The Charm of Soul Pets

Chapter 117: Slippery Slope, First Cold Pond

Chapter 117: Slippery Slope, First Cold Pond

“Wei, say, this Chu Cheng brother, My little sister’s Purple Robed Dream Beast is female and your Night Thunder Dream Beast is male. Seeing as you two get along quite well, how about……” Ye Wansheng saw that Ye Qingzi and Chu Mu had just started discussing the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s issue, so he immediately interrupted.

Ye Qingzi seemed to understand her brother’s underlying implication and immediately shot a glare at the unrestricted guy.

Her Purple Robe Dream Beast clearly understood its master’s idea. Between its dream horns flashed a purple lightning that became a long snake that suddenly jumped towards the Star Wilderness Devil Colt!

Chu Xing and Chu Ning were right beside Ye Wansheng. This lightning strike’s power wasn’t small. Its powerful lightning energy immediately blew up between them, creating a sizeable and blackened crater, causing the two to perspire cold sweat.

Ye Wansheng seemed to have predicted long ago that his sister would flip out, so when the lightning came, he had already run ahead with his Star Wilderness Devil Colt.


There were many routes into the Sin Source Mountain Ranges, and Chu Xing and Chu Ning had already picked a route. This route didn’t have many people on it, so as the five entered the mountain range and they were surrounded by the bleak mountains, they slowly couldn’t see any other soul pet trainers anymore.

“Here, the mountains are interconnected. If we walk along this route, there should be approximately thirteen cold ponds. The first cold pond will be just ahead at the waist of that mountain, but some locals have said that some soul pet groups have congregated because of the cold ponds.” Chu Xing took out a map, and he looked at the mountain not too far away.

“Do you know what soul pet group?” Chu Mu asked.

If they knew what soul pets there were, then they could also summon soul pets that countered them, making the battles a lot easier.

“The person said that that it was a group of Hairy Umbra Monsters of about the fifth phase, less than 40 in amount. It shouldn’t be too hard for us to deal with them.” Chu Ning said.

Chu Mu nodded. What he needed now was to let his soul pets quickly elevate in stage and phase through battling, especially Zhan Ye, who was still at the fifth phase third stage. Only by raising its stage and phase could its battling advantage be displayed more completely.

After flipping over the bleak mountain, Chu Mu very quickly noticed that there were some massive footprints within the craggy mountain rocks, presumably stepped by a few rather powerful Hairy Umbra Monster.

“The information is pretty accurate, it is indeed a Hairy Umbra Monster. I wonder why these things are protecting a cold pond… can it be that they want to take a cold shower?” Ye Wansheng said.

“The Cold Pond is named the Sin Source Cold Pond because the water also has a bit of dark type within it. These Hairy Umbra Monsters are covered in thick resistive furs that are somewhat resistant to the cold, so what they really want is probably the dark aura within the Sin Source Cold Pond. This way their types can be strengthened and it will cause their strength to increase faster.”

Ye Wansheng looked at Chu Mu and laughed while saying, “It seems like you know a lot, you’ve probably been to a lot of places?”

Chu Mu shook his head. Everything he had just said was gotten from Old Li. Old Li was indeed worthy of being an old demon that was a few centuries old, knowing a lot about many soul pets’ living habits.


Not far away, the Hairy Umbra Monsters’ calls had travelled over, echoing through this unobstructed mountain, giving off a feeling of misery and bleakness.

“Let me take a look first.” Chu Mu locked his eyes onto the front and said to the other four.

After finishing speaking, he rode his Night Thunder Dream Beast faster and followed the given path towards one of the Sin Source Cold Ponds.

After passing over the winding mountain road and around one stone wall, what was displayed in front of Chu Mu was a slightly downward sloping slippery slope. The slope spanned about five hundred meters, and was only about one hundred meters wide. To the two sides were cliffs.

“There’s only about thirty. Young master can deal with them all by yourself.” Old Li said.

“No need to waste my soul pets’ stamina, let’s wait for them.” Chu Mu said.

On the road, they would encounter many cold ponds, and almost every cold pond had soul pets living nearby. If he continued to fight like this, his soul pets’ stamina would quickly be wasted, and then it would be quite dangerous to be in the empty mountain.

Not long after, the other four followed Chu Mu’s signals and came closer. Looking over and not spotting any particularly strong soul pet, the five people decisively summoned their battling soul pets.

To deal with beast type soul pets with just a little dark type, Chu Mu naturally picked the Devil Tree Battle Soldier first.

His Devil Tree Battle Soldier was already at the sixth phase fourth stage. With the Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s demon wood defense and demon wood piercing, these Hairy Umbra Monsters, who hadn’t even reached the sixth phase probably would have trouble even harming it.

The five knew that their opponents weren’t strong, so Chu Xing and Chu Ning didn’t even let their main soul pets battle. Ye Wansheng summoned a fourth phase and sturdily built Mammoth Beast, clearly wanting to train his low phase soul pet.

Ye Qingzi was also like Chu Mu, also summoning a wood type soul pet.

From her soul pact symbol floated a fifth phase sixth stage Green Wood Demon.

Chu Xing and Chu He both specially looked at Ye Qingzi’s summon, wanting to know if she would summon another shocking soul pet, yet when they saw that it was just a warrior rank Green Wood Demon, they shifted their gazes.

