The Charm of Soul Pets

Chapter 126: You Really Don’t Have An Interest In My Sister?

Chapter 126: You Really Don’t Have An Interest In My Sister?

Eighth level soul crystal!! The Centipede Tail Giant Rock Devil was an eighth phase commander and, through its self-growth, had definitely swallowed a few rock type spirit items.

The probability of a soul crystal appearing with this type of soul pet was the highest, because swallowing spirit items would cause its soul core to slowly develop slight transformations!

The Centipede Tail Giant Rock Devil could be regarded as a relatively pure elemental world soul pet. The eighth level soul crystal it condensed was the most pure rock type soul crystal, and could be said to be the most perfect strengthening spirit item for all rock type soul pets!

An identical level soul crystal would be appraised based on this method. The more pure the attribute, the more and better the attribute was.

Moreover, elemental world soul pets would normally not intentionally strengthen other attributes. For instance, the Rock Meteor Fairy would only use a rock soul crystal to strengthen itself. At such occasions, the price of a single attribute pure rock type soul crystal could be seen.

Very evidently, the rock type soul crystal of the Centipede Tail Giant Rock Devil was extremely pure, so this kind of eighth rank soul crystal’s price would definitely surpass 10 million, and approximately reach 15 million to 20 million!!

Chu Mu’s sixth level soul armor’s price was only worth 5 million gold coins. The sixth level full form soul claw’s price was 10 million gold coins, so it was very clear what the 15-20 million meant!

“Kindred spirit. I said that we were kindred spirits. At first glance, I knew.” Ye Wansheng wore a seemingly easygoing smile, yet his eyes were extremely focused on the three soul pets besides Chu Mu, which could launch an attack at any moment!

Seeing this fellow appear in front of him, Ye Wansheng was already secretly fearful. What made his heart have trepidations was that this Chu Chen had unexpectedly exhibited a fighting stance in such a short period of time.

The Ice Air Fairy was at the back, the small fox soul pet that could rip open the Centipede Tail Rock Devil’s defense was in the front, and the one that had powerful restrictive demonic techniques was in the middle. The moment the fires of war were ignited, the fox soul pet would definitely immediately pounce, the Night Thunder Dream beast would assimilate into the darkness and use the dreamland restriction, and the Ice Air Fairy would slip backwards using ice type techniques!

“Your reactions are also very fast.” the corners of Chu Mu’s mouth rose up as his gaze swept over Ye Wansheng’s three soul pets.

Behind the unknown ice type soul pet was the eighth phase Flame Tail with demon fire evil flame that had already locked onto Mo Xie, and the sixth phase Multi Colored Devil Tiger which could pounce forth at any moment. Ye Wansheng had also deployed a fighting position in this short period of time. Moreover, Chu Mu was able to see this fellow chanting in his mouth, at any moment ready to summon an even stronger main pet!

“I can guess that aside from this small fox, you definitely have another main pet you haven’t summoned. The truth is, I’m the same. Aside from my Xuan, the Flame Tail and the Multi Colored Devil Tiger are not my main pets. You also have two brothers, while I have a younger sister who has only summoned one main pet. If we begin fighting, the chances of both sides losing is relatively large. How about we make a deal. If this soul crystal is taken by us brother and sister duo, the entire sixth rank cold pond will belong to you three brothers.” said Ye Wansheng.

Chu Mu glanced at Chu Xing and Chu Ning. He saw that they had also prepared to fight, and then intentionally swept his eyes over Ye Qingzi.

Ye Qingzi maintained a calm manner, and she further gave others a feeling of watching on with folded arms. However, Chu Mu was sure that if the fire of war was lit, her soul pets would instantly use techniques.

“The sixth rank cold pond’swater has an unknown quantity. The soul crystal will belong to us while the cold pond water will belong to you.” Chu Mu shook his head, evidently not conceding.

“Truly a headache. I can see that my sister quite likes you. How about this, I’ll give my sister to you, and the soul crystal will belong to me?” laughed Ye Wansheng as he spoke.

