The Charm of Soul Pets

Chapter 116: Purple Robe Dream Beast, Trained After Birth

Chapter 116: Purple Robe Dream Beast, Trained After Birth

“Stop pulling, stop pulling…… Oh, you guys have come. We came early, so we had a little chat with these two beauties.” This teen said shamelessly.

The Chu Family’s three brothers all looked at each other, and they decided to withhold their opinions and not agree blindly.

“Fourth brother, let me introduce you. This one who likes to “chat” is Ye Wansheng, and this is his sister Ye Qingzi.” Chu Xing said to Chu Mu.

Chu Mu nodded towards the two people. Seeing that Chu Xing was going to introduce him, he interrupted Chu Xing’s words and lightly said, “Chu Cheng.”

“Oh, so you’re all Chu Family members. However, I heard that the Great Chu Family’s people has gone to Sin Source Cold Pond a few days earlier already.” Ye Wansheng said wearing a smile.

Though Ye Wansheng was wearing a casual smile, Chu Mu didn’t know why, but he felt that his eyes underwent some strange change.

“We’re outer clan members. We are not really directly related to the Great Chu Family.” Chu Mu saw that Ye Wansheng’s eyes were watching him, so he opened his mouth to explain.

“Since we’re all here, let’s leave. There’s a few more days before the cold pond water will bubble out of the cold ponds, but being early always has its advantages.” Chu Xing said.

The Ye Clan brother and sister nodded, so they walked out of the city.

Every soul pet trainer must have a rideable soul pet to easily travel around, and many times a soul pet trainer’s strength could be determined by the soul pet that they summoned.

Chu Xing summoned a sixth phase ninth stage Light Rhinoceros. This Light Rhinoceros was covered in golden armor, with distinct edges and corners. Its strong body was permeated with a powerful feeling of energy given by the metal. When it was summoned at the city gate, it immediately made everyone to turn and look.

Chu Ning also summoned a Light Rhinoceros. His was sixth phase fourth stage. This Light Rhinoceros’s build wasn’t as sturdy as Chu Xing’s, but from its legs, one could tell that it probably had some advantage in speed.

Ye Wansheng could clearly see Chu Xing and Chu Ning’s soul pets, so he didn’t feel much. Lazily chanting an incantation, he summoned a pretty traditional commander rank mount – the Star Wilderness Devil Colt.

Star Wilderness Devil Colt: Beast World – Beast type – Devil Colt species – Star Wilderness Devil Colt subspecies – medium class commander rank

The Star Wilderness Devil Colt was a completely endurance based soul pet. Many soul pet trainers who often ran outside would specially leave a soul pet spot for a speed and endurance type soul pet. This would create great convenience for their transportation.

A speed and endurance type soul pet was also important to a soul pet trainer because it was most practical as an escape tool. One could see that Ye Wansheng’s Star Wilderness Devil Colt had been wind type strengthened. Sprinting full out, its speed would definitely be very quick.

After Ye Wansheng summoned his soul pet, Ye Qingzi also chanted an incantation.

Ye Qingzi really was as she was named, having a beautiful appearance that made people fall over. When she summoned her soul pet, the three Chu Clan brothers’ eyes all naturally fell on her.

A light purple glow coiled around her graceful figure, and it slowly drew a purple summoning symbol in front of her.

A soul pet’s silhouette slowly appeared in the symbol. As the purple glow dimmed, it slowly became clear.

A body of noble purple fur, with half transparent white whiskers neatly fluttering. Its slender and straight body stood silently, yet it gave off the feeling of a speedy beauty!

“Purple Robe Dream Beast!”

Noble, graceful, yet also somewhat mysterious. When this soul pet appeared, it immediately started a round of discussion within the nearby people.

Purple Robe Dream Beast: Beast World – Demon type – Dream Beast species – Purple Robe Dream Beast subspecies – high class commander rank

After the seventh phase first stage Purple Robe Dream Beast appeared, Chu Xing and Chu Ning were clearly astonished. They didn’t think that Ye Qingzi actually had such a rare soul pet.

The Purple Robe Dream Beast was an absolute rarity among Dream Beasts. The demon type it possessed was beyond other Dream Beasts, and it also had a powerful thunder type talent, so its fighting strength was also beyond that of soul pets of similar species.

Seventh phase high class commander rank, and it was the rare Purple Robe Dream Beast. In that moment, Ye Qingzi became everyone’s center of attention.

This was also Chu Xing and Chu Ning’s first time seeing Ye Qingzi’s soul pet. After some confusion, they also clicked their tongues in praise, their eyes glinting with a strange light.

Even Chu Mu was surprised. First, Ye Qingzi summoned a seventh phase commander rank in her first summon; this was definitely very rare in the young generation. Second, the soul pet that Ye Qingzi had was a dream beast, just like him.

When Ye Wansheng saw that Chu Mu didn’t summon his soul pet after a while and instead glanced at his sister and half-jokingly said, “Can’t you wait until others finish summoning their soul pet before showing off your own? Look at how embarrassing you’ve made it for this one who hasn’t summoned his yet.”

Ye Qingzi rolled her eyes and, after looking at Chu Mu, she didn’t mind him much and jumped onto her Purple Robe Dream Beast. Ye Qingzi didn’t sit sideways. By riding normally, her long shirt was hiked up a little by her stance, and it revealed a large portion of her alluring and shapely leg, making all the spectating pedestrians’ eyes glow.

