The Charm of Soul Pets

Chapter 107: Destructive Power, Three Layered Heavenly Flame Rite

Chapter 107: Destructive Power, Three Layered Heavenly Flame Rite

“Mo Xie, Sinister Demonic Stare!” Chu Mu condensed his soul remembrance into a voice and spoke to Mo Xie.

Their tacit understanding still existed, and Chu Mu only had to speak the technique’s name and Mo Xie would know who to use it on!

A cold austere gloss blossomed from her silver pupils, and it instantly transformed into an incorporeal mental wave that surged towards the soul injured Xia Guanghan!

Sinister Demonic Stare controlled the intelligence of others! Under the situation of his soul being injured, Xia Guanghan willpower was weak. After Mo Xie’s mental technique was used, although it was unable to truly control his powerful consciousness, it still managed to interrupt his incantation to recall the Yellow Corpse Sand Dragon!

“Kill his Yellow Corpse Sand Dragon!” when Chu Mu saw that Mo Xie had succeeded in interrupting the incantation, the corners of his mouth coldly rose.

Chu Mu waved his arms, and a demonic white devil flame flew across the ground in an arc. A white light flashed and, suddenly, the demonic white devil flames soared into the air, forming a gorgeous white flamed devil wall. It completely separated Xia Guanghan and the Yellow Corpse Sand Dragon, and it didn’t give him the chance to recall his soul pet!

Seeing that the Yellow Corpse Sand Dragon had been wrapped in devil flames by Chu Mu and the Royal Flamed Nine Tailed Infernal Fox, Xia Guanghan’s face was even paler. The seventh phase fourth stage Heavenly Vine Demon and the eighth phase first stage Blue Nightmare had been killed by Chu Mu. Xia Guanghan’s expression was already malevolent, and if something were to happen to the even higher value Yellow Corpse Sand Dragon, it would probably be very hard for Xia Guanghan to maintain his position in Nightmare Palace!

The Yellow Corpse Sand Dragon wasn’t Xia Guanghan’s main soul pet. Rather, it was a high class monarch rank bug type dragon species soul pet with the most powerful potential. Once its phase was raised to the eighth phase, further coupled with a bit of strengthening, it would definitely become Xia Guanghan’s most formidable soul pet.

Bug type dragon species soul pets were unusually precious. Xia Guanghan had gone to a lot of trouble before finally obtaining this high class monarch rank Yellow Corpse Sand Dragon. He placed higher importance on it than even his White Nightmare. Witnessing his Yellow Corpse Sand Dragon now being beleaguered by the terrifying half-devil Chu Mu and the Royal Flamed Nine Tailed Inferno Fox, his pale face became even more unsightly!

No matter what, the Yellow Corpse Sand Dragon could not be killed. Xia Guanghan still had to obtain an even higher position in Nightmare Palace with the help of this dragon species soul pet. Xia Guanghan could no longer consider the threat of the Blue Galactic Demon Emperor!!

His pale face began to switch, and he chanted an incantation. The only thing he could summon to resist the half-devil Chu Mu was the ninth phase peak commander rank soul pet. It was also the only way he could save his Yellow Corpse Sand Dragon!

The summoning pattern slowly appeared. The ninth phase peak commander released an extremely enormous aura that practically instantly engulfed the entire air of the forest. It was a violent demonic wind that could not be resisted!

The ninth phase versus the eighth phase also had a gulf that was extremely hard to cross. Evolving from the eighth phase to the ninth phase was a huge increase in strength!

Even if it was a servant rank soul pet reaching the ninth phase, its fighting strength would similarly be extremely terrifying. If it was a commander rank soul pet reaching the ninth phase, the transformation of its essence would allow it to have the destructive force that could split the ground and cause landslides!

The enormous, vigorous aura wildly proliferated in the region. In order to protect the Yellow Corpse Sand Dragon, Xia Guanghan no longer had any apprehensions!


At the most center zone of the forest in the air.

The Night Thunder Dream Beast was crawling on the ground. Despite it having already evolved to the seventh phase first stage and it possessing a peak commander attribute, in front of the master of the entire ninth class misleading world, it still found it very hard to raise any sort of resistance!

