The Charm of Soul Pets

Chapter 106: Half Devil Chu Mu VS. Xia Guanghan

Chapter 106: Half Devil Chu Mu VS. Xia Guanghan

His entire body was burning in the silent yet cold white demonic devil flame. He was a soul pet trainer, but his body was emitting a terrifying evil soul pet aura!!

“Half Devil!!!!” Xia Guanghan’s two eyes were completely occupied by Chu Mu’s white demonic devil flame. He couldn’t believe his own eyes as he looked at Chu Mu, who had transformed into a white devil.

When an evil soul pet devoured the soul of a powerful person, due to the soul pet trainer’s strong soul, he or she wouldn’t die. Instead, he or she would retain a faint shape in the evil soul pet’s body. This would lead the most terrifying phenomena in the entire soul pet world – half devil!

However, the situation that occurred on Chu Mu’s body happened to be the opposite of a soul pet devouring a human’s soul to transform into a half devil. This was because Chu Mu had devoured the White Nightmare’s soul, so its soul still existed in Chu Mu’s body!

Identically a half devil, but its implications were completely different. The devourer was Chu Mu, who was the true dominator, and the devoured was the White Nightmare, which had become the slave!

Xia Guanghan didn’t dare to sign a soul pact with Chu Mu’s White Nightmare precisely because he was afraid that he would be devoured by this White Nightmare someday. However, he fully didn’t expect Chu Mu to flip this around and devour the White Nightmare, becoming the soul pet world’s dominator strength of the most terrifying phenomena, half devil!

“Wu wu wu wu!!!!!!!!!!”

Seeing that Chu Mu had stolen back his own soul, Mo Xie immediately let out a howl and quickly changed locations. She jumped out of the Yellow Corpse Sand Dragon and Blue Nightmare’s encircle attack and appeared next to Chu Mu.

Chu Mu slowly lifted his right hand. His eyes that didn’t reveal any emotions were fixated on his hand attached with white demonic devil flames.

Blood began to boil amidst the white demonic devil flame. His soul released a boundless energy that flowed through his whole body against the boiling blood. Everything was according to his own wishes, and everything was in his control!

Chu Mu stepped forward. After inheriting the White Nightmare’s demon-like speed, Chu Mu’s white demonic devil-flamed body left a trail of continuous devil flame demonic shadows in the air within the forest. Although his speed didn’t reach Mo Xie’s realm of momentarily disappearing, his movements were even more weird, disorderly, and impossible to follow.

Xia Guanghan was stunned. He immediately used his remembrance to control his Blue nightmare to use a devil flame technique to stop Chu Mu’s terrifying movement.

The secluded cloud of devil flame swept out once more, transforming into a myriad of flaming rain droplets that hailed down from the sky. They were incomparably concentrated, and they contained a frightening destructive aura!

Under Demonfall’s effect, the technique used by the eighth phase first stage Blue Nightmare astonishingly reached the eighth rank!

“Hong Hong Hong Hong~~~~~”

The concentrated burning flames violently bombarded downwards from the sky, ceaselessly exploding on the ground of the forest in the air. This region of the forest in the air instantly manifested evident flaming holes.

Devil Phantom!!

Not only did Chu Mu inherit the White Nightmare’s speed, but he also obtained its techniques. He didn’t have to deliberately break into a stride. He only had to think about moving, and his body would fluctuate in a fighting consciousness, allowing him to use the White Nightmare’s sidestepping movement technique!

Half devil state. The White Nightmare’s strength had shockingly reached the seventh phase ninth stage. This meant that Chu Mu was presently a seventh phase ninth stage half devil. His dodging ability would thus be extremely outlandish!

The white demonic devil flame’s phantom sequence appeared in the flaming rain. Yet, Chu Mu incomparably calmly broke apart the extremely powerful burning fire rain as he passed through it, quickly approaching the serene devil flame of the Blue Nightmare!

“Hu hu~~~~”

A white phantom floated past – Chu Mu’s figure was like a ghost figure that appeared behind the Blue Nightmare!

