The Charm of Soul Pets

Chapter 105: Advance to Spirit Master, Becoming the White Devil!

Chapter 105: Advance to Spirit Master, Becoming the White Devil!


Mo Xie called towards the Night Thunder Dream Beast, and she also realized what it was trying to do. Immediately turning around, it no longer paid attention to the White Nightmare that was eating Chu Mu’s soul!

Double crown flames started burning crazily on Mo Xie. Those demonic pupils, through the reflection of the silver moonlight, let out the strongest battle radiance!

The Night Thunder Dream Beast was currently trying to garner the last little bit of soul elevation for Chu Mu, and what Mo Xie needed to do now was to buy just enough time to not let Xia Guanghan’s soul pets come near to Chu Mu!


Terrifying devil cries constantly echoed throughout Chu Mu’s mind. This sound was full of the scariest negative emotions. Chu Mu’s resentment was constantly being provoked, simultaneously giving Chu Mu the terrible pain of a burning soul!!

His soul was experiencing the terrifying burn from the White Nightmare. The pain was hundreds of times more intense than when the White Nightmare was growing. This feeling that was worse than death almost made Chu Mu go crazy!!

The blood within his body couldn’t stop boiling. Chu Mu had been fighting for a full four years with this demon, and he had already reached the point of controlling this white demon. Chu Mu wouldn’t give up at this moment no matter what!!

Chu Mu forcefully gathered all of his soul remembrance. No matter how the White Nightmare demolished or burned his soul, Chu Mu would never, from the beginning to the end, show any signs of compliance to the White Nightmare’s devouring!!

The Night Thunder Dream Beast was still running. Under the moonlight, its aerodynamic white feathers had already been dyed red with blood.

The effects of Extreme Shadow made the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s speed increase by 30%, yet the Night Thunder Dream Beast was still speeding up. This speed up had already surpassed its past limit!!

Reach for the Midnight Moon!!

Under the shine of the moonlight, the Night Thunder Dream Beast became faster and faster, going actually double its old max speed.

If Chu Mu could see this scene, he would definitely be surprised. His Night Thunder Dream Beast had learned Reach for the Midnight Moon at such a key moment!

Reach for the Midnight Moon could make a soul pet excavate all its potential, increasing its speed, causing its willpower to become stronger and to explode with even greater speeds!!

After the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s speed increased twofold, it was still increasing. The purple lightning on its body seemed to be unable to keep up anymore, leaving a purple dazzling trail in the wake of the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s running!

Running. Ceaseless running. The Night Thunder Dream Beast was known as the Night Dancer, but what fit Chu Mu’s Night Thunder Dream Beast better at this moment was Night Nomad. It had the blood of a nomadic demon, and it was never content to stay in one comfortable location. In the dark of night, it always yearned for the other end of night. It was striving for a wild nature, striving towards its own goals, constantly running, roaming……

Its speed was already threefold its limit status. The Night Thunder Dream Beast, under its determination, had reached some sort of self-forgetting state, letting its blood leave, thinking only of the Demon Home that its black pupils were watching!


Finally, the Night Thunder Dream Beast reached the the region where the demon aura was the thickest. The dense demonic aura was like a soothing gale that buffeted the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s body.

The Night Thunder Dream Beast lifted up its head high, and it let out a long neigh in the bleak night colors. The entire night region, with the control of the darkness of the Night Thunder Dream Beast, started accompanying it in absorbing the purest and most powerful demonic aura!!!


The shapeless demonic aura became a tangible black whirlwind, spinning around the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s surroundings, and it frantically poured into the body of the Night Thunder Dream Beast, elevating the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s soul!

Its curved and beautiful dream horns slowly extended as the Night Thunder Dream Beast bathed in the darkness. Standing there, as the demonic aura poured in, its body changed completely!

The Night Thunder Dream Beast was currently growing!

When a soul pet grew, the changes were often very small. Only when evolving did it have distinct changes. At this time, the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s changes were very obvious. Especially its two curved dream horns. They curved into an elegant arc, and became more mature and intricate. Even the little detailed dream patterns on it were clearly visible……

Its black, deer-like healthy body became even more well rounded- long and toned. Without the beast type soul pet’s wild muscular feel, it was full of a spiritual smoothness and beauty, while also emanating the elegance and demonic handsomeness fit only for a darling of the night!!

The Ninth Misleading World’s center area was where the Blue Galactic Demon Emperor lived. The demonic power contained within it was massive. The Night Thunder Dream Beast used to be at the sixth phase fifth stage, but in the process of absorbing the demonic aura, it caused the Night Thunder Dream Beast to skip five entire stages, reaching the seventh phase first stage. Not only did it experience four growths, it also underwent the flashiest of evolutions!!

The seventh phase was an evolution bottleneck that many soul pets couldn’t cross. However, with a firm heart and the addition of demonic energy, it caused the Night Thunder Dream Beast to skip five full stages and enter the seventh phase- a realm that most soul pets could never reach!

Night Thunder Dream Beast- seventh phase first stage with a demon type talent surpassing that of a commander rank, a dark type talent at the peak of commander rank, and a lightning type talent at a high class commander rank level!