Chu Mu started chanting an incantation, and he also started summoning his own soul pet.

He would of course choose his Night Thunder Dream Beast when he was picking a mountable soul pet.

When the incantation was chanted, the figure of the Night Thunder Dream Beast slowly appeared within a black symbol. Its special, devilishly handsome quality made this dream beast look like it was running in from another mysterious world when it was being summoned. This peculiar scene quickly drew everyone’s eyes onto Chu Mu.

“Night Thunder Dream Beast!! The second dream beast!!”

“All seventh phase dream beasts!”

“Both of them are still of the young generation, right, can it be that they’re members of the Great Chu Family or the Jia Region Jia Clan?”

Seventh phase commander rank soul pets were still relatively commonly seen in cities, but when they were summoned from the soul pacts of two teens, the underlying meaning was a lot more impressive, especially when the two dream beasts whose royalty and devilness matching each other appeared at the same time.

“Fourth brother, how did your Night Thunder Dream Beast become seventh phase already?!” After Chu Xing and Chu Ning saw Chu Mu summon his Night Thunder Dream Beast, they both wore expressions of astonishment.

They still remembered that Chu Mu’s Night Thunder Dream Beast had only just reached the sixth phase, yet now it had directly jumped to the seventh phase first stage.

Between the sixth phase and seventh phase was a transformational barrier. Many soul pets can hardly improve or break through once they reach sixth phase, yet Chu Mu’s Night Thunder Dream Beast had, in a short few months, jumped from the sixth phase to seventh phase, almost as if there wasn’t any transformational barrier.

Ye Qingzi turned around and used her spirited eyes to look at Chu Mu, as astonished as Chu Mu was of her. Ye Qingzi hadn’t thought that the youngest of them all, Chu Mu, was actually the strongest. Even more, she didn’t think that Chu Mu would also summon a dream beast.

The Night Thunder Dream Beast, dark type and thunder type, created the most offensive dreamlands. In the night, it also had an absolute advantage. By ranking, it was a bit higher than even Ye Qingzi’s Purple Robed Dream Beast.

“Ugh…… Qingzi, I’ve already told you to be less showy. You see, there’s always a taller mountain.” Ye Wansheng embarrassingly looked at Chu Mu. The words he said before had clearly backfired, and it was like carrying a rock and dropping it on his own foot.

Chu Mu jumped onto the back of the Night Thunder Dream Beast and didn’t mind everyone else’s glances, telling Chu Xing to lead the way and quickly go towards the Sin Source Cold Ponds so he could continue to strengthen his Ice Air Fairy’s type.

The five people all had commander rank soul pets of sixth phase and above. In just this aspect, they had already suppressed many other teams. After they left with a dust cloud in their wake, there were waves of sighs behind them as people guessed which big power these five people were from.


After only some time of running, Ye Qingzi seemed to develop an interest in Chu Mu’s Night Thunder Dream Beast, so she specially rode her Purple Robed Dream Beast beside Chu Mu’s side, looked at Chu Mu, and quietly opened her mouth.

“Your Dream Beast’s demon type aura is very powerful. Usually, not many Night Thunder Dream Beasts have this sort of aura. Did you strengthen it using some soul item?

“It has only gone through the strengthening of a sixth rank soul crystal.” Chu Mu replied. As he spoke, Chu Mu took an extra few glances at Ye Qingzi, especially her beautiful figure that always incited endless imaginations.

“Then, from what I see, your dream beast is a nomadic demon?” Ye Qingzi said, seeming quite knowledgeable.

“En, you’re quite knowledgeable about demons.” Chu Mu nodded.

Nomadic demons weren’t a common scene, easily missed by soul pet trainers. Ye Qingzi didn’t even seem twenty, so being able to guess that Chu Mu’s Night Thunder Dream Beast had nomadic blood through a few simple sentences was really rare.

“My Purple Robed Dream Beast didn’t have a nomadic bloodline before, but now that I’ve successfully trained it, I’ve been trying to find some suitable demon homes to make its demon type powers stronger.” Ye Qingzi said to Chu Mu.

“Trained?” It was Chu Mu’s first time hearing that an innate ability like nomadic blood could be trained after birth.

“En, I often bring it to demon homes and let it feel the demon type auras and then excite it with soul items. It was just at its morphing into seventh stage that it learned it.” Ye Qingzi smiled lightly.

It had to be said that Chu Mu really didn’t know about being able to train innate talents post birth. Immediately, Chu Mu conjured his remembrance into voice and asked Old Li, who was sitting behind them, restrained from talking for a long time.

“What’s the success rate of this method?”

Old Li was a demon type soul pet, so his mental power was still relatively powerful, so at this point he let out an “mhmm”, acting like an experienced elder, and said to Chu Mu, “Of course this method works. Most importantly it depend on the soul pet itself and the soul pet trainer’s training methods. Speaking of which, this pretty girl is indeed a genius, being able to make her Dream Beast learn the innate nomadic talent after morphing.

“This method is very complicated, and it needs a long term of nurture as well as multiple types of stimulation to make it a reality. Of course, if you were poor and couldn’t afford such large scaled consumption to learn it, then don’t think too much of it. Though the success rate of such method might not be high, it would definitely burn money up regardless.

Zhan Ye’s fighting power wasn’t much, so Chu Mu also wished to develop other fighting abilities for it. Since there was hope, of course Chu Mu was going to try it.

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