The Charm of Soul Pets

Chapter 127: Glazed Ice, Ice Air Fairy

Chapter 127: Glazed Ice, Ice Air Fairy

Just as Chu Mu guessed before, the sixth level cold pond was worth about ten million gold coins in value. It was all stoppered up in Ye Qingzi’s medicinal flasks, filling about ten bottles.

The sixth level cold pond was about one million gold per bottle. After this harvest, none of these five people lingered in this sin source mountain range, returning with this rewarding ending.

The cold pond water and the eighth level rock type soul crystal were both given to the auction hall to directly auction off. Chu Mu needed one sixth level Cold Pond water to strengthen his Ice Air Fairy, and one to clean his own soul, so when they were splitting it up, Chu Mu directly took away two bottles of Cold Pond water.

After the Ice Air Fairy came back from the Sin Source Mountain Range, it grew up one stage, reaching sixth phase fourth stage. After Chu Mu received his sixth level Cold Pond water, he directly started to strengthen the Ice Air Fairy’s ice type.

Cold Pond water originated from Sin Source Mountain Range, so there was still some dark type left within the water. Chu Mu specially spent some money and used cleansing water to get rid of the dark type within the Cold Pond water. After making the Cold Pond water more pure, he finally let the Ice Air Fairy drink it.

The effect of the sixth level Cold Pond water was very direct. Once an ice type soul pet drank it, it would undergo clear changes.

When Chu Mu’s Ice Air Fairy drank the Cold Pond water, its body slowly became more transparent, looking more refined as a whole, and it was full of the profound spirituality of ice.

Many soul items could directly make soul pets grow. The sixth level cold pond’s effects were very significant to the sixth phase fourth stage Ice Air Fairy. As a snow white halo was projected from the Ice Air Fairy, its body slowly changed.

A growth of stage meant the Ice Air Fairy’s ice skin defense would grow stronger. The Ice Air Fairy’s defense had surpassed most defensive soul pets’ seventh rank middle stage defense. This defense was very rarely seen on a sixth phase warrior rank soul pet.

Yet, now the Ice Air Fairy continued to grow, reaching the sixth phase seventh stage, having an ice type defense that almost reached the seventh rank late stage!

The Centipede Tail Boulder Devil’s defense was about the eighth rank late stage. If the Ice Air Fairy had a seventh rank late stage defense at only sixth phase seventh stage, presumably, when it reached eighth phase, its defense would definitely surpass the strengthened commander rank Centipede Tail Boulder Devil.

“Your Ice Air Fairy’s talent is not bad, I suggest you train it down the Glazed Ice path.” Having held his speech for a long time, Old Li immediately went in front of Chu Mu and suggested.

“What’s Glazed Ice?” Chu Mu asked questioningly.

Rubbing his raccoon whiskers, Old Li immediately put on a veteran manner and said, “Glazed Ice is a very high level ice crystal of ice type elemental world soul pets. If your Ice Air Fairy could conjure a Glazed Ice soul crystal, then it would become an ice type monarch rank.”

“How can I let my Ice Air Fairy obtain this Glazed Ice crystal?” Chu Mu asked again.

Chu Mu’s understanding also had its limits. Right now, all he knew was that Black Ice was an ice crystal that could increase ice type damage, and he planned on buying a Black Ice Soul Pearl so his Ice Air Fairy could wield the power of Black Ice. Now that he heard of another even stronger ice crystal, he was naturally more interested.

“It isn’t a simple task. First, your Ice Air Fairy has to be at the seventh phase or above. Without enough mental strength, it won’t even have the power to control the Glazed Ice; second, your Ice Air Fairy has to have at least one ice type crystal. Black Ice is pretty good. If your Ice Air Fairy doesn’t learn Black Ice when it enters seventh phase, decisively buy a Black Ice Soul Pearl to make its ice type powers not too weak. Then, you need a Glazed Gemstone, some ice type water similar to a seventh level Cold Pond water, and a pure eighth level ice type soul crystal. Mix the Black Crystal, the Glazed Crystal, and the seventh level Cold Pond all together and make them into Glazed Ice……” Old Li said.

“…… One eighth level pure ice type crystal will bankrupt me.” Hearing Old Li mention these soul items, Chu Mu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“I suggest young master get these soul items yourself, because in the process of getting them, your Ice Air Fairy can get very good training. Once you gather all the materials, your Ice Air Fairy’s ice controlling ability should be able to control a high level ice crystal like Glazed Ice, completing two things at once. Besides, Glazed Ice is an energy crystal that, other than powerful monarch ranks and higher level beings, very few soul pets own. Your Ice Air Fairy has talent in this area, and with its transparent body, as long as you find all these items, it could raise its power by a great amount.” Old Li continued.

Chu Mu also wanted his Ice Air Fairy to increase in power, but it wasn’t that simple. A powerful ice energy crystal like the Glazed Ice was still very tough for Chu Mu to get with his current level.

“Young master, you can first buy the Black Crystal Soul Pearl, because for the Black Crystal to become Glazed Ice, the Black Crystal ice crystal has to first strengthen and become Towering Ice, which could double ice type damage. Black Ice becoming Towering Ice can’t be done through soul items, and it has to be found through a soul pet constantly using Black Ice and getting familiar with it before their Black Ice advances into the higher state of Towering Ice.”

