The Charm of Soul Pets

Chapter 128: Chu Chen, Are You Stronger Than Chu Mu?

Chapter 128: Chu Chen, Are You Stronger Than Chu Mu?

The Wogu Region was situated in the center of the entire Western Kingdom, and it was considered a relatively expansive region. Here, aside from having a city that was even more flourishing than the other region’s region cities, it also had the Great Broken Sting Valley, whose culture had spread everywhere!

The Great Broken Sting Valley was a bug type soul pet’s paradise. In the valley between mountains resided a plethora of bug type soul pets. It was said that amongst the bug type soul pets that humans already knew about, half of them had appeared before in the Great Broken Sting Valley.

This special Great Broken Sting Valley caused the entire Wogu Region to be a congregation of this world’s experts from various lands. They all wanted to obtain soul pets, search for spirit items, temper themselves, etc. in this tangled and complicated Great Broken Sting Valley.

The Great Broken Sting Valley had a relatively fluid mountain pass entrance. If one wanted to enter the Great Broken Sting Valley from another place, perhaps he or she had to surmount skyscraping giant mountains where various soul pet packs resided. In the event that one wasn’t going there deliberately to search for something, strong soul pet trainers wouldn’t rashly surmount these giant mountains in order to enter Great Broken Sting Valley.

At the entrance of Great Broken Sting Valley there was a small town. This small town was entirely there for adventurers to provide the necessities in various wilderness experiences. It also contained a few time saving and trouble saving exchanges.

Although the small town was not very large, there was an extremely terrifying number of people who entered every day. Many great families of the regions all wanted to obtain the supervision rights to this small town.

However, this small town had always remained under the control of the Great Chu Family, becoming one of its main economic lifelines. The Great Chu Family was the largest family in the Western Kingdom, and it was the only one that could contend against the Luo Region Sect. The Great Chu Family’s influence, even in other kingdoms, was also prominent.


The Great Chu Family’s region was three times more expansive than the Luo Region. Chu Mu stood under the city, looking at this serene and ancient city, with his back against the Western Kingdom’s largest mountain range, Wogu Mountain Range, like he was staring at an imposing and grand elder that caused others to feel veneration.

“Brother Chu Chen, you are also surnamed Chu. Could it be that you are a disciple of this Great Chu Family?” after walking into the city, Ye Wansheng asked a question.

“There are thousands upon ten thousands of people surnamed Chu in Western Kingdom. Wogu Region’s Great Chu Family’s influence is the largest, but it doesn’t mean that every person surnamed Chu is connected with the Great Chu Family.” explained Chu Mu.

“Then you coming this time is purely to walk around Great Broken Sting Valley?” asked Ye Wansheng.

“Not purely. I have a older female cousin training in the Great Chu Family who has encountered trouble. I have to make a trip there.” said Chu Mu.

The Grea Chu Family’s influence was enormous, much more powerful than Luo Region’s Yang Family. Chu Mu also knew that if he didn’t have an escort, then currently he wouldn’t even have the right to speak in the Great Chu Family.

However, even if this was the case, Chu Mu felt that he still had to make a trip. Perhaps he could understand the complicated relationship between his father and the Great Chu Family.

“Da da da da da~~~”

Not long after entering the city, Chu Mu immediately saw an incomparably luxurious carriage gallop past him under the escort of myriad black clothed experts.

This carriage’s mounts were all made up of the most first-rate Star Wilderness Devil Colts. There were six in total, and the two at the front had astonishingly reached the eighth phase, while the other four were all at the seventh phase!

The kind of aura of an eighth phase Star Wilderness Devil Colt was exceptionally frightening. Under its four trampling hooves, others could clearly feel a clump of energy dissipate under its feet!

This sort of heroism of two eighth phase commander mounts opening a path wasn’t something any person could have. Momentarily, it split an evident path on the large road, allowing this luxurious arrangement of a horse carriage to slowly gallop past. As for the surrounding people, each one of them swivelled their heads and necks, wanting to see exactly which senior was in the carriage.

“This motorcade is very lavish. Could it be some rich eldest daughter of the Great Chu Family going out?’ Ye Wansheng faintly felt that the person inside was a youthful female, and his eyes slightly lit up.

“It’s the Nightmare Palace’s young princess.” Chu Mu’s gaze fell on the familiar carriage as he indifferently spoke.

Princess Jin Rou had embarked this time to temper the capable underlings of hers. She travelled through every region, and would always intentionally stop to have those prepared people to fight with the region’s young generation experts.

When Chu Mu had requested to head to Wogu Region, Princess Jin Rou had changed her route to arrive at the Great Chu Family’s Wogu Region. Encountering Nightmare Palace’s Princess Jin Rou here didn’t cause Chu Mu to feel it was strange.

“Eh? So it is Nightmare Palace’s young princess. I’ve been looking forward to hearing that name for a long time, yet I didn’t think that I would meet her by chance in the Wogu Region. It truly is an inexplicable predestination, eh.” Ye Wansheng displayed his zero resistance nature towards beautiful girls.

Knowing that the other side was Nightmare Palace’s young princess, Ye Qingzi’s gaze continuously followed the carriage. It wasn’t until the carriage had gone a long way when she asked: “I heard that her strength is extremely powerful. She herself managed to raise a first-rate White Nightmare.”

The Nightmare Palace’s influence was found in various regions. Although the Ye Family was from another Kingdom, it had more or less heard of Nightmare Palace’s matters.

