The Charm of Soul Pets

Chapter 118: Spiritual Items Should Be Fought Over

Chapter 118: Spiritual Items Should Be Fought Over

“Isn’t this Mo Ye a bit too ostentatious?” Ye Wansheng glanced at the Mammoth Beast fighting a Hairy Umbra Monster by itself. He then looked at the unfearful war beast, the Mo Ye.

Ye Wansheng’s Mammoth Beast was only at the fourth phase ninth stage, but fighting alone against a fifth phase Hairy Umbra Monster posed no problem for it. Even if it was facing two fifth phase Umbras, it would still be able to handily deal with them. After all, the Mammoth Beast’s defense, among the commander soul pets, was relatively first-rate.

However, even if the Mammoth Beast’s defense was very high, Ye Wansheng didn’t dare to order his soul pet to directly charge into a group of a dozen Hairy Umbra Monsters. Chu Mu’s warbeast Mo Ye’s body quality seemed to be similar to his Mammoth Beast’s, and suddenly charging in like this would definitely cause it to become heavily wounded.

“It probably isn’t considered arrogant…” Chu Ning had seen Chu Mu’s Zhan Ye, and his eyes lit up. Back then at Gangluo City’s plaza battlefield, what left the most profound impression on everyone wasn’t the Ice Air Fairy or the Devil Tree Battle Soldier, but the warbeast Mo Ye that could continuously use Broken Limb Rebirth.

Even the sixth phase fourth stage high class commander rank Radiance Lion was defeated by this fifth phase warbeast Mo Ye. Even if these fifth phase Hairy Umbra Monsters were to double in number, it would probably still be extremely hard to truly cause it any harm.

As expected, the moment that Zhan Ye penetrated into the dozen Hairy Umbra Monsters, it was obviously attacked from all sides. The ink armor on its body began to continuously show scars, but as the number of Hairy Umbra Monsters somewhat decreased, the Zhan Ye’s unfearing mind was fully displayed. In front of four or five fast and evasive Hairy Umbra Monsters, Zhan Ye ignored its wounds and violently attacked one of the Hairy Umbra Monsters.


Shattering Claw was used, and the ink-colored claws sunk into the Hairy Umbra Monster’s chest. A bloody shower instantly exploded from its chest, and its bones and internal organs were completely shattered.

After killing one Hairy Umbra Monster, Zhan Ye was quickly forced to the edge of the mudslide by six Hairy Umbra Monsters. It was at this moment that Zhan Ye displayed its powerful resistance ability. Facing the continuous attacks of six Hairy Umbra Monsters, the wounds on its body still unexpectedly had indicators of healing.

“Crysalis Congeal!”

A graceful incantation faintly rang out to the side.

A brown radiance slowly ascended and flitted past the Hairy Umbra Monsters, quickly changing locations and descending upon the besieged Zhan Ye’s body.

The ink armor on Zhan Ye’s body was a bug type armor. The Chrysalis Congeal soul technique enabled bug type soul pets with armor to secrete a quickly solidifying liquid that caused its outer layer of defense to increase in effect by about 30 percent.

The soul technique - Chrysalis Congeal that Yang Qingzi used was much stronger than a normal Chrysalis Congeal. After it descended on Zhan Ye’s body, it caused Zhan Ye’s defense to raise by six stages.

Zhan Ye’s ability to resist attacks was inherently formidable, and its life force was also tenacious. Presently, its defense had increased to the sixth stage and the Hairy Umbra Monsters’ attacks that continued to leave wounds on Zhan Ye’s body were still healed extremely quickly.

Chu Mu glanced at Ye Qingzi, and he saw that she had intentionally used a soul technique because she thought his soul pet was in trouble.

“Your Mo Ye’s life force and self healing ability are very strong.” said Ye Qingzi. During the fight, Ye Qingzi had already had her Wood Tray Spirit release a wooden formation in everyone’s surroundings, so the five of them only had to stand in the center of the region and conduct their soul pet’s fights without worrying about the Hairy Umbra Monsters directly sneak attacking them.

“Mhm, but its beast attribute is still a bit lacking.” responded Chu Mu. As he spoke, Chu Mu had Zhan Ye break free from his trapped predicament. He had it use Death Ray to knock two Hairy Umbra Monsters standing on the edge of the mudslide off the cliff.

While Ye Qingzi spoke, she simultaneously controlled her Wood Tray Spirit to exercise control over the fast moving Hairy Umbra Monsters. The Wood Tray Spirit, from beginning to end, had used the Bind technique. Yet, this technique was the crucial point of this fight. Often, even one of the Wood Tray Spirits was able to restrict four Hairy Umbra Monsters, rendering their bodies immobile. Subsequently, any one of the other four people’s soul pets would use a critical technique on them. It would thus be extremely hard for the binded Hairy Umbra Monster to survive.


Zhan Ye strangely ran in a lightning path ten meters away. Its black pupils were completely locked onto the last Hairy Umbra Monster and, as it approached, the ink armor spikes on its body abruptly shot out!!

Black colored ink armor and bone spikes easily pierced through the fifth phase ninth stage Hairy Umbra Monster’s body. Instantly, blood began seeping out of the Hairy Umbra Monster’s body.

“I’ll go gather the soul cores, you guys go and see if there’s any pond water in the cold pond.” said Chu Xing.

The others nodded their heads and rode on their respective soul pets slowly towards the outward extension of the terrifying mudslide.