Chu Mu had definitely had plans to buy a Dark Crystal Soul Pearl to increase his Ice Air Fairy’s strength. Of course, he still had to wait for the eighth level soul crystal to sell and get his share of money before he had the wealth to buy it.

An eighth level soul crystal was a treasure even in Cold Pond City. On the auction, there were quite a few competitors for this eighth level rock type soul crystal, finally settling the price at 18,500,000

And, from the four Luo Region Yang Clan members’ spatial rings, there was about six million gold worth of items. These items had already been dealt with. This way, each person would be able to get around five million gold total.

Five million gold was just enough for Chu Mu to buy a Black Ice Soul Pearl. The day he got his share, Chu Mu went to the auction house and bought a Black Ice Soul Pearl for 5,500,000 gold coins.

An item for five million was very expensive. With this strengthening, his Ice Air Fairy’s ice type talent will reach the peak of commander rank. With a defense of top tier commander ranks and the effect of Black Ice, its battle strength would probably be only second to Mo Xie and the white devil.


“Fourth brother, what do you have planned now?” Chu Xing asked.

Chu Xing himself earned seven million gold. This seven million was a very massive sum to Chu Xing, and even the entire Chu Clan. If one added Chu Ning’s seven million, then it would be 14 million, completely equal to three sixth level territories, able to increase the clan’s position further.

Of course Chu Xing and Chu Ning knew that such a huge sum was almost solely because of Chu Mu, so the two offered to give a majority of the money to Chu Mu, yet Chu Mu declined.

Chu Xing and Chu Ning thought that Chu Mu wouldn’t want it, so they decided to send it back to the clan. After all, 14 million gold was way too much for them to bear.

However, Chu Mu suggested them not to do that. If they split the 14 million within the clan, maybe the clan’s position will increase somewhat, yet Chu Xing would still be Chu Xing and Chu Ning would still be Chu Ning. The two’s strength will only increase minisculely because of the clan.

Chu Mu suggested them to use the seven million each to strengthen their main soul pets without any hesitation. Chu Xing and Chu Ning’s commander rank soul pets, though not low in phase, almost never underwent any strengthening. Such a commander rank was just a normal commander rank. Even Chu Mu’s Ice Air Fairy could easily beat them.

Fourteen million was a massive sum to both Chu Xing and Chu Ning. If they spent it all on strengthening their soul pets, the two’s strength could directly leap into the high tiers of the young generation. If they left their mediocre level, getting more money in the future wouldn’t be an issue.

Chu Xing and Chu Ning both felt that Chu Mu had reason. After all, a clan without a true expert to lead it could never evolve. As for Chu Mu, he might be able to help the clan now, but Chu Mu’s steps were too quick, and the clan couldn’t possibly follow quickly enough, so the clan’s chance to thrive still laid on Chu Xing and Chu Ning……

“Didn’t third brother say he had news of sister Chu Qian, and didn’t you plan on heading to the Great Chu Family?” Chu Mu said.

“This…… There may have been some mishaps, but second uncle had already headed over, so grandfather wants us two to train ourselves outside for longer.” Chu Ning said.

“Mishap?” Chu Mu said questioningly towards Chu Xing.

These days Chu Mu had always been meticulously training his Ice Air Fairy, only remembering that Chu Xing may have received a letter from the clan, but he had no clue what happened.

“I think Chu Qian offended someone within the Great Chu Family and suffered some bullying, so second uncle had headed over already.” Chu Ning said.

“Second uncle shouldn’t have much power within Great Chu Family though.” Chu Mu said.

“Well there really isn’t any other way. He can’t just let Chu Qian get bullied.” Chu Ning said indignantly.

“Young master, the Wogu Region Great Chu Family is approximately northwest of your current position. If you head towards Tianxia City, you definitely will pass through Wogu City. And behind Wogu City is Wanduan 1 Hibernating Valley. The Wanduan Hibernating Valley often receives news of Glazed Crystals. Also, your Mo Ye seems to need to visit some place full of bug type soul pets to find some bug type soul item and get strengthened.” Old Li used his remembrance to say to Chu Mu.

Chu Mu originally decided to head to the Great Chu Family. Since this was the case, Chu Mu pretty much decided to make the Great Chu Family in Wogu Region his next destination.


Chu Mu wasn’t a person who liked to be sluggish. Once he decided where to go, he planned to leave the next day.

“Brother Chu Cheng, where are you heading this early in the morning?” Chu Mu just walked out of his inn and immediately heard a lazy voice.

“Heading to Wogu Region, you?” Chu Mu looked at the packed Ye Clan brother and sister and asked.

“What a coincidence, we were also planning on heading to Wanduan Hibernating Valley to look for traesure. Why not head on together so we can look out for each other.” Ye Wansheng rode his Star Wilderness Devil Colt and said.

Chu Mu looked again at the brother and sister, and actually also nodded, “Sure, let’s go together.”

1. Roughly “Ten Thousand Breaks” in chinese. You may also see this referred to as Great Broken Sting Valley.

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