The Charm of Soul Pets

Chapter 112: Untitled

Chapter 112: Untitled

The noble woman saw that Chu Mu had woken up, and she smiled lightly. She didn’t normally smile; in fact, she wasn’t willing to reveal a smile to anyone.

Chu Mu felt very strange, especially when a person who normally didn’t smile suddenly smiled towards him. He had to say, this naturally beautiful mother of his was very beautiful when she smiled, but Chu Mu was nevertheless unaccustomed to it.

Chu Mu wasn’t stupid. The reason her permafrost ridden face would suddenly melt was definitely because she had recognized him.

“Young master, you are indeed flooded with good fortune, and you have the looks of fortune. Against a terrifying ailment that would normally cause a normal person to stay in a coma forever, you only took a month to overcome. That’s truly amazing. I, Senior Huan, have lived for many years, and I really haven’t seen many soul pet trainers with a body quality like yours. Truly once in a century. No, no, once in a millennium. Your highness, to have one like such……”

Chu Mu hadn’t completely realized what was going on when an old yet crafty voice spoke a whole string of unfathomable words beside his ear, causing Chu Mu to be baffled. When he turned around, he was surprised to discover a raccoon-like crafty head with the body of a little, skinny and short old man huddled in front of his face, waving its arms around while saying something……

“Move to the side.” The ice on the noble woman’s face immediately refroze, as she ferociously glared at the thing beside Chu Mu’s ear spouting a bunch of nonsense, flicking it away with a finger.

The short racoon was thin as sticks. With a flick, it immediately flew from the bedside into the wooden wall. Its massive head and short body laid flat against the wall, limp as if it had no bones.

It was the first time Chu Mu had seen such strange organism. Not only could it speak, it could reveal an obsequious raccoon-like face. One had to say, it was a marvel of the soul pet world.

“Mu’er, what is wrong with your body? Why does your soul feel as if it’s burning?” The noble woman also clearly didn’t know how to talk with this son of hers that she hadn’t seen in forever, so she could only move the topic to this.

Chu Mu looked at her, but moved his eyes away and said lightly, “I signed a contract with a White Nightmare.”

“Your Highness, young master not only signed a soul pact with a White Nightmare, but was almost devoured by it. This phenomenon had also once appeared on an authoritative figure in Nightmare Palace. This figure’s soul was eaten by the abnormally talented White Nightmare and he transformed into a scary half devil, before finally completely losing his soul and consciousness.” Senior Huan seemed perfectly fine and eagerly jumped back up, waving its short hands around, and sending spittle flying as it explained.

“I want a solution, not your useless talk.” The noble women coldly said to the talkative clown.

“There are only temporary solutions, and no long term ones. If one wanted to permanently remove it without leaving any residual effects, then one must find Worldly Immortal Ice. The Worldly Immortal Ice would not only resolve the residual soul devil fire on him, it could also strengthen his body so he wouldn’t end up like such……” Senior Huan suddenly realized that this sentence was contradictory to his previous comment about “good body quality”, so he immediately stopped talking.

Chu Mu furrowed his brows, not knowing what they were talking about. He had indeed eaten the White Nightmare’s soul, but after the White Nightmare split from his soul and became his soul pet again in the third soul pet space, how could it still affect his soul?

The noble woman saw Chu Mu reveal confusion, and she immediately sat at the bedside and explained to Chu Mu, “Your soul temperature is in a state of constant burning. In this burning state, it will slowly burn away your consciousness and memory, making you a flaming devil man that knows nothing. Luckily, your soul has a strong resistance against devil fire, so in the short term, there won’t be any issues. But in the long run, if it keeps up, it will definitely sow trouble. Mother had already used ice type soul items to suppress your soul burning, but it still isn’t a long term strategy……”

When Chu Mu was unconscious, he had indeed felt that his body was constantly burning. This burning felt very very long, as if he would never wake up, eternally suffering in the burning of the devil fire.

Hearing his own mother say it like this, Chu Mu couldn’t help but also laugh bitterly. It seemed that the soul of a White Nightmare wasn’t this easy to devour, and the half devil state also had clear and scary consequences. If not completely removed, there would ultimately be a day where his consciousness and memory would burn away in the high temperature devil fire, making him a lunatic that could control devil fire.

“Mu’er, what actually happened?| The noble woman leaned closer to Chu Mu and said gently.

Chu Mu felt her gaze, and she showed a sliver of bitterness. He only spoke again after hesitating momentarily. “I used Chong Mei to devour the White Nightmare’s soul.”

Chu Mu also realized that his body definitely had some leftover illness that needed immediate attention.

