The Charm of Soul Pets

Chapter 133: Single Control Challenging Chu Mu’s Triple Control?

Chapter 133: Single Control Challenging Chu Mu’s Triple Control?

Seeing his seventh phase third stage Flame Bird directly getting blasted into the ground with one technique, his expression changed immediately. Chu Jia completely didn’t expect Chu Mu’s Ice Air Fairy’s power to be this terrifying!

“Ning, Overlay!”

Chu Mu apathetically gave a command to his Ice Air Fairy……

The Ice Air Fairy’s technique overlaying could be delayed. Even though the twenty ice swords had already been thrown out, it could still almost instantly overlay onto the Ice Sword Formation technique!

The stupefied expression on Chu Jia’s face hadn’t even worn off when the Ice Air Fairy let out a long call again, causing the icy aura nearby to become even stronger. Miniscule Black Crystal ice crystals quickly amalgamated, creating another twenty terrifying ice swords in the sky!!

The ice sword circled around, and under the Microcontrol of the Ice Air Fairy, the twenty ice swords split into two trajectories. Ten ice swords went straight for the Flame Bird on the floor whose fires were half put out.

The other ten swords traced a strange path and flew towards the Light Rhinoceros!

“Beng!! Beng!!!!!”

Twenty swords’ power was already scary, yet there actually appeared a seventh rank technique overlay. What was even more unbelievable was that this Ice Air Fairy’s Microcontrol had reached such levels as to being able to direct one technique towards two soul pets in two completely different places!

The Light Rhinoceros had just managed to break through the Ice Air Fairy’s Black Crystal Ice Wall when ten eight meter long ice swords immediately attacked it!

The Light Rhinoceros’s defense was high, so the ten ice swords didn’t truly harm this seventh phase commander rank, yet it lost its best opportunity to attack Chu Mu directly.

The Flame Bird’s defense was, in it of itself, inferior to the Light Rhinoceros. Adding on the type disadvantage from the ice type, its body was immediately blown even deeper into the ground. The flames on its wings had gone completely dormant, and it lost all its fighting strength.

The spectating Chu Xian to the side was also slightly dumbfounded. She hadn’t thought that a sixth phase seventh stage Ice Air Fairy’s ice type controlling capabilities could be this terrifying. Her watery eyes were always watching the calm and composed Chu Mu, with an unfamiliar and mysterious feeling again arose involuntarily!

Chu Jia realized that Chu Mu’s Ice Air Fairy completely surpassed his own rank, and his face darkened, immediately commanding his Storm Fairy to directly attack the Ice Air Fairy in the air, while continuing to let his Light Rhinoceros to attack Chu Mu!

“Hou~~~~~~~” The Light Rhinoceros let out an angry roar, and it casted Rushed Pursuit, causing its body to suddenly become a golden and radiant triangular pyramid pointing forward, directly charging towards Chu Mu.

“Wind Dragon Bind!” Chu Mu quickly cast an incantation. When the Light Rhinoceros came charging violently, it was immediately bounced into the air by Chu Mu’s Wind Dragon Bind!

Chu Mu’s remembrance was at the soul master level, so his Wind Dragon Bind technique was sufficient to throw away even an eighth phase commander, so the seventh phase Light Rhinoceros wasn’t even worth mentioning.

“Ning, Ice Spike!” Chu Mu was very good at grasping opportunities. Seeing the Light Rhinoceros thrown into the air, he immediately told his Ice Air Fairy to cast the ice type technique!!

Ice Air Fairy’s ice spike effect was very strong. When the incantation quickly finished and the Light Rhinoceros was still airborne, a massive ice spike, with a ten meter diameter at the very top, came falling down, bringing a gust of stinging cold wind!


The Black Crystal Ice Spike heavily impacted the Light Rhinoceros’s back, nailing it onto the ground. The ground exploded under this frightening ice spike, and all the ice shards blew apart and flew everywhere!

“Freeze!” Chu Mu again sent a command to his Ice Air Fairy, but he completely ignored the Thousand Wind Whip that the Storm Fairy cast on the Ice Air Fairy.

The Thousand Wind Whip was made with compressed gales. When casted, it formed a bunch of turpid wind ships that madly whipped the enemy’s body!

This Storm Fairy’s technique formed over thousands of sharp wind whips that violently whipped the Ice Air Fairy!

“Pa!! Pa!!!! Pa!!!!!!!!!”

One after another, the wind whips slapped into the sparkling and transparent body. However, the Ice Air Fairy’s defense reached a terrifying seventh rank late stage. Such attacks could only leave some mark on its body, yet to an elemental world soul pet, such skin marks could be completely ignored!

The incantation was still being chanted by the Ice Air Fairy, as it allowed the seventh rank Thousand Wind Whip to attack its body. It was still charging up its Freeze technique, completely unfazed by the obstructing attack!