Ye Wansheng was at the front. This fellow’s Star Wilderness Devil Colt’s movements were very agile, and even though there was an evident slant on this mudslide, it was still able to maintain its balance in this very difficult situation.

“Haha, our luck isn’t bad. There’s a fifth rank cold pond. Unfortunately, it’s a bit lacking and only has the value of about 100,000 gold coins.” Ye Wansheng jumped off his Star Wilderness Devil Colt. He stood on the edge of the small cold pond whose diameter didn’t even reach four meters, and a smile rose on his face.

This small pond had a depth of approximately 5 meters, and it was like a large well. The entire well seemed to be dried up, but at the very bottom, something flickered and sparkled.

It was said that a very long time ago, the large and small cold pons of this Sin Source Mountain Range were full of cold pond water. Only, due to various developments, the cold pond water grew increasingly less. This continued until now, where practically every cold pond was dried up. If a cold pond was even a little bit wet, it would be considered a gain to soul pet trainers.

“Gather it up.” Chu Ning grabbed a medicine bottle and chanted an incantation. Using a water control method, he slowly put the cold pond water from the bottom of the cold pond into the medicine bottle.

The medicine bottle was only approximately the height of one’s palm. Chu Ning collected all of the cold pond water, and pretty much filled the two medicine bottles. Such a mere amount of cold pond water fetched an expensive price of 100,000 gold coins.

Chu Mu originally thought that the cold water pond would be relatively more, but when he saw the drops of liquid in Chu Ning’s hand, he couldn’t help but bitterly laugh. He used his soul remembrance to say to Old Li: “Before, you told me to come to the cold ponds and soak there in order to lower the temperature of my soul. At least how many gold coins do you think I need to soak myself in the cold pond water?”

Old Li embarrassedly shook his head and whispered: “There are still cold ponds full of water in this Sin Source Mountain Range. This is a fifth rank cold pond, and a sixth rank cold pond would have a better effect. If you can find a seventh rank pond, moreover if the amount is enough, young master will be able to obtain soul washing. Of course, if the amount isn’t enough, young master can blend it with water. Everyday, when showering, you can soak in it a bit and it will be useful for your body.”

These two small bottles of fifth level cold pond water fetched a price of 100,000 gold coins. Even if this item could be used to mix in with water to bathe, not everyone could afford to wash in this.


After cleaning up the battlefield, the five people continued to walk forward. The next cold pond couldn’t be considered too far away from the first cold pond. Approximately 2 hours later, they found it and fortunately, there was only a small group of warrior rank soul pets residing there. The five of them didn’t need to switch soul pets and quickly disposed of them. They then obtained approximately 100,000 gold coins worth of cold pond water.


The map indicated that this path had a dozen or more cold water ponds. If they followed this path down, obtaining cold water springs worth approximately 2 million probably wasn’t an issue.

2 million could be regarded as extremely significant to many soul pet trainers and even a few small families. Only, the group had a total of five people, and if they were to evenly split it, every person would only earn 400,000 gold coins.

400,000 gold coins wasn’t even enough to fund a month of food expenses for Chu Mu’s soul pets. Therefore, when everyone found that the fifth cold pond had nothing, the five people all had intentions of changing routes.

The route that Chu Xing and Chu Ning had found was relatively safe. Afterall, without enough strength, dangerously searching for those cold ponds with higher values was extremely unwise.

In truth, with Chu Mu joining them, Chu Xing and Chu Ning felt that they needed to change their route and challenge even more valuable cold ponds. What they didn’t expect was that the Ye family’s brother and sister were two outstandingly talented members of the younger generation, causing the strength of their group to increase again.

“There’s definitely no need to search for the fifth rank pond again. We’ve walked for half a day and only earned 250,000 gold coins per person. A bit shameful. I feel like there’s no need to consider sixth ranks and under.” said Chu Mu.

“I don’t have any objections either. In truth, I would prefer to hide on an intersection where many people have to cross through and rob those fellows coming back from a rewarding journey. This way would be a bit faster.” mischievously laughed Ye Wansheng.

Chu Xing swept his eyes over everyone and seeing that no one had an objections, he also nodded his head: “Since that’s the case, then we’ll change routes.”

Chu Xing had also had prepared for two options. One map was the path they were walking on just now. It was a full route, and it had explicit cold pond markings.

The other map was an extremely vague topography description. It roughly indicated where the more valuable cold water ponds were located. If one were to follow the map and search for a few cold ponds, he or she would probably be able to find them. Of course, there were definitely larger obstacles en route, since the path would very likely pass through the territories of many soul pets.

“This is a relatively large sixth rank cold pond and is the closest to us. In my opinion, this cold pond should have caught the attention of other groups. If we’re decided on going, then we should prepare to fight others.” Chu Xing pointed at the indicator on the map and spoke.

“FIghting is what I like the most. Bullying those stupid wild soul pets is of no interest.” Ye Wansheng immediately lifted his two hands in approval.

Ye Qingzi didn’t have any objections, as Ye Wansheng would normally make the decision and she would always approve. However, their method of approving was different. Ye Wansheng had an excited appearance while Ye Qingzi reluctantly agreed. It seemed like she didn’t like to fight others.

“We’re eventually bound to conflict with other groups here. Deliberately avoiding them is not as good as meeting them head on. Otherwise, all the valuable cold ponds will end up in their hands. Soul items should be fought over.” Chu Mu wasn’t a benevolent person either, and he firmly believed they should go fight and vie for them.

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