The Charm of Soul Pets

Chapter 115: Banding Together, Vagrant Brother and Sister

Chapter 115: Banding Together, Vagrant Brother and Sister

Cold Pond City had one bustling street that spanned the entire city. Chu Mu still had about 1 million gold left on him and needed to go buy some soul cores at the city market.

In the period being chased by Xia Guanghan, Chu Mu didn’t even have time to go buy soul cores, so his soul pets’ rations had all lowered.

All soul pets, other than Mo Ye, needed to eat sixth level soul cores, and the types had to match their own type very well.

Usually speaking, the more types there were and the purer the soul core, the most expensive it was. Chu Mu used 500,000 to buy a spatial ring with even more storage and spent the rest on soul cores his soul pets needed.

After buying soul cores, Chu Mu rode his Night Thunder Dream Beast to a hotel and settled down, deciding to take a rest before going towards the rolling bleak mountains.

“Wuwuwu~~~~~~~” Once in a comfortable room, Mo Xie, who loved cleanliness, immediately let out joyful calls, taking a few light leaps and jumped straight into the bath tub full of aromatic water.

Demon Fire Evil Flames burned up from Mo Xie body and seeped into the water. As the fire flickered, it almost instantly heated the water up. White steam slowly floated out……

“Aha, old me also wants to wash a bit, I’m full of dust.” Old Li with a few “shua”s took off the ridiculous looking clothes on him and revealed his short body full of cat hair. With a leap, he also wanted to wash himself in the bath.

But, just as Old Li’s body went airborne, one of little Mo Xie’s tails suddenly lengthened and stretched outside of the water, directly slapping the dirty old guy away.

“Dongdongdong~~~~” Knocking suddenly sounded outside of their door.

Chu Mu didn’t even mind Old Li who flew past him and out of the window. Looking at the door that was knocked on, he slowly stood up and walked to the door to open it.

“Haha, it indeed is Chu Mu!” Just as Chu Mu opened the door, he saw two familiar bodies as well as a surprised voice.

Chu Mu also blanked. Looking at these two men, only after quite a while did he show an astonished smile, “Big brother, Third brother, how are you guys here?”

Standing at the door was Chu Xing and Chu Ning, except Chu Mu didn’t think that with no organized appointment, he would meet Chu Xing and Chu Ning, who had migrated with the clan to south region, in Cold Pond City.

“Just now passing by, I heard a passerby say a teen rode a flashy Night Thunder Dream Beast very handsomely down the big road, and the first thing we thought of was your Night Thunder Dream Beast. So, we asked our way through the road and finally found here. Once we knocked, we didn’t imagine it was actually you.” Chu Ning laughed as he explained.

The Dream Beast was rather rare in the commander rank soul pet, and a duo type soul pet like Night Thunder Dream Beast was also not often seen. Chu Xing and Chu Ning originally just had just wanted to try, yet the teen who rode the Night Thunder Dream Beast turned out to actually be Chu Mu.

Chu Mu brought the two of them into the room and promptly began to listen to their explanation for why they went to Cold Pool City.

In truth, the Chu Family’s migration location was in a city north east of Sin Source Mountain Range. Moreover, the distance to Cold Pool City couldn’t be considered too far. It was approximately only a six day journey and if one was riding on an even higher rank soul pet, four days was more than enough.

The family had just settled in that Qingfan City and required various resources from their surroundings to enable the family’s development. Thus, the young generation of disciples began to proliferate in all directions to both understand the nearby circumstances and to try their best to bring back a few valuable items to the family…

Chu Xing and Chu Ning were one team and Sin Source Cold Pond was a famous place. The two of them were assigned here and took advantage of the period when Sin Source Cold Pond was in season to see if they could find any valuable cold pool water.

Even if their luck wasn’t good and they weren’t able to find it, the two of them would be able to obtain experience from Sin Source Mountain Range, increasing their strength.

“I hear that Great Chu Family this time also dispatched some people to this city. It may be that big sister Chu Qian is one of them as well.” Chu Ning opened his mouth and said.

“Sister Qian Qian is also in Cold Pond City?” Chu Mu was slightly surprised. Chu Mu’s impression of Chu Qian was pretty deep; it’s just that he hasn’t seen her in a long time and didn’t know how she was doing now in the Great Chu Family.

“Shouldn’t be, she hasn’t mentioned this event in her letters.” Chu Xing said.

“We have stayed in Cold Pond City for quite some time now and had collected quite some information. We were just ready to gather everyone and head forward, so the appearance of you is truly timely. With you, our chances will be greater. Even if we meet those members of large powers, we won’t have to worry.” Chu Ning laughed while saying.

“I was just about to hire a local to bring me into the mountain. If this is so, let’s depart tomorrow early morning.” Chu Mu laughed.

Chu Xing and Chu Ning had already figured the route out, and everyone was people they could trust, so Chu Mu didn’t have the need to insensitively find others to go forward.

“We also found a pair of brother and sister. They had planned on going to the Sin Source Cold Pond, but they were both people who were too lazy to understand the situation. Their powers are quite strong. One could easily tell they were experienced people who often wandered outside. They will group up with us tomorrow morning. This way we have five people to go together.” Chu Xing said.