“Devoured the White Nightmare’s soul?” The noble woman blanked. Only until Chu Mu nodded with confirmation did the noble woman suddenly realize why Chu Mu’s soul temperature was this high!

The White Nightmare was an evil soul pet. Such an evil pet was scary in that it could directly devour and burn a human’s soul. In the soul pet territory, almost everyone knew that the Nightmare was one of the evilest soul pets. Other than the Nightmare Palace and their cruel training method, most people didn’t dare to sign a contract lightly with a Nightmare.

What the noble women didn’t expect was that Chu Mu, who lost a soul, had entered Nightmare Palace and even signed a soul pact with the terrifying White Nightmare.

Seeing the noble woman show such a surprised expression, the racoon faced Senior Huan seemed to suddenly remember something, immediately jumping in front of the noble woman and said, “Your Highness, you often stay within Soul Palace, so you wouldn’t know about the events in the western region. From what I understand, young master was taken by Xia Guanghan as a devil apprentice to feed the White Nightmare. Afterward, young master was thrown onto Prison Island, living for three years within the island full of 3000 Nightmare Palace prisoners, becoming the one and only to survive, earning the title King of Prison Island……”

The noble women indeed wasn’t so knowledgeable of the events of the west world. Hearing Senior Huan say this, her face immediately changed. Her eyes were fixated on Chu Mu as she said, “Mu’er, is it true that these past years you have been suppressed by Xia Guanghan in Nightmare Palace?”

Chu Mu didn’t nod, only feeling that this woman indeed didn’t accomplish the responsibilities of a mother. Saying anymore to her didn’t mean anything. In fact, Chu Mu actually wanted to see Chu Tiancheng more.

“But, Your Highness, young master indeed is worthy of being the son of you and…… oh, your son. If I didn’t guess wrongly, young master was probably exceeding in talent, and he was more than fast enough to feed the monarch rank White Nightmare, even reaching spirit master at such a young age……”

“Less nonsense, tell me everything you know!” The noble woman was clearly slightly angry now.

Two years ago, she specifically went to Gangluo City, wanting to bring Chu Mu back to Soul Palace, and possibly find a way to solve Chu Mu’s lost soul issue. Even if she couldn’t, she would find a soul pet with the utmost potential for Chu Mu to sign. However, at the time, Chu Tiancheng thought that Chu Mu was dead already, so he didn’t tell her the truth. Only in recent times, when she wanted to pick Chu Mu up to leave, did she find out from Chu Tiancheng that Chu Mu had been missing for four years.

The noble woman didn’t get information from Chu Tiancheng on how exactly Chu Mu went missing or how he was judged to be dead. Not wanting to speak more with Chu Tiancheng, she killed her way to the west world, wanting to directly kill Xia Guanghan to calm her anger. What made her hope reignite from her sorrow was that Chu Mu wasn’t dead, and that she found him in the process of chasing Xia Guanghan.

Chu Mu was the noble woman’s only son. These past years, she herself also felt that she hadn’t taken care of him properly, not even noticing when he had gone missing for so long.

Flying the entire path from the Heaven Monument to the Southwest forbidden realm, the noble woman had felt incredibly guilty and ashamed, because she felt she didn’t truly do what a mother should do, meeting up only once a few years and then leaving hurriedly again, numbly working on her own things and not asking about Chu Mu at all.

Finally calming her heart down these years, she felt that she should pick Chu Mu up from Chu Tiancheng to let her take good care of him, and yet the only thing that she got was the bad news that Chu Mu had died four years ago.

However, now that she had unexpectedly found Chu Mu back, her constantly frosted heart instantly dissolved. The love between blood doesn’t just drift apart and cool because of rare visits, especially after she knew that Chu Mu was in a very dangerous state currently.

With the emotional rollercoaster, she also realized that Chu Mu took up a big part of her heart. Thus, this time, when Chu Mu was hurt, the noble woman would think of a way to solve Chu Mu’s burning soul issue no matter what.

Of course, the noble woman also realized that she wasn’t really an amiable and approachable woman. Chu Tiancheng himself had also told her once to not use such expression to face children, so this time when Chu Mu woke up, even though she didn’t like to smile at all, she would try her best to let Chu Mu see her gentle side.

“Your Highness, I also only heard it from rumors, that recently in the west world, young master’s fame has risen greatly, becoming one of the fastest growing top tier young experts. Yet, you know I, Senior Huan, love to find news from everywhere, so I more or less have found out things from people. However, the details should still be said by young master. Also, that Xia Guanghan fellow truly isn’t proper. Did he not know that young master was Your Highness’s son? If you don’t give him some proper punishment, he may actually think he’s important. Your Highness, you agree with what I, Senior Huan, am saying right?” Senior Huan said another long string of things in a single breath.

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