The Charm of Soul Pets

Chapter 125: Treasure, Eighth Level Soul Crystal

Chapter 125: Treasure, Eighth Level Soul Crystal

Chu Xing read an incantation, and he retracted his Light Rhinoceros back into his soul pet space. He immediately replaced it by summoning a dark type soul pet – seventh phase fourth stage Dark Fairy.

“Very good, now we have a dark type soul pet. Quick, corrode the guy’s skin, or else even three days won’t be enough time for us to kill it.” Ye Wansheng saw that Chu Xing summoned a dark type soul pet and his eyes brightened.

Rock type soul pets had resistances to all soul pet type abilities, including the dark type, but the dark type soul pets had very special techniques that could ignore defense or weaken defenses, both of which were the counter to rock type soul pets.

Dark Fairy: Elemental World – Dark type – fairy species – Dark Fairy subspecies – servant rank

The Dark Fairy, like the Water Fairy, the Fire Fairy, and the Ice Fairy, was a mainstream soul pet of many soul pet trainers in the spirit disciple rank. A high talented servant rank elemental fairy was very high priced on the market because, as long as its talent was high, with further training and strengthening, a high phase Dark Fairy could still be a great threat to many higher ranking soul pets. With the high phase of the eighth phase, its fighting strength was comparable to a seventh phase commander rank, just like Ye Wansheng’s Flametail.

“Dark Erosion!!” Chu Xing immediately commanded his Dark Fairy.

The Dark Fairy’s body almost merged into the night. As it casted a spell, one could clearly feel the dark aura nearby spreading!

Ye Wansheng’s unknown ice type technique and Chu Mu’s Ice Air Fairy’s freezing ability clearly couldn’t really control the Centipede Tail Boulder Devil. The Centipede Tail Boulder Devil simply shook off the ice effect on its body, and it suddenly jumped out of the hole. However, the Dark Fairy’s ability didn’t need much aiming, so the Dark Erosion still directly landed on the massive Centipede Tail Boulder Devil.

The Centipede Tail Boulder Devil’s skin was dark brown. After the Dark Erosion was cast, its thinly pockmarked chest immediately became black, and the four wounds made originally by Mo Xie’s Royal Flame Evil Flame Claw showed signs of expanding.

“Night, Night Dream Territory.”


The dark aura got denser and the effects of Dark Erosion also strengthened. Night Dream Territory was nigh useless towards elemental world soul pets, but the Night Thunder Dream Beast could use this technique to increase the density of the dark aura nearby in order to strengthen the effects of Dark Erosion.

The Centipede Tail Boulder Devil’s most headache-inducing aspect was its powerful defense. Once the effects of Dark Erosion spread across its body, their soul pets’ attacks started to show some effect.

Mo Xie was the only soul pet out of all them that could rip open the Centipede Tail Boulder Devil’s normal state defense, so once it got affected by Dark Erosion, Mo Xie’s Royal Flame CLaws became a real threat to the Centipede Tail Boulder Devil. Her claws swiped past, and the Centipede Tail Boulder Devil’s black chest immediately showed even greater claw wounds, as if it were a ravine!


Once there was a wound and all the attacks were gathered there, the Centipede Tail Boulder Devil would definitely sustain greater injuries. This eighth phase commander rank clearly realized its defense was eroded, and that it couldn’t deal with all the soul pets’ technique barrage anymore, so it decisively turned around and planned to leave!

“Mo Xie, block it.” Chu Mu immediately told Mo Xie.

Rock type soul pets had a prevalent weakness, being that they were very slow, clumsy, and heavy. Mo Xie’s speed was a lot faster than this eighth phase commander rank, so as the Centipede Tail Boulder Devil turned around and stepped its big strides to leave, Mo Xie immediately ran to where the fellow was about to escape. While in Pitiful Appearance, her nine little tails suddenly grew longer!

“Nine Tail Dragon Obliteration!”

Nine silver tails suddenly appeared, as if they were nine dragons, and they waved around with an overwhelming aura where the Centipede Tail Boulder Devil was about to escape to and started to spin at a high speed!!

The nine tails churned frantically, and they quickly became a massive silver whirlwind that swept into the Centipede Tail Boulder Devil’s massive body!

The Nine Tail Dragon Obliteration’s power was not something any of the other soul pets could mimic. When the monarch’s tails heavily swept into the eighth phase commander rank, they immediately smashed the barrier-like chest into pieces!!


Just as the Centipede Tail Boulder Devil was about to jump, it let out a pained scream as Mo Xie’s powerful Nine Tail Dragon Obliteration smacked it back onto the ground, creating another large crater on its already wound ridden chest!

Green Wood Bind! Countless roots darted out of the ground and layered on the Centipede Tail Boulder Devil. Before the Centipede Tail Boulder Devil even fell completely, its four limbs, head, and tail were tangled up!

Ice Chain Formation!

From Ye Wansheng’s position, the ice type soul pet started casting. The black crystal ice crystal quickly formed four long freezing chains that intercrossed, and they suddenly fell down from above the Centipede Tail Boulder Devil!

“Ice Sword Formation!”

Seeing Ye Wansheng already cast an Ice Chain Formation, Chu Mu immediately told his Ice Air Fairy to cast Ice Sword Formation as well, and heavily stabbed the ice swords into the ends of the four twenty meter long one meter thick chains to fix them in place!

