The Charm of Soul Pets

Chapter 113: Cold Beauty, Noble Woman Liu Binglan

Chapter 113: Cold Beauty, Noble Woman Liu Binglan

The noble woman clearly felt that Senior Huan was speaking too much nonsense, sweeping an icy glance at the old fellow.

Xia Guanghan is someone the noble woman definitely will get rid of, or else how else would she calm the anger in her heart? And Chu Mu’s condition currently was clearly also caused by Xia Guanghan. Even if Xia Guanghan hid deep in Nightmare Palace, the noble woman will drag him out.

“Muer, don’t worry, this Xia Guanghan mommy will get rid of. The devil fire on your body, mommy will also find some Worldly Immortal Ice to cure……” The noble woman extended her hand and tried to caress Chu Mu’s face with a small smile.

Chu Mu deftly dodged the noble woman’s hand. Chu Mu wasn’t a kid anymore that needed such consoling and intimate action. One, he wasn’t used to it, and two, he felt this mom of his was still treating him like a young child.

“You first lie down for some rest. Mommy will go pick some ice type fruits for you, the other things we can discuss in detail later……” The noble woman seemed to notice that Chu Mu liked speaking less and less, so she didn’t know what to say in a moment. Remembering that Chu Mu hadn’t even eaten anything after he woke up, she started blaming herself for being so unobservant……

Chu Mu nodded. Right now, he felt his stomach was ablaze with fire. Eating anything would probably be very uncomfortable. Only ice type berries may make Chu Mu feel his appetite again.

After the noble woman left, Chu Mu didn’t know how long he was fainted for, so he quickly fed all of his soul pets food, in case he starved them dizzy as well.

For unforeseen emergency purposes, Chu Mu always had some food prepped in each soul pet space. This food Chu Mu didn’t allow his soul pets to snack on normally, allowing them to eat it only when special circumstances happen, like when he fainted this time.

After feeding all his soul pets, Chu Mu also specially checked on the White Nightmare’s situation. The White Nightmare normally rarely ate soul cores, and this period he hadn’t been feeding it any soul power, so it was most likely completely gloomy now.

“White Nightmare?” Chu Mu started using his remembrance to communicate with it.

“Nie~~~~~” The White Nightmare answered weakly. It seems it hasn’t recovered its status completely.

“Ok, stop acting pitiful in front of me, it was you who wanted to devour my soul first.” Chu Mu said.

“Nie~~Nie~~~~~” The White Nightmare clearly wanted to debate about that.

“Whatever, I won’t bicker about it with you. From now on your food will still be fifty percent of my soul power, but in special circumstances, like if I need to use all my soul power in a fight, just eat some soul cores first to fill your hunger. Once I have more soul power I will make it your food after.” Chu Mu said to the White Nightmare.

No matter what, it was still a soul pet he had fed for four years. Chu mu didn’t want to easily give this dangerous soul pet up. After all, without the White Nightmare’s pressing presence at every step, Chu Mu’s cultivation would definitely not be at its current level.

Thinking about it, the White Nightmare was Chu Mu’s first soul pet, and he raised it from its youngest moments until now. Though Chu Mu was merciless towards enemies, he was still very loving to his soul pets.

“Nie!!! Nie!!!!!!!!” Hearing that it still could get soul power to eat, it immediately became excited, letting out a string of devil cries.

The White Nightmare’s wisdom was somewhat mature now, so it naturally knew it displeased its master and would very likely be exiled into the cold palaces1 and never be fed soul power anymore.

Yet, the White Nightmare didn’t expect Chu Mu to be this generous, not caring about the past. Most importantly, it could still get soul power in the future. This way, the White Nightmare no longer needed to be downcast.

After settling matters with the White Nightmare, Chu Mu relaxed slightly, but remembering that his soul was constantly burning because of the half devil state, he thought it would probably affect his cultivation greatly.

“Young master, do not fret. With Her Highness, your soul will definitely recover quickly.” Senior Huan saw that Chu Mu wore a worried frown and felt that his time to flatter was here, so he immediately jumping beside Chu Mu and spoke.

“Why call her Her Highness or noble woman? Does she not have a name?” Chu Mu looked at the half soul pet half human and opened his mouth to ask.

“Eh, how would little me dare to speak her name directly?” Senior Huan said.

“I know nothing of her, just simply say a little.” Chu Mu looked out the window and said.

Before, Chu Mu saw the noble woman riding a starlight soul pet. Even if this starlight soul pet wasn’t as strong as the Blue Galactic Demon Emperor, it presumably wasn’t far off. With a soul pet this powerful, she has to be famous through the entire soul pet realm.

Very early on, Chu Mu had already guessed his apathetic mom was a very powerful soul pet trainer, but he never thought she had already reached such levels.

Senior Huan seemed to know a bit about the inside story of the noble woman having a child. Also seeing how distant Chu Mu was from the noble woman, he immediately put up an act of knowing everything, lifting its laughable raccoon head and saying.

