heard Chu Qian’s name, he immediately put up a very gentlemanly and chivalrous manner, decisively starting a conversation with the enchanting Chu Qian.

But, Ye Qingzi had long since known her brother’s habit, so she shot a glare at him to tell him to shut his mouth.

Chu Mu’s eyes were, from beginning to end, always on Chu Qian. In reality, since the beginning, Chu Mu had recognized this cousin of his, but he was slightly touched by Chu Qian’s beauty, and he couldn’t directly say his own name, so Chu Mu thought he might as well carefully look over this pretty cousin of his.

When he was young, and Chu Mu’s had been soul damaged, Chu Ning cared for him very much, so Chu Mu naturally remembered. However, the person to care for him the most was still Chu Qian.

The feeling that Chu Qian gave Chu Mu was the perfect sisterly figure. She had an easily heart-moving appearance, an imagination-sparking curvaceous body, and a generous, yet refined manner of a sister.

Chu Mu’s childhood was dark, gloomy, and unclear. The only thing that made him experience color and glow again was probably this sister with a contagious smile. There was even a time when Chu Mu had a youthful infatuation towards her.

Chu Mu and the Gangluo City Chu Clan didn’t really have any blood relationship, so at the time, Chu Mu didn’t stop this overflowing infatuation of his. Only until Chu Qian was sent to Great Chu Family to start her training did Chu Mu’s feelings slowly weaken.

Often times, the emotions of childhood are hard to forget. Such feelings are very deeply etched. Today, after this many years had passed, when Chu Mu again saw this sister he liked, his heart was indeed moved.

“Chu Chen?” Chu Qian was baffled by Ye Wansheng’s words, because she didn’t know anyone named Chu Chen.

Getting informed by an outer member, Chu Qian quickly came over, thinking it was the second uncle Chu Tianlin from the letters, but after looking around in the waiting house, she didn’t find any Chu Tianlin.

“Sister Qianqian, I’m fourth brother. Second uncle might have been delayed on his journey over and hadn’t arrived yet. I heard from big brother and third brother of your event so I came over first……Let’s find somewhere else to talk.” Chu Mu naturally couldn’t let his identity be exposed, so he pulled Chu Qian to another house to speak.

Chu Qian blanked, and before she could react, she was pulled away by Chu Mu. However, her reaction speed wasn’t too slow, and she quickly realized that the handsome teen in front of her may very likely be Chu Mu, who had been lost for four years without any news.

“Oh, oh, Chu Xi, help me take care of these two friends of my little brother. I need to talk about some private family matters with him……” Chu Qian knew how to speak well, and immediately shot Chu Xi a word.

Ye Wansheng still wanted to talk to Chu Qian, but Ye Qingzi told him not to interfere with others, so Ye Wansheng could only take a step back and go for the lesser one, starting to chat with the girl that didn’t give off a good first impression……


Once in the house, Chu Mu specially picked a place behind a sculpture mountain. Seeing Chu Qian slowly look pleasantly surprised, he also smiled, “My identity is kind of sensitive right now, so I named myself Chu Chen……”

Chu Qian seemed not to have heard Chu Mu’s words. Her clear pupils stared at Chu Mu’s face, and her emotions were clearly stirred up, “You really are Chu Mu?”

Chu Mu nodded, “I think I’m the only one to call you Sister Qianqian at home, right……”

Hearing this special title, Chu Qian’s heart was also moved, because indeed, only Chu Mu called her that.

She was reluctant to move her eyes off Chu Mu for even a second. Chu Qian would have never thought that the little boy who always seemed lonely had grown into a handsome and tall man that could make many girls feel love-struck. He even had a vague mysterious feeling, emanating a special male attractiveness.

Originally, after finding out that Chu Mu hadn’t died and had returned to the clan, Chu Qian had decided to return to the clan. However, without permission, she couldn’t leave herself. Chu Qian decided to leave sneakily, but she was discovered and brought in for punishment, which led to the troublesome matters later.

Chu Qian very much wanted to see a safely returned Chu Mu. What she didn’t expect was that Chu Mu came himself to Great Chu Family, and gave her a surprise when she was completely unprepared. This surprise, plus the emotions from Chu Mu escaping death, and from not seeing each other for years……

If it were before, Chu Qian definitely wouldn’t be able to control her emotions and give Chu Mu a deep hug, but facing this strange yet familiar young man, Chu Qian didn’t dare to hug him like before. She was only able to stand in front of Chu Mu with teary eyes, unable to speak.

Seeing hot tears already rolling down Chu Qian’s cheeks, Chu Mu’s heart felt warm. Presumably, news of him missing and dying impacted her hard. Now that they were reunited, she was definitely emotionally moved beyond measure.

Chu Mu wasn’t a person who was too shy for coy actions. He bluntly opened his arms and, regardless of whether Chu Qian wanted to or not, embraced this lovely and moving sister into his arms before anything else.

A unique fragrance wafted off of Chu Qian’s body, especially her hair. When Chu Mu put her in his arms, he intentionally took in a deep breath of her hair.

This intoxicating fragrance was something others found hard to resist. Chu Mu originally wanted to only give her a simple hug, but once he felt Chu Qian’s slender arms wrap around to his back, he hugged Chu Qian a bit tighter.

It was a soft, boneless body, smooth skin, and aside from the deep emotions of finally being reunited again, Chu Mu accidentally let his mind wander…

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