Ye Wansheng’s ice type soul pet’s followup ability was exactly about to be Ice Sword Formation, because only with the ice swords could the Ice Chain Formation he cast previously truly trap a soul pet like the Centipede Tail Boulder Devil. Chu Mu’s battle awareness was very strong. Almost at the same time as the ice chains fell, his Ice Sword Formation appeared, not giving the Centipede Tail Boulder Devil any chance to struggle, and locking it onto the ground!

“Rock Compress!” Chu Xing’s awareness wasn’t bad either. Knowing that the ground could easily shatter because of the Centipede Tail Boulder Devil’s power, he immediately told his Rock Meteor Fairy to cast Rock Compress to forcefully strengthen the rocky floor under the Centipede Tail Boulder Devil.

Chu Ning’s Ice Air Fairy decisively cast its freezing technique, strengthening the ice chains and swords, as well as freezing the Centipede Tail Boulder Devil’s body!

Any one of these techniques couldn’t really trap the Centipede Tail Boulder Devil. However, when all the abilities were stacked together and combined intricately, the restricting abilities would increase greatly and cause the powerful Centipede Tail Boulder Devil to be completely unable to move!

“Dark Erosion!” The dark eroding poison on the Centipede Tail Boulder Devil’s chest was removed, so the Dark Fairy again cast this eroding technique that proved fatal to a rock type soul pet’s defense!

After all these restrictive techniques were cast to control the massive beast, all the soul pets started charging up destructive techniques!

Different glows flashed on all of the soul pets. The five soul pets’ technique preparation time was rather long, but now there was also enough time for their soul pets to prepare these more powerful techniques!

The double royal flame’s intense flaming! Royal Flamed Nine Tail Inferno Fox’s Heavenly Flame Rite!

Darklight conjuring at the mouth. The longer the conjuring, the stronger the Death Ray of the Night Thunder Dream Beast!

The seventeen ice swords above the Ice Air Fairy quickly doubled into thirty four ice swords!

Ye Wansheng’s Flametail’s pupils had already turned fire red. Where the Flametail’s gaze fell, heat secretly gathered; it was the critical point of Molten Fury!

The unknown ice type soul pet was still chanting an incantation, as fifty meters above them, a massive ice berg like icicle appeared. As the chanting continued, it kept growing!

Ice Fairy’s Frozen Rain, the Thunder Fairy’s Lightning Python, the Dark Fairy’s Dark Bind, the Multi-Colored Devil Tiger’s Shadow Claw, Water Moon’s Mad Flood……

All the soul pets techniques gathered, brightly colored, appearing magnificently under the night sky!

As the most dazzling Heavenly Flame Rite and Fire Dragon flew up, all the techniques flew into the chest of the Centipede Tail Boulder Devil messily!!

“Hong hong hong!!!!! Hong hong hong!!!!!!!”

The frightening destructive techniques that gathered in one spot instantly whipped up a technique storm that swept everywhere. All sorts of energy crazily exploded at the Centipede Tail Boulder Devil Starting with the defense lowered chest, first there were massive craters. After, with all the energy’s obliteration, the Centipede Tail Boulder Devil’s body was split into many pieces, and these many pieces were then powdered under the terrifying destructive energy!

The ground started shaking violently. The Swallowing Star Wolf pack that lived not far away let out frightened howls under this shaking and started running far away!

The three hundred meter in diameter low ground started showing massive cracks under these techniques’ barrage, even stretching to the high ground.

And where the Centipede Tail Boulder Devil resided, the ground was scarred beyond recognition before the technique storm even faded. The Centipede Tail Boulder Devil’s body had already been blown to countless pieces. Like a broken mountain, shattered rocks flew everywhere and rocks rolled away. Even hundreds of meters away, some of its body could be seen!


The wind started blowing messily, lifting waves of sand and rock towards the five people and their soul pets!


This situation continued for very long, along with the humming vibrations.

Chu Xing, Chu Ning, and Ye Qingzi all stood in place, watching the unrecognizable low ground.

The eighth phase third stage strengthened commander rank, the hegemon of the sixth level cold pond, had become scattered rocks that littered the cratered low ground. Chu Xing and Chu Ning, who had never met such strong opponents, couldn’t believe that today, they killed such a powerful soul pet!

“Sousou!” Just as the two people were still shocked by the terrifying energy created by techniques overlaying, two figures swiftly darted out, passing through the messy airflow and quickly went towards the same glowing location.

Chu Xing and Chu Ning didn’t notice this situation, yet Ye Qingzi quickly noticed that there was a brown glow within the cratered ground that was flashing.

The battle smoke slowly dissipated with the wild winds. When Chu Xing and Chu Ning recovered from their shock in killing an eighth phase commander rank, they suddenly noticed that, fifty meters ahead of them, the black clothed Chu Mu and the grey beggar-like Ye Wansheng stood there. If one looked closely, one would find that both Chu Mu and Ye Wansheng emitted a sharp and imposing aura, creating a clash between two invisible energies!

Chu Xing quickly furrowed his brow.

Chu Ning similarly didn’t understand the two people’s strange behavior, but once he noticed there was a dark brown soul halo shining between them, he suddenly realized something and immediately looked astonished, yet in ecstasy!

Ye Qingzi understood her brother’s intentions and had already unknowingly kept some distance between her and Chu Xing and Chu Ning.

Soul crystal!!

Eighth level soul crystal!! A thing that would shine with a mesmerizing soul halo after an eighth phase monarch rank died could only be the precious soul crystal!

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