Ye Qingzi fiercely glared at her brother. Although she clearly knew that he couldn’t actually give her to this man that they had met not too long ago, she was bashfully angry at this fellow was still cracking senseless jokes.

“I don’t have an interest?” Chu Mu’s expression didn’t change as he incomparably calmly replied.

“….” Ye Wansheng was speechless. He wanted to use this method to probe Chu Mu’s bearing. Yet, how could he expect this man’s calmness to be so abnormal that he unexpectedly said such words in front of his outstandingly beautiful sister?

The corners of Ye Qingzi’s mouth were clearly slightly twitching. In that instant, she wanted to summon her main soul pet and knock those two scoundrels flying!

It wasn’t that Chu Mu didn’t have an interest in Ye Qingzi. In truth, in these few days of knowing each other, Ye Qingzi’s knowledge, easygoingness, and simple elegance all gave Chu Mu a very good impression. Especially the actions just now to save Chu Xing’s Light Rhinoceros, it made Chu Mu’s feelings toward her sublimate.

Only, in Chu Mu’s opinion, Ye Qingzi’s benevolence was probably only displayed when she didn’t have to make much effort, and when it was within her powers to do so. When she actually encountered an enemy, her position was exceptionally staunch, and she wouldn’t be lenient when dealing with them!

“We’ll divide according to this standpoint. You three brothers take one half, while us brother and sister will take another. The cold pond water is the same.” said Ye Wansheng.

“We’ll distribute according to persons. The soul crystal will be held for safekeeping by me while the cold pond spring will be held for safekeeping by you.” Chu Mu also decisively spoke his terms.

There was a finite number of spirit items. If he didn’t contest for the items, he would definitely get the short end of the stick. This principle had been profoundly understood when he was on Nightmare island, so Chu Mu definitely would not concede.

“Okay, we’ll divide according to person.” bluntly responded Ye Wansheng. If they were to divide according to person, it was evident that Chu Mu and his two brothers would have sixty percent, while the brother and sister duo would have 40 percent.

Ye Wansheng’s compromise immediately made Chu Xing and Chu Ning let out a sigh of relief. After all, the two of them didn’t want to conflict with this brother and sister pair. Moreover, Ye Qingzi had saved Chu Xing’s soul pet.

“My sister is pregnant. It counts as two people, so you guys will take one half while we will take one half.” just as the atmosphere had eased, Ye Wansheng’s words suddenly shocked the four of them, rendering them collectively speechless…

There were already black lines on Ye Qingzi’s forehead, and her elegant and curvy chest was faintly undulating. Presumably, if they weren’t on the brink of a fight, Ye Qingzi would definitely have the Wood Tray Spirit drag Ye Wansheng underground and fiercely trample on him!

“The soul crystals will be held by you while the cold pool spring will be held by us. When we reach Cold Pool City, we’ll exchange them for gold. We’ll divide by person.” Ye Qingzi took in a few deep breaths before calming her bashful anger and spoke to the two of them in an ice cold tone.

“….” Ye Wansheng realized that his jokes had been a bit excessive, and used his soul remembrance to persuade his sister.

“Good sister, brother is joking. If we divide by person, we’ll definitely be shorted 5 million gold coins. This won’t be cost effective to use. I’ll deal with this Chu Chen; as long as you can tie up those two brothers, the items will all belong to us.” said Ye Wansheng.

“This Chu Chen’s strength is very powerful.” said Ye Qingzi.

“Of course I know. I’ll carefully deal with him.” said Ye Wansheng.

Ye Wansheng obviously knew that Chu Mu’s strength was extremely formidable. Just now, he managed to topple over the eighth phase Centipede Tail Giant Rock Devil by himself and take control of the situation. Such courage, insight, and technique control wasn’t something a normal person could accomplish.

“Listen to me first. Previously, when him and I went encountered those two Luo Region Yang Family people, he had me return first to divert those two people away himself.” said Ye Qingzi.

“Mhm, him being able to return in such a short period of time means he really must have experience.” said Ye Wansheng.

“That’s not important.”

“Then what?”