Chu Mu also paid attention to Ye Qingzhi’s soul pet. At first, he, like Chu Xing and Chu Ning, felt that the Green Wood Demon Ye Qingzi summoned was quite different from the Purple Robed Dream Beast.

Yet, after looking a few more times, Chu Mu realized that he was almost tricked by this soul pet that looked very similar to a Green Wood Demon.

“Your soul pet should be a Wood Tray Spirit, right?” Chu Mu asked.

The wood type soul pet that Ye Qingzi summoned was actually the rare Wood Tray Spirit in the plant world. Chu Mu had only seen it in books before, but he had never seen a real Wood Tray Spirit.

Ye Qingzi lifted an eyebrow, not expecting Chu Mu to be so quick to discover that her soul pet wasn’t a Green Wood Demon but a Wood Tray Spirit.

Once Chu Mu said it, Chu Xing and Chu Ning immediately took another look at the soul pet that didn’t look much different from a Green Wood Demon.

Wood Tray Spirit: Plant World – Wood type – Wood Tray Spirit – commander rank

The Wood Tray Spirit was a pretty special soul pet within the plant world. It had two states. Before the eighth phase, the Wood Tray Spirit was a tree with long, green whiskers.

When morphing from the seventh phase to the eighth phase, all of the Wood Tray Spirit’s green whiskers would gather and create a flower-like bud. After a time period of training, it would discard its original plant state shell and grow a spirit-like body that would greatly increase its battling and movement abilities.

Such a special soul pet state change also appeared in Bug Type soul pets like the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon. The difference was that the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon could morph into a normal soul pet and hide any time it met a dangerous moment, while the Wood Tray Spirit’s morph was irreversible.

The seventh phase first stage Purple Robed Dream Beast had already made Chu Mu surprised. Now, after she summoned this fifth phase sixth stage Wood Tray Spirit, which was clearly even better ranked than the Purple Robed Dream Beast and was a commander rank soul pet with great potential, Chu Mu had a whole new level of respect for this girl.

“Tree Formation!” Ye Qingzi spoke out loud to her soul pet, but she first threw down Tree Formation Seeds around the group of soul pet trainers.

Tree Formation seeds were a pretty common ability among wood type soul pets. Once these special seeds were thrown onto the ground, no matter if the ground had dirt or not, once the soul pets neared, these seeds would quickly grow into big trees that could protect and obstruct.

The Tree Formation could ensure that the soul pet trainers who were dominating the stage wouldn’t get directly attacked, and it was a very useful ability in team fights.

Ye Wansheng’s soul pet, the Mammoth Beast, was only fourth phase ninth stage, yet it still very brashly charged to the very front, knocking over a Hairy Umbra Monster that was looking around.

Seeing that Ye Wansheng’s soul pet had a Hairy Umbra Monster under control, Ye Qingzi immediately commanded her Wood Tray Spirit to cast tangle to completely bundle the Hairy Umbra Monster up.

“Shua!!!!!!” The Mammoth Beast’s long horn suddenly reflected a cold glint, and in the next moment, it pierced straight through the fifth phase first stage Hairy Umbra Monster’s body. Blood slowly trickled out of the Beast’s body.

The Ye Clan brother and sister had already entered a battle state. Chu Xing and Chu Ning weren’t any slower, immediately commanding their soul pets to kill the Hairy Umbra Monsters.

“Young master, this beautiful legged girl and the guy who loves to swear seem to both have decent backgrounds, having pretty valued pets at such a young age.

Chu Mu nodded. The two pets Ye Qingzi summoned both costed in the millions, and it could be seen that the Purple Robed Dream Beast’s power wasn’t much weaker than his own Night Thunder Dream Beast. The Wood Tray Spirit was also the elite of plant world commander ranks, not easily bought with just one or two million.

The four had all joined battle, so Chu Mu also rode his Night Thunder Dream Beast to a geologically sound place and commanded his Devil Tree Battle Soldier to cast a large area of effect ability- Demon Wood Pierce.

The sixth phase fourth stage Devil Tree Battle Soldier had a definitive advantage in a fight against these Hairy Umbra Monsters. Every wave of piercing would cause over sixty demon wood roots to suddenly break through the thick rock layers and come out of the ground crevices!

After three continuous waves of Root Piercing, Chu Mu’s Devil Tree Battle Soldier had killed ten Hairy Umbra Monsters, seemingly the best at finishing kills.

“Fourth brother, can’t you switch on an even lower phase soul pet? Right now, it won’t be long before your Devil Tree Battle Soldier kills them all.” Chu Ning controlled his fifth phase ninth stage Star Swallowing Wolf, but was between laughter and tears because just as his wolf found an opponent to deal with, Chu Mu’s Devil Tree Battle Soldier’s unpredictable roots would appear and almost instakill the fifth phase Hairy Umbra Monster.

Chu Mu could also see that these Hairy Umbra Monsters were, on average, of low quality, so after dealing with half of the Hairy Umbra Monsters, he immediately also summoned his fifth phase third stage Zhan Ye.

Zhan Ye was not too far from these Hairy Umbra Monsters in terms of phase, and with the advantage of being at the commander rank and a powerful life force, Chu Mu didn’t have to worry that an accident would happen, so he let it go directly into the ten Hairy Umbra Monsters to kill.

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