This time, the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s growth wasn’t only in stage or phase, but instead its most basic talent and type underwent quality changes, changing from an already high quality high class commander rank soul pet to top tier high class commander rank soul pet!

At this time, even if the Night Thunder Dream Beast was facing the so called “perfect commander rank” Tundra Ice Beast, it could easily win with its strange demonic techniques!

The Night Thunder Dream Beast’s stage, phase, and type strengthening caused its soul to elevate, which also pushed Chu Mu’s soul to undergo an evolution!!

Ninth remembrance spirit teacher and spirit master were only a line apart, but it was also a gap that many soul pet trainers couldn’t cross. Yet, with the death threat from the White Nightmare, Chu Mu couldn’t do anything else but explode with all his potential to break through this barrier!

At this time, the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s soul elevation gave Chu Mu a boiling injection of energy. When Chu Mu used his soul remembrance to compete against the White Nightmare, it caused Chu Mu’s soul to suddenly evolve!!

Spirit elevation, birth of the fourth soul!!

The Night Thunder Dream Beast’s struggle had finally put Chu Mu into the realm of spirit master!

At this moment, Chu Mu’s fragile and burnt soul abruptly stood up within the White Nightmare’s pale white soul devil fire. The powerful remembrance of a spirit master was released recklessly, almost instantly bulldozing the White Nightmare’s spiritual resentment!!

The black, emotionless eyes became the brightest star, letting out a dazzling radiance that lit up everything!

His depleted soul power started growing crazily without end, even starting to repair Chu Mu’s hurt soul!

“Chong Mei – Soul Devour!”

Four years of daily burning of the body at this moment now became the vilest curse!

The White Nightmare was Chu Mu’s soul pet. It had the terrifying Soul Devour ability, yet the Chong Mei that Chu Mu casted had now copied this technique of the White Nightmare. Under the situation where the White Nightmare tried to devour his soul, Chu Mu turned around and started to devour the White Nightmare’s soul!!

“What…… How…… How is this possible!!”

A White Nightmare devouring its owner’s soul, and then the owner turning around and devouring the White Nightmare’s soul? When Xia Guanghan saw that Chu Mu casted Chong Mei to eat the soul of the White Nightmare, he was dazed by this strange scene!!

Humans can devour an evil soul pet’s soul?

Everyone knew that an evil soul pet could eat its owner’s soul to increase its own power.

Yet, if a human ate a White Nightmare’s soul, what would happen?

At this moment, Xia Guanghan could no longer think any further, because the scene in front of him was completely against all normal logic, and had never happened before!!

“Stop him!!”

Xia Guanghan couldn’t imagine the logic defying reverse devour, so he decisively commanded his Yellow Corpse Sand Dragon and his Blue Nightmare to attack Chu Mu!


Mo Xie lifted up her head, and she let out a long call under the hanging moon. Her silver fur waved with the wind. The nine majestic tails opened up under the moonlight, forming a beautiful nine tailed blossom. As it waved around, it was imposing and wild!!

The Yellow Corpse Sand Dragon first appeared in front of Mo Xie. When its Yellow Sand Dragon claw slammed downwards from the skies, it lifted waves of terrible sand!!

Mo Xie’s nine tails danced nimbly, completely hiding Mo Xie’s body within the nine tails!

Nine Tail Confuse!

While Mo Xie casted her dodging technique, the massive yellow sand dragon claw almost covered a radius of ten meters. However, when Mo Xie’s tails danced nimbly, Mo Xie’s body unknowingly disappeared within the furry tails, avoiding the technique!

Mo Xie was fighting for time for Chu Mu to eat the White Nightmare’s soul. Yet, at this moment, Chu Mu’s Chong Mei had already reached the peak of its cast!

“Nie!!!!!!” Feeling Chu Mu’s backlash, the White Nightmare suddenly let out a pained screech, which dismally echoed throughout!!

Chong Mei’s ability could copy any soul pact signed soul pet technique and create the same or even stronger technique effect.

The White Nightmare’s Soul Devour brought power, so that meant Chu Mu devouring the White Nightmare would also allow him to gain power!!


Suddenly, Chu Mu started burning with the strangest white devil fire!

This devil fire was even stronger than that of the White Nightmare’s before. It was astonishingly the even scarier white demonic devil fire!

Different from the soul devil fire borrowed from the White Nightmare before, after using Chong Mei to devour the White Nightmare’s soul, the white demonic devil fire on Chu Mu’s body was completely sourced from his own soul!

Burning from his own soul, it meant that it was completely the power of Chu Mu!

Without needing to cast an incantation, without needing to cast the technique Chong Mei, after devouring the White Nightmare’s soul, Chu Mu’s soul had merged with the White Nightmare’s, allowing Chu Mu himself to have the terrifying power of a monarch rank White Nightmare!!!

A frightening evil aura emanated from Chu Mu’s body, and power recklessly flew out of him!!

Seventh phase ninth stage – Human form White Nightmare!

At this moment, Chu Mu himself morphed into a seventh phase ninth stage White Nightmare burning with white demonic devil fire!

His evil pupils were emotionless, not containing any human emotions as they keenly watched Xia Guanghan not far away!!

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