The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy

Chapter 15 - The Video from Two Years Ago

Chapter 15: The Video from Two Years Ago

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Seeing her own picture, Ye Yuwei who was standing at the entrance straightened her back.

She was wearing a white dress in the picture. Because of a series of incidents, her white dress was stained with dirt and blood and her hair was in a mess. The picture was a screenshot from a footage, which explained the bad resolution.

But it did not stop people from recognizing her.

Gu Juexi stared at the picture and squinted, as if reviewing the picture.

Finding the face familiar, Lu Qichuan raised his brow.

Not knowing why Mr. Qian projected her picture on the wall, Ye Yuwei felt worried. What was Gu Juexi going to think about that? Would he think that it was another trick of hers?

She then sighted Yu Sha’er’s hand holding Gu Juexi’s arm and all her worries subsided. Her stiff body relaxed and leaned back to her chair.

How cheap of her to be thinking of his feelings at this time.

“I believe many of you don’t think highly of this sloppy-looking girl. But it was she who saved Qian Feng Hotel. Mr. Gu probably doesn’t remember this girl, but she was one of your many employees. Gu Bank was the only bank who offered loan to Qian Feng Hotel when all other banks refused to,” said Qian Feng, with fondness in his eyes.

He knew this girl but he never knew that this happened.

Qian Feng made one of the staffs play the video.

[A girl got down a taxi in the pouring rain, apologized to the grumpy taxi driver, tipped him, and ran into the hotel.

The footage of the inside of the hotel was much clearer and the bleeding wound on the girl’s arm became visible.

“I am so sorry Mr. Qian, I was caught up in something…” said the girl, who then took out from her bag an agreement, which looks like the only thing that was not drenched in the rain.

“Please don’t be sorry. This hotel is closing down… we were the one asking for a favor.” Qian FengLao laughed as he said, he probably thought the girl would never have come.

The girl put the agreement on the table. “Mr. Qian, this is the Letter of Offer from our bank.”

Qian Feng looked up in surprise and asked in disbelief, “What? Gu Bank is offering me a loan? The money will probably go down the drain.”

The girl smiled and her smile calmed his heart despite her messy look.

“You did apply for the loan from us and our reply to your application was not for fun. We asked for a week’s time before we can revert to your application so that we can assess Qian Feng Hotel’s performance and reputation. I am really sorry about today. I had to go to A City for my husband’s birthday and I didn’t get to inform you because my phone battery died… I am really sorry about that.”

The girl explained herself sincerely, first on why it took so long for them to revert and then on why she was late today.

Qian Feng looked at the girl and said, “Your bank could lose money from this deal. Why did you approve my application?”

“Our CEO—Mr. Gu once said that an enterprise that has people’s hearts will never fail. I believe that Qian Feng Hotel is only financially strapped for now and will eventually pay back our loan.”

The video ended and the crowd was silent.

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