The Charm of Soul Pets

Chapter 109: Xia Guanghan’s Malicious Pledge

Chapter 109: Xia Guanghan’s Malicious Pledge

Blue Galactic Demon Emperor!

Using the power of flames, Chu Mu hovered motionlessly in midair. His gaze was fixated on the owner of the figure that couldn’t clearly be seen in the air.

Without any powerful aura, it was perhaps completely impossible to feel the Blue Galactic Demon Emperor’s existence.

The ethereal teleportation’s terrifying speed. A noble, unyielding fighting stance that illustrated power. The Blue Galactic Demon Emperor’s powerfulness completely suppressed the Violent Blood Pool Beast, whose body was emitting a frightening bloody aura!

“Hong Hong Hong~~~~~~~”

The enormous rumbling sound shook the heavens once again, and the streams of air, under the Blue Galactic Demon Emperor’s powerful strength, became incomparably erratic. Even though the forest was a thousand meters away, it was still knocked down and swaying from these rushing streams of air!


The Violent Blood Pool Beast let out a painful howl of grief. Its large body that was originally in the pithole was knocked a thousand meters away. As for the trees in the forest in these thousand meters, they no longer remained!


The Blue Galactic Demon Emperor’s voice filled with gusto piercingly rang out.

In the next instant, a dark light eminently frighteningly sparkled under the bright horizon. Instantly, the entirety of heaven and earth was filled with a weird, fluctuating dark light!

From the bottom to the top, the dark light began to envelop. First it was the surrounding thousand meters of extremely lush forest, then it spread to the encompassing area and above. As it proliferated, the light of dawn that slowly radiated from the horizon was also completely devoured into it!

Chu Mu had already stood very far away. However, when this powerful demon technique was released, Chu Mu was able to feel an agitated energy pervading the air. It gave one’s mind a sort of anxious and frightening feeling.

The location that Chu Mu was at was a few thousand of meters away from the Violent Blood beast. His gaze passed through the incomparably strange dark light, and it fixated on the Blue Galactic Demon Emperor’s demonic figure controlling absolute power.

Suddenly, the Blue Galactic Demon Emperor’s figure disappeared. The dark light enveloping this area disappeared along with its figure; and furthermore, every substance disappeared!!

A large portion of the eminently lush forest, with fertile soil covered in leaves, completely and strangely disappeared by the fully suppressed Violent Blood Pool Beast on the ground and the flickering dark light!!

The vast and expansive forest of sea was like a green wave that unceasingly swayed in the wind. The dark light gradually disappeared, and a captivating red rising sun emerged. Its radiance shot diagonally down and coincidentally fell on the enormous hole in the middle of this green colored ocean!

There was no terrifying earth shaking rumbling noise. Neither was there a proliferation of energy towards the surroundings. This destruction type demon technique had silently been released, and the region had been harrowingly obliterated. Yet, there was no noise. Even the smallest and weakest soul pet dwelling at the very edge of it continued to sleep soundly on its front in its tree nest, not knowing that only half the tree it was on remained!

Chu Mu had a face of amazement as he saw the destruction type force. A wave of billowing emotions raised in his heart. With this sort of destruction force, it could very well have already surpassed the extent of his knowledge!

The power of this Blue Galactic Demon Emperor had identically surpassed Chu Mu’s imagination. It was also no wonder that Xia Guanghan had, previously when suffering from that wound, still refused to summon his main soul pet. With such a terrifying soul pet existing in this ninth class misleading world, even if he summoned four main pets, they would all equivalently be obliterated.

In the air above the forest, Xia Guanghan’s entire being was like it had lost its soul, and his expression was lifeless.

The ninth phase Violent Blood Pool Beast was Xia Guanghan’s soul pet with the strongest fighting abilities. Xia Guanghan had originally believed that the Violent Blood Pool Beast would be able to contend a bit against the Blue Galactic Demon Emperor. Yet, he didn’t think the Blue Galactic Emperor’s power would be terrifying to this degree. He fundamentally had been unable to recall his soul pet in time, and the ninth phase Violent Blood Pool Beast had perished; its corpse didn’t even remain!