“The noble woman’s name is Liu Binglan. In the soul pet territory, she is one of those very low profile exceptional experts. Not many know of her, but most high level authorities of big powers knew of her. In the social ring of experts, everyone called her “noble woman”, or by another title “Cold Beauty”. Where she came from, no body knows. Some say shes the disciple of a powerful hermit expert. She’s currently taken the position of ‘Star Ender’ within Soul Palace and Soul Alliance, becoming the nightmare of many evil doers……”

Senior Huan said a bunch of information about the noble woman in one breath, but, Chu Mu only got more and more lost as he listened because the realms Senior Huan spoke of was clearly the higher levels of great powers. Chu Mu hadn’t contacted that level yet, so the examples Senior Huan listed to explain his mother’s power only made Chu Mu nod with half-understanding, vaguely knowing that his cold mother was a very powerful individual, the “Star Ender” that made many wanted evil doers shiver in fear when mentioned.

“You’re asking about your father and mother and why they don’t seem to get along well, right? This I’m not too sure of. In brief, them getting together caused countless people’s jaws to drop……”Senior Huan was clearly an animal that enjoyed talking, so even if it didn’t know any insider information, it would say something about it anyways.

Senior Huan was just about to tell Chu Mu what was essentially gossip, but just as he was opening his mouth, his body suddenly flew away, slapping onto the wall like a sponge again. His body was even pierced by the decorations on the wall, but he was still completely fine.

“Of the things this “thing” knows, thirty percent is true, forty percent is rumors, and the last thirty percent is him making things up. Don’t have to listen.” The noble woman Liu Binglan had at some time unknowingly returned to the wooden room already, holding some cold air emitting fruits wrapped in a big dew covered green leaf.

“Come, eat a bit. You must be hungry.” Noble woman Liu Binglan picked up a relatively small fruit and put it beside Chu Mu’s mouth.

“Let me do it myself.” Chu Mu still felt kinda weird. He remembered that even before, she wouldn’t feed him like this, how is she now all “good mother” with him……

Noble woman Liu Binglan didn’t insist either, content with just sitting on the bedside to hear Chu Mu’s experiences this year.

Chu Mu also only briefly explained once, choosing not to go in detail.

“Originally, when you were eighteen, I planned to bring you to Soul Palace to try to recover your one lost soul. Yet, mommy didn’t think that you had gone missing for these years. You must have suffered a lot of hardships on those isolated islands……” Though Chu Mu kept it simple, the noble woman Liu Binglan could still guess that the four years Chu Mu had gone missing in were full of bitterness and sadness. As she listened, her eyes misted up.

“I don’t want to go to Soul Palace.” Chu Mu heard that Liu Binglan wanted to bring him to Soul Palace and immediately shook his head and rejected it.

Chu Mu had just struggled free of a big power Nightmare Palace and now he was offered to enter Soul Palace. Chu Mu felt that even if he had Liu Binglan to escort him, Mo Xie as a continuously mutating soul pet will still bring lots of trouble for Chu Mu, so Chu Mu didn’t want to join any group. He just wanted to freely voyage on his own, unceasingly adventuring and increasing his own strength.

Liu Binglan now naturally hoped Chu Mu was near her side. After trying to persuade Chu Mu for a long while and noticed that Chu Mu was adamant, she could only give up.

If it were before, the noble woman would indeed not ask for any opinions and directly bring Chu Mu to the Soul Palace and tell him to grow according to her wishes. However, Liu Binglan didn’t dare to do that now anymore. Even she could see that Chu Mu’s attitude towards her as a mother was dispensable. If she was any more aggressive and strict, Chu Mu would likely just leave.

“Okay, since you don’t want to go to Soul Palace, mommy won’t force you, but your situation isn’t too positive right now. Let me bring you to Tianxia City to let you nurse yourself back to health for a bit. I’ll then move north to look for the Immortal Ice.” Noble woman Liu Binglan said.

Liu Binglan herself really wanted to bring Chu Mu by her side, but Liu Binglan felt that the north wasn’t that safe, and the Worldly Immortal Ice would definitely grow in a very dangerous zone. Liu Binglan didn’t want Chu Mu to experience danger with herself.

Chu Mu still shook his head. Though the half devil state left residual effects, it didn’t affect him currently. As long as he grew stronger, this lasting effect may disappear by itself. Chu Mu didn’t want to be locked in one place, so he made clear of his intentions to grow stronger alone.

“Your Highness, how about this. I Senior Huan am just idle as well. Let me stay aside young master and follow him in his adventuring and training so Your Highness can be at ease when looking for the Worldly Immortal Ice.” Senior Huan quickly caught the opportunity and said.

Noble woman Liu Binglan looked at Senior Huan and clearly showed her distrust. Yet, she at the moment couldn’t think of a better way, so she only nodded. “Then let Senior Huan stay at your side. Senior Huan is experienced and knowledgeable and will be of great help to you on your road of cultivation. Just walk all the way to Tianxia City. Once I find the Worldly Immortal Ice, I will also go to Tianxia City to find you. And the Fight Under the Heavens is also happening within the next one or two years. Mommy felt that you need need to go check it out; it will help you greatly in the future……”

Chu Mu looked over at the slightly comical looking old fellow and felt that it would be quite the burden to have beside him. Yet, thinking again, if he didn’t accept, Liu Binglan may bring him to Soul Palace again, so he nodded. First, he had to get rid of that thought of hers.

1. In the dynasty days, the emperor had a “cold palace” for the concubines he no longer liked and would exile

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