The Charm of Soul Pets

Chapter 108: Terrifying Galactic Demon Emperor

Chapter 108: Terrifying Galactic Demon Emperor

The serene, white colored demonic devil flame was full of the most terrifying soul burning energy!

The scarlet red demon fire evil flame possessed double the burning effect!

The captivating red blood flame could pass through the skin and ignite the blood inside the enemy’s body!

The three layered flame astonishingly transformed into an eminently beautiful light beam that suddenly appeared at the darkest point of the night.

The night was about to end and, on the vast jungle horizon, a tripe white dawn gradually blossomed at the end of the ocean of forest. By chance, it happened to reflect its brilliance upon the incomparably stunning Heavenly Flame Rite!

At this moment, it was deathly silent. The vertical ray of fire fell perfectly onto the seventh phase eighth stage Yellow Corpse Sand Dragon’s body, and it strangely suppressed all the noise in the surroundings completely.


Suddenly, the humming noise of space shaking rang out. Immediately following that, a large, instantaneously burning fire force strangely appeared in a space of 100 meters in the forest in the air!

Once the immense hole of fire astonishingly appeared, three layers of different colored flames abruptly coiled around the vertical ray of fire. They eminently frighteningly rose up and immediately, a dazzling and harsh fire light illuminated the entire area.

The gaudy fire light reflected upon Xia Guanghan’s pale face. His two dilated pupils were completely occupied by the ninth rank destructive type flame.

Chu Mu had killed a spirit master guard, so Xia Guanghan knew that Chu Mu definitely had an extremely powerful technique. Only, he had never expected for Chu Mu’s technique to reach such a terrifying level. Its might perhaps even reached the frightening ninth rank!!

Xia Guanghan’s ninth phase Violent Blood Pool Beast had to use all of its strength before being able to use a ninth rank technique. However, Chu Mu, after overlaying three techniques together, was unexpectedly able to reach this terrifying level!!

The extent of Heavenly Flame Rite was extremely wide. If Xia Guanghan had hastened his chanting speed, he could have recalled the Yellow Corpse Sand Dragon back into the soul pet space.

However, the eighth level soul armor on his body fundamentally could not resist this terrifying ninth rank technique!

Either the Yellow Corpse Sand Dragon would be engulfed by the ninth rank Heavenly Flame Rite, or he would be seriously wounded by the Heavenly Flame Rite technique. Xia Guanghan could only, at the moment, grit his teeth and pick the latter option!

Xia Guanghan chanted an incantation to attach a black crystal defense onto his body, and he raised his defense to the ninth level!

“Hong hong hong~~~~~~~~~~”

The incomparably ostentatious flaming dragon body coiled around the glorious falling flame beam as it eminently and coarsely soared into the vast sky!!

The Yellow Corpse Sand Dragon’s body was covered in thick sand, and it looked like an extremely compressed yellow sand helmet and armor. However, the Yellow Corpse Sand Dragon’s defense had only reached the eighth level. Previously, it had been seriously wounded by Chu Mu and Mo Xie and, presently, it was facing Chu Mu’s three layered Heavenly Flame Rite ninth rank technique. It further didn’t have any ability to resist, so it’s enormous five meter body was essentially thrown into the swept by the terrifying heavenly flame dragon!!

The light of daybreak was blossoming, and the three layers of fire light identically gave off an incomparably gaudy discharge, illuminating the forest in the sky just as the break of dawn arrived.

The forest in the air was a special world made up of the interweaving of the branches of the three eminently enormous protector God ancient firmament woods. Presently, in the middle area between these three protector God ancient firmament woods astonishingly rose an exceptionally and gorgeously long flaming dragon. Indistinctly, one could hear the extremely vigorous roar of the flaming dragon reverberating around this ninth class misleading world!



In the air above the sea of forest, an incomparably powerful starlight faced the eminently violent flaming brilliance as it quickly flew. Standing arrogantly on the starlight soul pet was a woman whose pupils were instantly dyed a red color by the blossoming fire light in the distance.

The woman faintly knit her eyebrows. A while later, the heat wave swept over from that direction, hitting the woman’s beautiful face, causing the hair on her head to flutter.

“Could it be that Xia Guanghan and the Blue Galactic Demon Emperor are fighting?” muttered the woman to herself. Her gaze fixated on the location where the flame was soaring up from. She hastened her speed and, without any worries, flew towards the Blue Galactic Demon Emperor’s territory!


The Heavenly Flame Rite technique persisted for a very short duration, but the damage it caused was considerably terrifying. As the shocking dragon of flame disappeared, an extremely massive burnt crater appeared in the expansive forest in the air. Looking down at the burning crater from above, one was able to see the deep underground of the forest in the sky!

A misty yellow sand was still pervading the fiery air and, as the wind blew over, the bitingly cold gale began to make it gradually dissipate. The yellow sand force originated from the Yellow Corpse Sand Dragon. Only, there presently simply was no figure of a Yellow Corpse Sand Dragon to be seen in this ruined burning region!

The seventh phase eighth stage bug type dragon species soul pet possessed an incomparably powerful defense and tenacious life force. Despite this, after suffering from Chu Mu and Mo Xie’s grievous damage, the Yellow Corpse Sand Dragon ultimately was not able to resist Chu Mu’s and Mo Xie’s fused Heaven Flame Rite technique. Under the destruction of this ninth rank force, it was completely eradicated into dust and sand!