Four of his souls suffered from wounds and, presently, Xia Guanghan’s soul was as weak as ever. This time, Xia Guanghan’s had truly been seriously wounded! The eighth phase Earth Fiend Dream Demon, the seventh phase Yellow Corpse Sand Dragon, and the ninth phase Violent Blood Pool Beast. To Xia Guanghan, these three soul pets were practically half of his life. Now that these three soul pets had been lost, it was simply equivalent to chopping off one of his arms!

With a malevolent expression and his face contorting, Xia Guanghan’s two eyes viciously and ferociously swept over the half devil transformed Chu Mu. For the past several years, his position in Nightmare Palace had unceasingly climbed. He had already become a core member of Nightmare Palace, and he had even controlled numerous powers over life-and-death. It could even be described as full of vitality and prosperous.

Xia Guanghan had also come from being a small Nightmare sacrificial victim, climbed upwards by stepping on other people’s corpses. He had experienced countless times where he was washed with blood and suffered from innumerable losses and humiliations. However, it was the fight with Chu Mu today, that was the most humiliating to Xia Guanghan in his entire life so far!

“Chu Mu, I pledge today, that I, Xia Guanghan, will firmly remember that one day, I will definitely chop your body into mincemeat and make your soul eternally suffer from the burning of devil soul flame!!” Despite his soul being seriously wounded, Xia Guanghan didn’t hesitate to condense his soul remembrance into a voice and decry a malicious pledge against Chu Mu!

Xia Guanghan’s voice rang down, and Chu Mu lifted his head, looking at the extremely pale sinister figure in the forest in the air. However, he drew back the corners of his lips and slowly, a strange evil smile rose on his face!

Today, Chu Mu was merely only a nineteen year old young man who had just stepped into the realm of a spirit master. On that day to come, why would Chu Mu still use that method to fight Xia Guanghan? He would definitely meet him head on and personally kill him!!

Above the forest in the air, Xia Guanghan retrieved a Soul Supporting Nectar from his spatial ring.

The Soul Supporting Nectar was like the Soul Healing Stamen – an exceptionally precious treasure. Throughout his life, Xia Guanghan had only obtained two bottles, yet he had now depleted both of them in this fight. His heart had already begun to drip blood.

Xia Guanghan drank the Soul Supporting Nectar, but couldn’t do anything about his soul not being fully recovered. He forcibly summoned a wing type soul pet, and he rode that wing type main pet. Taking advantage of the time the Blue Galactic Demon Emperor was using to recover its strength, he immediately flew into the vast sky and fled in an opposite direction.

Watching Xia Guanghan fly far away, the smile still hung on Chu Mu’s face. Xia Guanghan’s six soul pets had been thwarted and to Xia Guanghan, that was definitely the most fatal blow. His authority would definitely suffer an extremely large amount of restrictions because of this. Further adding on the at least one year he needed for his three souls to recover, Chu Mu only had to keep a slightly lower profile and unobstructedly walk about in human cities.

As for the matter of Mo Xie being a continuous mutation soul pet, presumably the highly ambitious Xia Guanghan would absolutely not let this news leak. As for Princess Jin Rou, if she was identically ambitious, she wouldn’t rashly speak of this matter. She would probably secretly send people to attack Chu Mu. If she didn’t have this ambition, then she would naturally help Chu Mu keep the secret.


A black handsome and leisurely figure faced the dawn light as it ran towards Chu Mu’s position. Seeing the Night Thunder Dream Beast safely returning, a gratified smile appeared on his face. He patted the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s dream horn and recalled it into the soul pet space.

Chu Mu was in the half devil state and after recalling the Nightmare Thunder Dream Beast, the white demonic devil flames began to evidently dim, and the White Nightmare’s soul began to slowly separate from Chu Mu’s body…

Although Chu Mu had used the soul devour technique on the White Nightmare, its soul was never truly devoured. Rather, it was merely assimilated into Chu Mu’s soul and maintained under his soul’s control.

