The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy

Chapter 14 - Woman in the Photo

Chapter 14: Woman in the Photo

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Lu Qichuan looked at her pleading eyes and his hands moved subconsciously.

‘Army Uncle! Army Uncle, please don’t die…’

‘In the middle of a huge fire, a little girl knelt on the ground, pushing a pillar with all her might. It was because she was trying to save a soldier of the People’s Liberation Army trapped beneath the pillar.’

Lu Qichuan’s body trembled, but no one saw it. He raised his hand slightly, wanting to cover her face and to gaze only at her pair of eyes.

“Mr. Lu, please.” The desperation in Ye Yuwei’s eyes became more intense.

Lu Qichuan suddenly retracted the hand that only lifted less than one centimeter and smilingly said, “Saving someone is a more meritorious act than building any temples. Come inside with me.”

“Thank you, thank you!” Ye Yuwei hastily thanked him.

“But, Mr. Lu…” the hotel staff hurriedly spoke up.

“What? Do you mean that I, Mr. Lu, cannot bring in a female companion?” Lu Qichuan spoke softly.

Not getting angry just because one has a certain prestige—this was probably how it was done.

The hotel staff dared not say anything further. Lu Qichuan was not someone whom they could offend.

Ye Yuwei gratefully followed Lu Qichuan into the hotel. Fortunately, today the person she met was Lu Qichuan, a kind gentleman and a son of nobility.

Once she entered with Lu Qichuan, Ye Yuwei secretly let out a sigh of relief. It was good that she was able to come inside. It would be fine as long as she could safely hide until the end of the event, which meant that she would have accomplished her end of the bargain between them.

She could then get a divorce.

Ye Yuwei stopped not far from the door’s entrance and bowed slightly to express her thanks. “Thank you, Mr. Lu.”

“You don’t have to keep thanking me. I am now going to look for your CEO, Mr. Gu. You better go ahead and find Mr. Qian’s secretary.” Lu Qichuan winked at her, hinting that she had better not be seen together with him. Otherwise, she would be discovered by her CEO.

Ye Yuwei looked at Lu Qichuan’s retreating back and once again, sighed in relief.

Ye Yuwei laughed at herself, thanking Gu Juexi for not introducing her to his good brother. Otherwise, how would she be able to come in today?

Nevertheless, she had to work hard to hide until the end. After that, she would get the divorce agreement.

After all, Gu Juexi was still a man who honored his own words.

Gu Juexi looked at the approaching Lu Qichuan, frowned and asked, “Didn’t you arrive some time ago? How come you are only coming over now?”

Yu Sha’er adorably called out to “Brother Qichuan”, before nestling against Gu Juexi, listening to their conversation.

Lu Qichuan reached out and ruffled Yu Sha’er’s head. “Sha-sha is getting more and more beautiful,” Lu Qichuan said and took the glass handed to him by a passing waiter. He swirled the drink in the glass before saying, “It was nothing. Just met a beautiful lady and we spoke for a bit.”

As Lu Qichuan spoke, he looked up at the Qians coming out on stage. They were an elderly couple in their seventies and had built an empire from scratch. They had been with each other through thick and thin.

As Mr. Qian got onto the stage, the people on the floor stopped their conversations.

Mr. Qian’s one hand was holding a cane, while the other held the hand of his wife. Looking at the people below, he energetically spoke, “Today is my last day at the hotel. It is also the last business deal signed for this hotel. I would like to thank Mr. Gu for giving me this opportunity.”

Ye Yuwei stood near the door of the hotel lobby, her gaze constantly upon Gu Juexi. In the end, she still could not look away.

A man whom she had loved for thirteen years. In that huge fire, had it not been for him, she would probably have perished a long time ago.

This was the real reason why she had married him.

Unfortunately, he would not believe her.

Her friends often asked, “Why do you put yourself so low in front of Gu Juexi? What is it about that kind of man that is worthy of heart?”

She also thought that she was so lowly. Despite her decision to let go, she still couldn’t stop herself from loving him. ‘If that is not lowly, then what is it?’

“It was you who gave me a chance to make a profit,” Gu Juexi said modestly, because it was a fact.

Qian Feng was a brand. He had built the resort that was steadily making profit, but Mr. Qian had also brought in Gu Enterprise together in business. This was clearly to let Gu Enterprise make a profit as well.

Mr. Qian laughed boisterously. “This opportunity was rightfully earned by Mr. Gu.” As Mr. Qian spoke, someone was asked to switch on the projector.

The projector showed a photograph of the entrance of a hotel of which a woman was seen entering from the outside. That woman looked extremely embarrassed.

Yet, that woman had also shocked a few individuals.

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