The Charm of Soul Pets

Chapter 111: Scorching Hot Soul

Chapter 111: Scorching Hot Soul

“Slowly think as to where you’ve seen me before.” Chu Mu still wasn’t in any mood to speak of any mother-son relation. At least with her current attitude that repelled others a thousand miles away and looked down on everyone as if they were insignificant, it caused Chu Mu to feel uncomfortable in his heart.

The noble eye’s eyebrows faintly creased, and she watched Chu Mu aloofly disappear from her eyes. Faintly, an extremely strange feeling ascended.

Chu Mu didn’t turn around either. In the past, he had come into contact with her very rarely, and Chu Mu had been able to live by himself just fine. Presently, Chu Mu was even more clear on his own path, and he had enough confidence. He would also be able to slowly become an expert that received the attention of others, and wouldn’t have to stand with an indifferent and emotionless woman, enduring her cold and arrogant air while having to talk in a very meticulous voice with her…

When he jumped off the tree to the ground, Chu Mu began to stride towards the expansive sea of forest. However, for some reason, as he walked, Chu Mu felt his own brain become heavier and heavier…

The dawnlight had already illuminated the entire expanse of the ocean of forest. Life was shining underneath the sunlight everywhere, but as the brightly lit forest, in Chu Mu’s eyes, grew darker and darker. As he continued walking, unconsciously, his pace had slowed and he was unable to muster the strength to even take the next step.

His body had been overworked, and Chu Mu would discover that this phenomenon was extremely normal. Continuous fights, experiencing a soul pact removal and injuring the soul, and finally in a struggle after forcibly devouring the White Nightmare’s soul. No matter how vigorous a person’s ability and mental power was, he or she would not be able to handle such high intensity burdens.


Finally, when Chu Mu stepped another large stride, his body lost balance and he collapsed on the leaf ridden ground. White demonic devil flames strangely ignited on his body, but these white demonic devil flames seemed to have been burned out. After faintly burning, they quickly died out.

On the peak of the treetop, the noble woman continued to stand there motionlessly. From her position, she could see through the dense tree branches, and she happened to see the collapsed Chu Mu on the ground.

For some unknown reason, the woman had some extremely strange, familiar feeling towards this young man in front of her. Yet no matter how hard she tried to remember, she was unable to think of where she had seen him before. Indistinctly, she then thought that this young man had a bit of resemblance with that male… finally, the woman jumped down from the treetop and walked over to where Chu Mu had collapsed.

Although the white demonic devil flames on Chu Mu’s body had completely died down, a terrifying pale white had emerged on his skin. From one’s perspective, it looked like a corpse that had been puffed in water for a very long time.

The woman slowly extended her hand and placed her finger on the back of Chu Mu’s neck. She poured her soul power into Chu Mu’s soul.

The noble woman instantly saw that Chu Mu had fainted because his soul power had been excessively exhausted, and his soul had been injured. She poured her soul power into Chu Mu’s body so that it could preserve a bit of soul power and it wouldn’t develop a very hard to cure illness due to excessive exhaustion.

“Strange, why is his soul scalding like this?” a trace of doubt appeared on the noble woman’s face.

When every soul pet trainer’s soul maintained its normal state, it was the same temperature as other similar people. It had a bit of heat and if it were to be burned by flames or pierced by ice, then the temperature would change. Yet, this would only be very brief.

The woman currently felt that the temperature of Chu Mu’s soul was extremely high. Even if it were bearing the burning of some normal flames, its temperature could not reach such a level. The soul temperature degree was exactly equal to fire poison invasion.

Yet, what made the noble woman rather astonished, was that that the high fire temperature manifested from flame effect that was exactly the similar to fire poison invasion didn’t immediately burn this young man’s body to ashes. Instead, it continuously maintained this scorching hot state.

This was the first time that the noble woman had seen such a powerful soul at this age. With her experience, in her opinion, this young man’s soul definitely had undergone and borne the powerful devil flame burning. As for the current scorching burning devil flame that was similar to flame poison invasion, it still didn’t cause his soul to be completely burned to ashes.

The woman opened her spatial ring and retrieved a fire poison resistance medicine, and she immediately had Chu Mu drink it.

Fire poison resistance medicine was normally concocted using special frosty ice medicines. Once Chu Mu drank it, a white smoke emerged in his throat and his body immediately began burning with a layer of incorporeal devil flame!

The noble woman was startled by the strange phenomenon occurring on Chu Mu’s body and immediately used her soul remembrance to look into Chu Mu’s soul, wanting to know what exactly happened to his soul.

Chu Mu’s soul temperature had dropped a bit, but the drop was extremely limited. Although his soul’s ability to resist flames was extremely strong, if he were to maintain this state for a long time, it may not cause death, but it would cause his memory and intelligence to be completely burned to nothing, rendering him completely crazy… “Such a high temperature, aside from finding Worldly Immortal Ice, it is impossible to cure.” the noble woman’s eyebrows faintly wrinkled.