Chu Mu only had to think a thought and he would be able to separate his soul from the White Nightmare’s soul. He then had the White Nightmare return to the soul pet space.


Having its soul forcibly devoured by Chu Mu, the overbearing attitude of the originally incomparably insolent and contemptible White Nightmare had been clearly beaten down. After being thrown back to the soul pet space, the White Nightmare could only let out a few faint shouts and had a slightly fearful expression towards Chu Mu.

Seeing the White Nightmare’s expression, a smile rose up on Chu Mu’s face. The White Nightmare didn’t die and now Chu Mu could directly summon it to fight.

Moreover, when a time of crisis arrived, Chu Mu could use the soul devour technique to assimilate the White Nightmare’s soul into his body, transforming into a half devil to fight!

The White Nightmare’s phase and stage were only at the sixth phase eighth stage. Once it absorbed resentment, it would temporarily reach the seventh phase. Then, once Chu Mu assimilated its soul, Chu Mu would transform into a seventh phase ninth stage half devil with extremely terrifying fighting strength!

The substantial increase in phase and stage, further coupled with fighting strength becoming even stronger, the strength of a half devil was clearly founded on Chu Mu’s soul remembrance and the White Nightmare’s strength. As long as Chu Mu unceasingly increased his own strength and the White Nightmare’s strength, the transformation into half devil would grow even more powerful. In the future, when he encountered a powerful opponent, Chu Mu would have a 100% certainty of dealing with them!

Half devil, the most strange phenomenon in the soul pet world. The feeling of the strength of a half devil congesting his entire body allowed Chu Mu’s confidence to greatly expand!!

High class monarch rank, abnormally talented monarch rank- White Nightmare.

High class commander rank, yet a soul pet that could rival a powerful monarch rank- Royal Flamed Nine Tailed Inferno Fox.

Unlimited potential, able to use six rebirth effects- undying war beast Mo Ye.

Attaining the pinnacle of the commander rank, absorbing from the ninth class misleading world and having a large increase in strength- Night Thunder Dream Beast.

Having Chu Mu unceasingly strengthen its ice type, possessing peak commander talent, killing people through intangible means- Ice Air Fairy.

Having the demon wood crystallization, roots appearing and disappearing unpredictably- Devil Tree Battle Soldier.

The moment the Hidden Dragon Egg of the Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon that split off hatched and its phase and stage were increased, he would have another soul pet with extremely terrifying fighting strength!!

Having repelled Xia Guanghan, he himself only had to defend against those assassins who were looking for trouble with him and slowly raise the strength of his soul pets. Before long, Xia Guanghan would be ferociously stepped upon under his feet!

“Wu wu wu wu~~~~”

Despite there being no telepathy, Mo Xie ostensibly could feel Chu Mu’s emotions from his high spirits.

Chu Mu glanced at Mo Xie, who didn’t turn around and leave. A gratified smile rose on his face, and he extended a hand to stroke the furry head of Mo Xie.

Undoing a soul pact and the defection of a soul pet were two extremely similar circumstances. Normally speaking, a majority of soul pets, once their soul pacts were undone, their memory chain would be instantly broken, and they would become eminently unfamiliar.

There had been cases in the past when people attempted to undo a soul pact during the fight in order to increase the number of soul pets they could summon. However, it was this method that was practically identical with the probability of the defection of an overly strong soul pet. Once the soul pact was undone, the soul pet’s memory chain would be broken, and a majority of them would no longer care about their master’s fight.

It had to be said that Chu Mu was lucky. Perhaps it was because the feelings between him and Mo Xie were relatively profound, but when he undid the soul pact, Mo Xie’s memory chain didn’t immediately sever. As long as Mo Xie agreed, Chu Mu, who possessed soul pet spaces, would be able to once more sign a soul pact with Mo Xie.

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