The Blue Galactic Demon Emperor!

A few powerful soul pet trainers in Xiling Region all knew that within the misleading halo of the southern land’s forbidden region there resided a demon with extremely terrifying strength.

This demon had been called the Blue Galactic Demon Emperor by these powerful people, but the Blue Galactic Demon Emperor wasn’t the species of this soul pet. Rather, it was its title, because there hadn’t been any soul pet trainer who had seen the true appearance of this terrifying demon. Moreover, there wasn’t anyone who knew what kind of soul pet the Blue Galactic Demon Emperor was. They only knew that people who angered the Blue Galactic Demon Emperor essentially didn’t leave the ninth class misleading world alive!

Presently, the deep blue colored enormous demon figure that had appeared in front of the Night Thunder Dream Beast happened to be the Blue Galactic Demon Emperor that was famed and feared by all experts in the Xiling Region.

The Blue Galactic Demon Emperor was the master of this territory, and it could permit a few demons to reside here. It could also permit a few wandering soul pets to absorb the demon aura here, but they had to obtain its permission first. If a soul pet absorbed the demon aura here without receiving its approval first, as the master of this place, the Blue Galactic Demon Emperor would definitely not forgive them easily.

Previously, the Night Thunder Dream Beast forcibly stealing the demon aura had evidently angered the Blue Galactic Demon Emperor. Facing a powerful being from the demon world who had practically reached the peak, the Night Thunder Dream Beast fundamentally didn’t dare to resist, and could only crawl on the ground and beg for the Blue Galactic Demon Emperor’s forgiveness.


Abruptly, the forest in the air began to shake, and an enormous aura unbridledly surged towards this place!

The Blue Galactic Demon Emperor’s demon figure swayed, and this powerful soul pet slowly turned its head, its two eyes indifferently staring at the concentrated beast type aura surging not far away!

There were many other soul pets residing in the Blue Galactic Demon Emperor’s territory. A few battles would occasionally occur on the daily between these soul pets, and the Blue Galactic Emperor would ignore them. Therefore, when Chu Mu was previously fighting Xia Guanghan, it had sensed it, but didn’t care too much.

However, the sudden appearance of a ninth phase commander, with such a strong aura, could be said to attract the master of the ninth class misleading world’s concern!

“Sou!” the strange demon figure abruptly disappeared without a sound. Not even half a piece of grass on the ground of the forest in the air had been disturbed. This Blue Galactic Demon Emperor had already travelled over 1000 meters away!!


Teleport could be regarded as the most pinnacle technique among demon type techniques. The technique that the Blue Galactic Demon Emperor had used happened to be this pinnacle demon technique, Teleport.

Teleport could not be described by speed, because it was wholly an instantaneous movement in an extremely short period of time, that perhaps was even disorderly and illogical!

The Blue Galactic Demon Emperor’s aura gradually dissipated, and the Night Thunder Dream Beast intentionally glanced in the direction that the Blue Galactic Demon Emperor had left. Taking advantage of the fact that the Blue Galactic Demon Emperor had been attracted by some powerful soul pet, it immediately stood up and decisively ran in Chu Mu’s direction, fleeing from the Blue Galactic Demon Emperor’s territory.


“Ao Hou!!!!!!!!”

The Yellow Corpse Sand Dragon painfully let out an incomparably acute shout as its body heavily fell onto the ground!

“All of you will die!!!’

Seeing the Yellow Corpse Sand Dragon being seriously wounded by Chu Mu and the Royal Flamed Nine Tailed Inferno Fox, Xia Guanghan’s anger reached the max. With eminent malevolence, he ordered the ninth rank commander to kill Chu Mu!

Nine rank commander – Violent Blood Pool Beast!

Violent Blood Pool Beast: Demon World – Beast type – Violent Blood Pool Beast species – high class commander rank

The Violent Blood Pool Beast, as well as the Tundra Ice Beast, could be regarded as equally famous perfect commanders. From tits aura, one could clearly see that Xia Guanghan’s ninth phase Violent Blood Pool Beast had gone through strengthening. Its fighting talent definitely far surpassed Jia Feng’s Tundra Ice Beast, and it was enough to compare with a monarch rank soul pet!