The Princess’ carriage galloped past, and Chu Mu’s expression returned to normal. Just now, beside the Princess’ carriage had been a young man. This young man should have been the chosen person that Princess Jin Rou had mentioned earlier. Presumably, the young princess had come to the Great Chu Family to have this selected person to fight with the Chu Family’s young generation expert.

The young princess was probably heading for the Great Chu Family, and Chu Mu himself didn’t avoid it. Behind the princess, they directly headed for the Chu Mountain to see Chu Xian’s condition.

The Chu Mountain was situated in Wogu Region’s northernmost area. This mountain was entirely dominated by the Great Chu Family. All of its disciples were scattered along this Chu Mountain.

The Chu Mountain naturally wasn’t something anyone could enter. When Chu Mu and the Ye Family’s brother and sister duo arrived at Chu Mountain, the Great Chu Family people had just greeted the young princess. Chu Mu had slightly staggered the time, before giving Chu Xian’s name, indicating his purpose for his arrival.

“Today the Nightmare Palace’s young princess has come, so matters regarding announcing your arrival will be postponed. The three of you can wait in west peak’s courtyard, or leave your contact information. There will eventually be a communication disciple who, in his or her free time, will inform Chu Xian and have her find you.” the Chu Family disciple guarding the mountain said to Chu Mu.

“Chu Mu turned around and looked at the Ye Family’s brother and sister, and asked: “Do you two have other matters?”

“Nope.” both the brother and sister shook their heads.

“Then we’ll wait in the courtyard.” said Chu Mu.

“Ok, you guys can follow this path forward. When you see the fork in the road, walk left and you will be able to see west peak. The West peak has an inner family disciple family member courtyard to temporarily rest at. The three of you can rest there, and someone will wait upon you. However, I must remind you three that the Chu Mountain does not allow people to randomly enter in many places. Therefore, when the three of you wait, you can only walk around the courtyard and its vicinity. If you walk the wrong way and are seen by a mountain investigation disciple, they will immediately treat you as intruders.” said the Chu Family disciple guarding the mountain.

Chu Mu nodded his head and followed the mountain guard disciple’s fingers into the mountain path, entering Chu Mountain.

“I’ve heard that the Nightmare Palace’s young princess is a remarkable beauty. Perhaps we can get a glimpse of her beautiful face…”

“Don’t even think about it. We can’t even enter the main peak. Moreover, that Nightmare Princess young princess, no matter where she is or what occasion she appears at, is always covered by a veil. Ostensibly, no one has actually seen her…”

“Who was the person next to the Princess?”

“It probably was an extremely strong young expert. Presumably, there’s a large fight that we can witness this time.”

“Yes, the princess’ subordinate, the Prison Island King – Chu Mu, has a huge reputation. Since he’s arrived on our territory, there’s no reason for him not to fight a few rounds with our Chu Family’s experts.”

“It’s said that the young man following beside the princess is perhaps the Prison Island King – Chu Mu. Why do I feel that he’s not the same as the rumors. I remember the rumors calling him an “indifferent loafer”. However, that person gives others an overbearing feeling.”


When Chu Mu and the Ye Family brother and sister were on their way to the courtyard, they heard many Chu Family disciples discussing matters of Nightmare Palace’s young princess. Among them were many things regarding Chu Mu himself.

The affair of Chu Mu kidnapping the princess hadn’t been spread, and many people still thought that Chu Mu was still following along beside the princess. Yet, this time, after going to Wogu Region, Chu Mu, who had risen abruptly as a peak young expert in the few regions of Western Kingdom, probably would quickly become the target for eager Chu Family young experts.

Wogu Region’s influence was much larger than the Luo Region or Jia Region’s. The Wogu Region’s Chu Family neither was something the Yang Shi Family nor Jia Shi Family could compete with. The young experts that congregated here and those that could defeat the Luo Region Nightmare Prince and Jia Feng were many.

Presently, Chu Mu, this peak young expert whose name had made a huge clamor, had voluntarily delivered himself here. Those Chu Family young experts who were confident in their strength obviously wanted to fight, and they were prepared at any moment to fight a round with this Prisoner Island King.

“Brother Chu Chen. What kind of person is that Chu Mu that they keep on mentioning. He seems to be very powerful; is he the complacent fellow beside the princess?” while resting in the waiting courtyard, Ye Wansheng was very curious and asked.

Ye Wansheng asking like this made it truly difficult for Chu Mu to answer. Seemingly many people believed that the selected person beside the princess was himself.

“Chu Mu seems to be Nightmare Palace’s eighteen year old Prison Island King. In the recent half a year, his reputation in Western Kingdom has spread far as a mysterious young expert. Apparently not too long ago, his Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox mutated into a Royal Flame Nine Tailed Infernal Fox during his fight with Jia Feng. His strength greatly increased, and he was already been placed amongst the level of peak young experts.” indifferently explained Ye Qingzi.

Ye Wansheng looked at his sister, yet laughed and said: “Where did you hear this from?”

“While in Xiling Region, I heard of it. Chu Chen, you’re a person from around here; how is it that you seem not to know this person?” asked Ye Qingzi.

“There’s been news of him.” insipidly said Chu Mu, but he deliberately avoided the question.

Chu Mu responded like this, but the talkative Ye Wansheng couldn’t stop talking and immediately asked: “Your strength is very strong, and you probably aren’t an unknown person in Western Region. Do you think that you can defeat this Chu Mu?”

Chu Mu bitterly laughed. This question ostensibly was even harder to answer…

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