“The Luo Region’s Yang Family should have six people. The two people he diverted away simply never came back to their team.” said Ye Qingzi.

“You mean that those two people earlier were disposed of by him?” Ye Wansheng immediately let out a shocked expression.

Ye Wansheng remembered back then, not long after Ye Qingzi had come back, Chu Mu returned. At that time, he felt that Chu Mu possessing the Night Thunder Dream Beast probably made shaking off enemies no problem. Yet, he didn’t expect for those two Yang Shi Family people to be gotten rid of by him. No wonder the Luo Region Yang Family only had four remaining people just now!

“Also, you forgot. When he said he summoned three soul pets, his two brother’s faces were very strange. At that time, I could feel him and his two brothers using soul remembrance to speak. They probably were intentionally hiding something. In my opinion, it’s not that his soul was wounded, but perhaps the three soul summon isn’t his true summon state…” continued Ye Qingzi.

“You mean that this fellow is a spirit master?” Ye Wansheng was even more shocked in his heart.

Ye Wansheng and his sister had travelled all over, and they encountered numerous experts in various places. Amongst the young generation, there practically could not be someone who was their opponent. They originally thought that without any surprises, they would sweep through this remote Southern Region. Yet, they didn’t expect that when they casually formed a team, they would encounter this extremely hidden expert. Moreover, his age didn’t look more than 20!

“There is that possibility…” responded Ye Qingzi.


“Aha, since my sister even says it like this, then we’ll divide like that. I’m not that sort of common person. I primarily feel that you’re a worthy friend. Given that we’re friends, there’s no need to haggle over every penny. The soul crystal will be held by you for safekeeping, and the cold pond water by us. Also, the items in the spatial rings of those four people. When we return to the city, we’ll slowly share the loot.” Ye Wansheng’s attitude changed very quickly. If Chu Mu was a spirit master, Ye Wansheng decisively renounced this fight.

Chu Mu instantly saw that Ye Wansheng and his sister had used soul remembrance to communicate. As for Ye Wansheng’s forthright words, it was simply less reliable than even Old Li’s. At least Old Li’s words had a bit of an element of truth.

Ye Wansheng let out a laugh, and he didn’t stand off against Chu Mu any more. He retreated with his three soul pets.

Since Ye Wansheng had already retreated, Chu Mu naturally didn’t have to be forceful. Chu Mu could see that this brother and sister pair was extremely strong. If they were to really fight, he would definitely have to incite the half devil state to beat them. Doing so would deal too heavy of a wound to his soul, so it wasn’t worth it.

“Wu wu~~~”

Mo Xie jumped a few steps and her swaying tail swept the eighth level soul crystal emitting a brown soul crown into her mouth. She then adorably jumped onto Chu Mu’s shoulder, knocked open Chu Mu’s spatial ring, and dropped the expensive item into into his soul pet space.

“Let’s go and look at the sixth rank cold pond.” Chu Mu glanced at Ye Wansheng and spoke. He had an expression as if nothing had happened.

“Yes, perhaps it’s a full pond.” Ye Wansheng nodded his head and was also calm and composed.

Chu Mu rode on the Night Thunder Dream Beast to the front, travelling beside Ye Wansheng. When they jumped onto the highland, Ye Wansheng suddenly thought of something and asked: “I’m going to ask you a few serious questions. You don’t have to answer.”

“Ok, speak.” Chu Mu nodded his head.

“Do you really want to fight?”

“I don’t.”

“Is your real name Chu Chen?”


“Did you already know that the cold pond’s water price is less than the soul crystal’s?”

“Yes, it’s approximately 10 million gold coins.” Mo Xie had previously already approximately confirmed this.


“You really don’t have an interest in my sister?”

“I do.” Chu Mu looked back, and he glanced at the beautiful woman riding on the Purple Robe Dream Beast and indifferently answered.

“…” Ye Wansheng was speechless for a moment. He felt that this fellow seemed callous and handsome; in reality, he was more deceitful than anyone, and what was more repulsive than anything was that this fellow was more calm and composed than anyone else as well.

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