A ninth phase strengthened exceeding commander Violent Blood Pool Beast. This level of soul pet was practically undefeatable!!

“Ao Hou!!!!!!!”

The Violent Blood Pool Beast opened its bloody mouth wide like a sacrificial bowl, and it abruptly let out a roar!

The terrifying aura spat out instantly formed a formidable hurricane near the eighth rank. It eminently and shockingly travelled towards Chu Mu and Mo Xie to engulf them!!

This mere spat out aura caused such a powerful might. If it was to truly use a technique, its destruction power would definitely reach the most devastating ninth rank!

“Mo Xie, Nine Tail Confuse!”

Chu Mu condensed his soul remembrance into a voice, and he shouted to Mo Xie. As he spoke, he used the powerful dodging technique of the White Nightmare – Ghost Phantom!

Chu Mu, seventh phase ninth stage, half devil state; his fighting strength was identically not something a normal monarch rank could compare with. The approaching eighth rank in might hurricane merely forced him back a few steps.

Mo Xie possessed the most absolute speed talent, and the formidable spat out aura was dodged by her.

Xia Guanghan’s true objective was to rescue his incomparably previous Yellow Corpse Sand Dragon. After forcing Chu Mu and the Royal Flamed Nine Tailed Inferno Fox back, Xia Guanghan instantly chanted an incantation, preparing to recall the wounded Yellow Corpse Sand Dragon back into the soul pet space.

“You want to recall it? Even if you are to summon your main soul pet, the Yellow Corpse Sand Dragon will definitely die!” the half devil state Chu Mu had the most deranged mood, and his face outlined by flames gave others a feeling of strange evil and apathy!

The half devil state Chu Mu didn’t need to chant an incantation, and he was able to use a powerful soul pet technique. Currently, his two hands were slowly raising up, and a strange terrifying white demonic flame shockingly ignited in between his hands. It was like two spiritual white colored flaming dragons unceasingly moving between Chu Mu’s hands.

“Mo Xie, Heavenly Flame Rite!” while Chu Mu charged the fire type technique, he simultaneously spoke to Mo Xie with his voice!

This technique pattern, to Mo Xie, could not be more familiar. Ostensibly without any hesitation, the double royal flames on Mo Xie’s body abruptly flew up, and her silver eyes were filled with the most flourishing flames of battle!

The White Nightmare also had Heavenly Flame Rite as part of its techniques. The half devil state Chu Mu pinched the white demonic devil flames in between his two hands, which happened to be the seventh rank in might, Heavenly Flame Rite!

Seventh phase ninth stage with a terrifying monarch talent. Presently, the might of the Heavenly Flame Rite that Chu Mu was using had definitely surpassed the eighth rank!

“Chong Mei – Heavenly Flame Rite!”

Chu Mu’s own soul which belonged to him was still intact. Despite transforming into a half devil, Chu Mu still was able to use soul pet trainer soul techniques!

The incantation was chanted, and the devil flames that were dyed from a half devil to white demonic colored grew even stronger and purer!

Chu Mu used Chong Mei to duplicate not Mo Xie’s Heavenly Flame Rite, but rather his own half devil state Heavenly Flame Rite!

The overlay of fire type techniques could only be accomplished by elemental world soul pets. Yet, the half devil state Chu Mu used the half devil technique as well as his own person’s Chong Mei technique to complete the fire type perfect overlay. The even more terrifying thing was that this overlay was still compatible with Mo Xie’s double royal flamed Heavenly Flame Rite!

Three layered Heavenly Flame Rite overlay!!!

The overlay of Chu Mu and Mo Xie’s Heavenly Flame Rites caused this technique’s might to approach that of a ninth rank’s. Moreover, presently, Chu Mu had transformed into a half devil, and his control over fire was even more frightening. Even without taking into consideration the powerful white demonic devil flame that had already reached the eighth rank, these devil flames had presently already been amalgamated together!!

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