Chu Mu nodded. This Sin Source Cold Pond should be all in bleak mountains. Though there aren’t any things like Misleading Worlds, the danger ratings were still very high. If there were more people, they could mutually look out for each other.

“Is this pair of brother and sister reliable?” Chu Mu asked.

“We’ve been in contact for a few days. The guy is very casual and loves to bicker with others, but doesn’t look like someone with underlying intentions. The girl is pretty proper, and the feeling she gives people is also pretty good.” Chu Xing said.

“Big brother, from what I see it isn’t just a good feeling, right?” Chu Ning said in a strange tone.

Chu Xing coughed embarrassed and didn’t say any more.

Chu Mu didn’t understand the insinuations the two were making and just dismissed it as something of no importance, so he didn’t give it any thought.

Chu Xing and Chu Ning just lived a room by Chu Mu. At night, Chu Mu followed his usual training routine. He first fed fifty percent of his soul power to the White Nightmare and started his meditation, only falling asleep when daylight came.


Early Morning, Chu Mu patiently fed all his soul pets delectable food and waited a moment, and Chu Xing and Chu Ning were ready to leave.

Chu Mu brought Mo Xie and warned Old Li to not talk without his permission first and then followed Chu Xing and Chu Ning to the east of the city to meet up with the brother and sister.

City east had people going by often. Once in a while, they could see some soul pet trainers riding their soul pets rushing past the city gates, yet they could also always see many soul pet trainers moving in groups, presumably also people who go to the Sin Source Cold Ponds to find Cold Ponds that contained water.

“They are there…..Yi, why does it seem like they’re in an argument with someone.” Chu Xing very quickly found the pair of brother and sister, yet the pair was currently with another three people, holding a face of hostility.

“Then do we head over?” Chu Ning looked at Chu Mu.

“Let’s head over.” Chu Mu said.

When they walked near, Chu Mu instantly saw the brother and sister that Chu Xing and Chu Ning had described. Just as Chu Xing said, that man gave off a sort of casualness. Whether it was the haircut or the outfit, they both gave off a feeling of a teenage nomad. What was special was this teen had a furry and strangely shaped hat on his head.

Yet the girl had a head of black and straight hair that extended to the past the shoulders. Her face was delicate and beautiful. With a few more glances, it gradually gave one a feeling of emotional interest.

This girl’s most attention drawing quality was her figure. A body of light colored, elegant, and slim fit long shirt outlined her charming curves. The long shirt extended straight all the way to her thigh. Her lower body was only covered with a thin pair of pants, tightly wrapping her beautiful legs and emphasizing the fullness of her legs. Yet, simple boots perfectly displayed the intricacy of her legs……

Plain and simple yet beautiful and full of character, this girl gave Chu Mu a pretty good first impression.

“Do you believe I could gouge your eyes out right now?!” Suddenly, a cutting voice came, interrupting Chu Mu’s admiration of the girl.

“Gouge them out and put them on your chest so I can see as much as I want?” The casually dressed man said, acting all serious.

“You!!!! Shameless!! I will kill you today!” A woman’s face became bright red, looking as if she wanted to summon her soul pet yet couldn’t.

There were many places in the city where it was forbidden to summon any soul pet other than mounts, nevertheless battles between soul pet trainers, so though the girl was unbelievably angry, they didn’t dare to summon their soul pets in front of the guards and disturb the city order.

“Yang Ling, just let it go. Don’t mind these uncultured things. Everyone’s waiting for us outside already.” A girl wearing a dark yellow short shirt and long silk pants said.

“I’m uncultured? Girl, don’t think that you can say anything just because you’re big there!” The guy indeed said very unculturedly.

There were three opposing people, two women and one man. The girl named Yang Ling had a decent appearance and figure. Especially, her chest felt as if they were about to burst out of her thin shirt.

As for the reason for the two sides arguing, it was also easy to guess. More likely than not it was because this guy was unrestrictedly staring at Yang Ling’s full and alluring regions for a long time, attracting the other side’s resentment and sparking a battle of words.

Very interesting thing was, while the brother was shamelessly cursing at the two girls and one guy, the sister stood beside her brother and was emotionless, abnormally calm!

As if feeling bored, the spectating sister moved her sight away to see if the other two people had arrived or not, and she just happened to see Chu Xing and Chu He walk over.

“Brother, they’ve come.” The sister calmly grabbed the collar of her brother who was still arguing with the two women. Without waiting for her brother to finish speaking, she directly dragged him out.

“Lightly, lightly…… what, I’m a gangster? If you’re so scantily clad on the streets showing off flirtatiously, then don’t blame my eyes for watching. If you’re more virtuous then wrap yourself up tightly and stay in your private room……” Even if the vagrant was about to be dragged away, he didn’t forget to curse at the two women a little more.

The three people looked angry as if they were going to beat up the guy, yet they also seemed to have an urgent matter, so they could only forcefully suppress the anger in their hearts and quickly walk towards the east city gate after throwing down a few malicious sentences.

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