Just now, the fire poison resistance medicine the noble woman had Chu Mu drink was at the tenth level. Yet, the powerful effect of this fire resistance medicine only managed to lower the temperature of Chu Mu’s soul a bit… using a large amount of the medicine was useless, and even if the noble woman had unlimited bottles of the tenth level fire poison resistance medicines, it would only manage to lower the temperature of Chu Mu’s soul that little bit. The exception was to use the Worldly Immortal Ice that was full of the same attacking attribute in order to conduct neutralization with this terrifying high soul temperature. Otherwise, a few days later, his entire body would transform into a fiery soul devil person with no rational/mind.

The Worldly Immortal Ice wasn’t a normal item, and there was a definite level of difficulty when it came to finding it. The noble woman and the young man in front of her were strangers coming together by chance, and naturally she could not search for the Worldly Immortal Ice, which was hard to even see in 100 years for him.

However, for some unknown reason, she found it very hard to leave the young man in front of her… “Ya, bring him to find Senior Xuan…” the noble woman called down her starlight soul pet and had it carry Chu Mu on its back. She also jumped onto its back and they flew in the direction Chu Mu had just pointed in.

The Senior Xuan from the noble woman’s words was the half person half pet fellow that was thrown into the wild mountains by the noble woman just now. That fellow inherently was a soul pet, but was a special soul pet that was able to change its form. It originally wanted to transform, but after failing, it changed into a half person half pet appearance that he was fundamentally unable to change back.

Senior Xuan’s life span was long, and he often lived among human species groups for what was said to be 100 years. Therefore, he knew many things.

The noble woman faintly felt that Chu Mu and herself definitely had some sort of relation. Otherwise, with her disposition, she wouldn’t ineffably rescue this Nightmare Palace member. As such, she intentionally brought along Chu Mu to ask this fellow who grew like a leopard cat to see what happened to this young man’s body, and whether he could be healed.

“Why do you look more and more like that fellow?” the woman stared at Chu Mu’s pale face and, as she was carefully examining his features, she found that there were a few places where Chu Mu had many similarities with Chu Tiancheng.

Only as a test, the woman subconsciously extended her hands and placed her jade white hand onto Chu Mu’s chest. Subsequently, she poured her soul remembrance into his body.

Previously, the noble woman had poured her soul remembrance to search Chu Mu’s soul. This time, the soul remembrance was poured into to examine Chu Mu’s body. These actions were completely meaningless movements, but she still wanted to try to confirm.

The soul remembrance quickly began to swim on Chu Mu’s pale body, however, the expression on the noble woman’s face gradually transformed from an indifferent one into a shocked and stunned one!

In this instant, the noble woman’s expression completely changed!

The violent wind blew against the noble woman’s cheeks high in the air, causing her hair to lift up and completely exposing her face. However, her face was no longer like a thousand year old frosted ice – arrogant and apathetic – rather, it was an emotional movement that was hard to suppress and hard to believe!

His sea of consciousness should have been completely dark, as his consciousness as he travelled didn’t have any feeling or perception.

Chu Mu was in a state of coma and presently, in his sea of consciousness were interweavings of darkness and white flames!

Although Chu Mu had devoured the White Nightmare’s soul and his soul remembrance was stronger than the White Nightmare, his soul could not compete with a monarch rank terrifying soul pet. Despite his willpower completely dominating the White Nightmare, his body and soul needed to pay a certain price.

Presently, Chu Mu was completely unconscious, yet his consciousness was, from beginning to the end, being roasted by a scorching hot devil flame. This sort of feeling was like being immersed in a terrifying dream realm and being unable to wake up from it all along.

Chu Mu felt his whole body boiling. This boiling feeling caused his consciousness to remain fuzzy from beginning to end… an unknowing amount of time had passed when a this soul burning feeling finally began to slowly wane a bit. A refreshing feeling spread through his entire body… finally, Chu Mu awakened from this feeling of a slight temperature drop. When he opened his eyes, he still saw a ball of white demonic devil flame burning in his field of view… the white demonic devil flame slowly dimmed, and he was able to clearly see the situation around him.

The memories quickly surged into Chu Mu’s body and after a head-splitting headache, Chu Mu finally remembered that he should have fainted in the ninth class misleading world. However, why did he awake in a neat and tidy wooden room?

“You’re awake?” Chu Mu was feeling suspicious when a pleasant voice arrived in his ears. The voice was tender and exquisite, making Chu Mu feel like it was pleasant to hear.

Chu Mu turned his head and instantly saw a beautiful complexion. As he carefully looked, it happened to be his mother. What made Chu Mu feel incomparably flabbergasted was that the face that should have been indifferent and emotionless was like the ice that had been thawed. The previous feeling that repelled others a thousand miles away no longer remained…

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