Amidst the white demonic devil flames burned the outline of Chu Mu’s face. Presently, he was slowly cracking an extremely nefarious smile, and his right hand already had, at some point, forcibly entered the Blue Nightmare’s back!

“Obliterating Heart!”

Chu Mu coldly recited the name of the technique. His right hand burning with white demonic devil flames didn’t receive any burn damage from the serene devil flame, and it directly penetrated the Blue Nightmare’s body!

The White Nightmare’s Obliterating Heart technique was able to ignore a soul pet’s defense. Despite the Blue Nightmare’s serene devil flame skin already reaching the eighth stage, it was still unable to prevent Chu Mu’s devil claws from extending into its heart!


The serene flames in the Blue Nightmare’s body were burning even stronger. Chu Mu could feel that ice cold soul burning energy passing through his right hand.

However, this degree of soul burning energy was nothing to Chu Mu. His palm had already reached its flaming heart, and the smile on his face was strangely demonic in his success!


His devil hand grasping tightly, Chu Mu abruptly drew back his arm and grabbed the Blue Nightmare’s heart while it was still alive!

“Beng!!!!!!!” Closely squeezing it in his palm, instantly, the blue colored nightmare heart was crushed to pieces by Chu Mu!

The Blue Nightmare’s heart was like a blue colored crystal. After being shattered into pieces by Chu Mu, the Blue Nightmare immediately let out a pained howl. The serene devil flames on its body rapidly dimmed!!


The Blue Nightmare’s pained cry plaintively reverberated. The serene devil flame on its body grew increasingly weak until finally, it was like a creature whose burning was eventually exhausted and the serene devil flames were extinguished. Afterwards, its body completely transformed into black colored dust; as the violent wind blew over, it dissipated and pervaded the air next to the outlandishly demonic and imposing Chu Mu.

The death of a soul pet and the wound of a soul. Xia Guanghan’s face instantly turned rather pale!

Xia Guanghan previously had already removed one soul pact. Although he had used the Soul Healing Stamen to recover the wounded soul, the wound on his soul hadn’t completely recovered. One more soul being injured now immediately caused the tear in his soul to be even larger.


The time in which the soul had been nursed while injured allowed it to be healed. However, the eighth phase first stage Blue Nightmare was Xia Guanghan’s most important soul pet aside from his main pet. Currently, its heart had been shattered whilst alive by Chu Mu. The wound caused by such an action wasn’t very different from crushing Xia Guanghan’s heart. A bit of extremely cold trembling had already manifested on Xia Guanghan’s body!

Chu Mu slowly turned around and stared at the wounded Xia Guanghan. Right now, Chu Mu was like a white devil. His eyes were indifferent and cold. A mere stare would create an imposing demonic aura that wildly assaulted the enemy’s body.

“Shua!!!! Shua!!!!!!”

Suddenly, tendrils of fire immune heavenly vines appeared from underground and extremely quickly shot towards Chu Mu’s head in a straight line!!

Even while his soul was injured, Xia Guanghan didn’t forget to sneak attack Chu Mu!!

The Heavenly Vine Demon’s vines weren’t numerous, but each vine possessed a terrifying puncture ability. Whilst attacking, it was further unoticable and secretive. In the past, there had been countless enemies who had died under the vines of Xia Guanghan’s Heavenly Vine Demon.

Chu Mu’s eyes were fixated on Xia Guanghan from beginning to end. Just as the heavenly vines were about to pierce his head, Chu Mu’s body strangely turned around in a certain direction!!

The heavenly vines pierced through, but they only passed through a false shadow left behind by Chu Mu. A violent wind was raised, and it blew against Chu Mu’s white colored hair burning in devil flame…

The strike didn’t land, and it instantly went back. The Heavenly Vine Demon’s reaction was extremely quick and after its attack failed, it decisively recalled the heavenly vines.

However, as it was recalling its heavenly vines, a devil hand ignited with white demonic devil flames grabbed onto the heavenly vines!!