“This is…… Elemental Willpower!” Chu Xian opened her little mouth as she stared at this powerful Ice Air Fairy!

Elemental Willpower, a technique unique to the elemental world. If its willpower was strong enough, it could continue to chant incantations for techniques even under attack!

The ice type technique Freeze’s chanting time was slightly longer. When the Storm Fairy’s Thousand Wind Whip slowly disappeared, the Ice Air Fairy’s sixth rank technique Freeze was also finally complete!

Cold air quickly started dispersing. Countless tiny ice crystals appeared on the battlefield. This powder completely covered the Light Rhinoceros’s head, quickly morphing into a terrible Freezing Aura that frantically invaded the Light Rhinoceros’s body!

The Light Rhinoceros’s body emitted a scalding glow that swallowed up the ice crystal powder, but the ice crystal powder’s collecting speed was much faster than its melting speed!

The glow slowly dimmed down, and the white ice crystals covered the Light Rhinoceros’s armor, completely freezing the Light Rhinoceros’s body within!

The effects of Freeze spread at least fifty meters. Fifty meters all around the battlefield was completely covered in ice, and in the center pit, the Light Rhinoceros had become an ice sculpture, lying there unable to move!

Seeing the completely frozen Light Rhinoceros, even Chu Jia was completely suppressed.

The Overlay of techniques, the Microcontrol, the adeptness of fairy incantations, the usage of ice type capabilities, plus the effects of Black Crystal Ice Crystal’s effects. The Ice Air Fairy displayed fighting power completely surpassing warrior rank, even scarier than many high talent commander ranks!

“Is there a need to continue?” Chu Mu watched Chu Jia apathetically and said flatly.

Two seventh phase commander ranks had already been dealt with, and had only left small damage to the Ice Air Fairy. The remaining seventh phase eighth stage Storm Fairy would definitely not be match for the Ice Air Fairy.

Chu Jia’s face was steely. In the entire Great Chu Family, people able to use one soul pet to defeat his three could be counted on two hands. How would he have thought that the background-less Chu Xian had such a terrifyingly powerful younger brother? For a moment, he didn’t know what to do next.

Chu Xian had never ceased her amazement since the beginning of the fight. The composure and confidence that Chu Mu showed, plus his current power, Chu Xian couldn’t believe this mysterious man was the Chu Mu who had lost a soul.

“Of course……of course……, its just a sixth phase seventh stage Ice Air Fairy, how could it defeat me!” Defeated by one soul pet of a nameless fellow, how could he swallow this shame!

Turning shame into anger, Chu Jia had already started chanting, thinking of switching a soul pet!

“Chu Jia, retract your trash soul pet.” Suddenly, a voice invaded the battlefield. This voice was somewhat slow, but it still felt like a command.

Just as Chu Jia was about to summon, when he heard that voice, his entire body shivered and his incantation was immediately interrupted. His eyes looked questioningly at the man who he hadn’t noticed entered the battlefield.

The person who spoke had a head of black hair and a white and pretty face, built tall and slender. His eyes were full of arrogance and belittlement, yet when they stared at someone it had an offensive nature, making those who make eye contact with him immediately vigilant.

“Big brother……big brother, I……I was just careless for a second. This third rate guy, I can get rid of quickly.” Chu Jia saw this man and immediately became flustered, stammering.

The man slowly walked up. He emitted a bit of fire aura from his body that pushed some of the cold air that permeated the battlefield away and walked calmly onto the battlefield.

The man smiled and slowly said, “Retract your soul pet, you aren’t his match.”

“Big brother……” Chu Jia seemed to be very afraid of his brother, not even daring to stand beside the man.

When the man appeared, Chu Xian’s face became pale and her eyes showed feared respect.

How could Chu Xian not recognize this man, it was Chu Jia’s brother Chu Yue!

Chu Yue was an outstanding member of the young generation in Great Chu Family. In Wogu Region, most people knew him and there were even many young girls who were infatuated with his handsome looks. However, rumors were that this guy was also a very improper person, having unclear relationships with many girls.

“This friend’s Ice Air Fairy truly is powerful. Even some strengthened high class commander ranks may not be match. You mustn’t be some nameless fellow, so might as well tell me your name.” Chu Yue’s mouth corners lifted and said slowly while watching Chu Mu.

“Chu Chen.” Chu Mu said apathetically. Seeing this guy putting on an act, he immediately felt somewhat disgusted.

“Chu Chen? I indeed haven’t heard of this name. Being able to use one Ice Air Fairy to beat my useless little brother, you do have some ability. However, the Great Chu Family is full of experts and isn’t a place for you to be wanton……” Chu Yue’s gaze became sharper and continued.

“Since you can use one Ice Air Fairy to defeat three of my little brother’s soul pets, then I Chu Yue will also use single control. You can summon whatever you want. As long as you can beat me, this pure ice type soul crystal worth 1.5 million will be yours.”

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