The black crystal ice armor had already been transformed into shattered pieces, and the eighth rank soul armor on Xia Guanghan’s body had clearly dimmed a bit. His soul had once more suffered damage and presently, Xia Guanghan’s soul was even weaker to the max. His face was already beginning to unceasingly twitch!

During this fight, Xia Guanghan had lost five whole soul pets!

The seventh phase fourth stage Heavenly Vine Demon and the eighth phase first stage Blue Nightmare were both Xia Guanghan’s secondary soul pets. Their deaths to Xia Guanghan only made him feel a bit unfortunate, but he was still able to bear it with difficulty.

However, previously, Chu Mu had set the Dream trap, causing him to lose his main soul pet, the eighth phase second stage Earth Fiend Dream Demon. Presently, Chu Mu had also killed the Yellow Corpse Sand Dragon that was about to become his strongest soul pet. The anger had already ignited his entire body!!

“Kill him. Tear him into pieces for me!!!” Xia Guanghan’s face was twitching, and his entire being seemed like it was about to explode. He angrily ordered the ninth phase Violent Blood Pool Beast to launch an attack at Chu Mu!!

How powerful was the ninth phase Violent Blood Pool Beast? The moment it finished charging up, it was able to create something terrifying that was on par in terms of destructive power with the Heavenly Flame Rite.

“Hou Hou Hou!!!!!!!!!”

The Violent Blood Pool Beast suddenly let out the most terrifyingly and violent hiss. An enormous grandeur suddenly pressured downwards, and the interweaving tree branches under its body immediately began to rupture and break apart!

Chu Mu and Mo Xie naturally knew of the Violent Blood Pool Beast’s powerfulness. They used their most absolute speed and began to open up the distance between them and Xia Guanghan and the Violent Blood Pool Beast!

“Hong Hong~~~~~~”

Two terrifying blood colored fists abruptly pounded down and, instantly, a boundless blood colored energy proliferated in all directions from the location where the fists had fallen. The frightening obliterating energy ostensibly shattered the surrounding tree branches that formed the forest in the air!

Chu Mu and Mo Xie didn’t completely dodge the terrifying energy spread of this technique and, as the forest in the air was shattered, their bodies began to fall from down from high above, into the sea of forest!

There was approximately a hundred meter gap between the forest in the air and the sea of forest below. Such a fall didn’t have too large of an effect on both Chu Mu and Mo Xie.

Mo Xie used the Flame Dance ability and quickly appeared under Chu Mu, whose entire body was burning in White Demonic Devil Flames. She immediately carried him on her back and hastened her running speed towards the ground!!


Suddenly, the ninth phase Violent Blood Pool Beast’s figure astonishingly appeared behind Chu Mu and Mo Xie. The Violent Blood Pool Beast’s space claws abruptly smacked the empty space. Immediately, the entirety of this space began to violently shake, as a powerful energy knocked Chu Mu and Mo Xie flying!

Chu Mu had a sixth level soul armor on his body. Presently, he also had the nearly eighth rank defensive skin of the White Nightmare. Fusing them together, the defensive strength naturally reached the eighth rank. It was even slightly stronger than Mo Xie’s defense. The Violent Blood Pool Beast’s Space Claw didn’t actually injure Chu Mu, but it dealt considerable damage to Mo Xie.

Chu Mu naturally could not let Mo Xie suffer more damage. He immediately chanted an incantation, using Wind Ride on himself. Simultaneously, he borrowed the White Demonic Devil Flame’s burning effect to stagnate in the air a bit, and promptly used Nightmare Molding towards the Violent Blood Pool Beast!

The Nightmare Molding merely caused a small obstruction to the Violent Blood Pool Beast. The terrifying Violent Blood Pool Beast unexpectedly was able to leap in midair, and its enormous body transformed into an enormous shadow that enveloped Chu Mu’s body underneath, heading for him!!

“Hou Hou!!!!’

A powerful roar reverberated next to Chu Mu’s ear, and he extremely decisively used Devil Phantom, changing his body into a White Demonic Devil Flame of nothingness and rapidly altering his own location!


Just as the Violent Blood Pool Beast’s attack was about to descend once more, Chu Mu abruptly heard an eminently piercing shout!

Shifting his gaze to sweep through the area above him, he indistinctly felt a demonic figure radiating in eminent cold power appear above the incomparably powerful ninth phase Violent Blood Pool Beast’s head!

The demon figure’s speed could practically only be described by teleportation. From one point in Chu Mu’s range of vision, it instantaneously teleported to the very end, and it eminently astonishingly appeared on top of the ninth phase Violent Blood Pool Beast’s head!

Chu Mu fundamentally could not clearly see the demon figure’s true body. From its outline, he could more or less discern that its body wasn’t larger than three meters, but this soul pet permeating with noble aura strangely stepped on the Violent Blood Pool Beast’s head as if it was jumping in midair!!


The piercing demonic shout rang out again. In the next instant, the demon figure whose body was approximately three meters and seemingly weighed 500 kilograms, unexpectedly stamped the Violent Blood Pool Beast, who was jumping in midair, into the ground a hundred meters below!!

A hundred meters above the sea of forest, the incomparably enormous body of the Violent Blood Pool Beast terrifyingly dropped down!


A reverberating vociferous sound rumbled throughout the entire sea of forest. The forest below the forest in the air, because of the Violent Blood Pool Beast’s abrupt descent, looked clearly like the earth had terrifyingly been caved in when looking down from above!

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