The White Nightmare possessed an innate talent that wasn’t only limited to fire type and the Other type. It further had a powerful strength that rivalled beast types!! When Chu Mu firmly grabbed the heavenly vines, his arms suddenly burned in a flourishing white demonic devil flame. The strength in his arms became even more terrifying and, as Chu Mu abruptly flung his arms, the Heaven Vine Demon’s body was hauled over a dozen meters!

The pale faced Xia Guanghan was stunned. He promptly realized that the Heavenly Vine Demon would very likely be killed by Chu Mu, and he instantly chanted an incantation, wanting to recall the Heavenly Vine Demon to the soul pet space!

However, the movements of the injured soul Xia Guanghan were ultimately too slow.

As Chu Mu was firmly grasping the heavenly vines, the white demonic soul devil flames immediately ignited the Heavenly Vine Demon’s body. Unless Xia Guanghan had the confidence to extinguish Chu Mu’s white demonic devil flames, he had to forsake the Heavenly Vine Demon!

There was still an eighth phase White Nightmare in Xia Guanghan’s soul pet space. If it was before, Xia Guanghan would have absolutely unhesitatingly recalled his soul pets and the devil flames emitted by Chu Mu would all be extinguished by his eighth phase White Nightmare.

However, Xia Guanghan presently didn’t dare do this because Chu Mu was now astonishingly a seventh phase ninth stage half devil. The might of his flames had already very likely surpassed his White Nightmare’s.

His soul suffering consecutive wounds, Xia Guanghan didn’t dare to take this risk. He could only renounce this Heavenly Vine Demon with an incomparably malevolent expression!

“Shua shua shua!!!!!!!” as Xia Guanghan was hesitating at this second, the vines of the Heavenly Vine Demon were torn to pieces by the terrifying strength of Chu Mu.

The emotionless white demonic devil flame quickly ignited, and the dreadful soul devil flames, after shattering the Heavenly Vine Demon’s body to pieces, instantly burned it thoroughly!!

The black colored particles of ashe fluttered gracefully in the surrounding wind against Chu Mu’s body. Chu Mu, who had transformed into a half devil, was practically like a devil of slaughter. He caused the wounded soul Xia Guanghan to tremble in a bit of fear!!

The death of a soul pet caused Xia Guanghan’s soul to suffer another wound! In this moment, his face was already extremely white and, as a powerful soul master, Xia Guanghan himself, no matter the situation, would never believe that he would be heavily wounded into such a state by the brat whom he could have crushed to death at any time he wanted to four years ago!

“Wu wu wu wu!!!!!’

Mo Xie had already been fighting with the Yellow Corpse Sand Dragon at close quarters for a while. Her gorgeous nine tales consecutively slashed trails of deep scars on the Yellow Corpse Sand Dragon’s body!

The Yellow Corpse Sand Dragon’s defense was still much stronger than Mo Xie’s. However, Mo Xie’s speed harbored an absolute advantage. The frequency of the Yellow Corpse Sand Dragon’s attacks were definitely not as fast as the eminently agile Royal Flamed Nine Tailed Inferno Fox.

However, the Yellow Corpse Sand Dragon had ultimately reached the seventh phase eighth stage, and its fighting strength was still above Mo Xie’s. After a long fight, Mo Xie, who had been relying on the effect of moonlight to reach the state of a seventh phase’s strength, was now slightly weakened.

Chu Mu knew that Xia Guanghan still had a summon left. However, the moment he summoned, he would definitely summon an eighth rank monarch that would disturb the master of this forest in the air. Therefore, Chu Mu didn’t immediately attack the wounded soul Xia Guanghan. Instead, his body outlandishly floated towards Xia Guanghan’s Yellow Corpse Sand Dragon!

1. TL: So two types of “souls” being used here. The one healed by the Soul Healing Stamen is the soul in his soul remembrance, but the overarching soul that hadn’t been fully healed is the soul in his body. You can think of soul remembrance as a part of the soul.

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