The Bumpy Road of Marriage: Divorce Now, Daddy

Chapter 13 - Is He Lu Qichuan?

Chapter 13: Is He Lu Qichuan?

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The cocktail party was organised by the commercial tycoon, Mr. Qian Feng, to commemorate the signing of contract with Gu Corporation. There was also another reason; it was that Mr. Qian Feng would be retiring soon and wished to hand over the management of the only seven-star hotel in B City to his son.

The participants attending this cocktail party were all business moguls. There were exchanges of conventional greetings and compliments in the midst of the glamorous surroundings.

When Gu Juexi brought Yu Sha’er to the venue, a staff member stood at the entrance door to receive the invitations from the arriving guests. Gu Juexi’s mouth twitched slightly. He would like to see how that woman could get in here at all.


‘Did she ask for his permission first?’

After obtaining information on Gu Juexi from the news and confirming the hotel venue, Ye Yuwei took a taxi to the location.

Only that she had underestimated the degree of Gu Juexi’s despicable scheming.

“Miss, without an invitation, you are not allowed to enter.” The hotel staff at the door sternly reminded her.

Ye Yuwei lifted her head to look inside. She stood rooted to the spot, her hands slowly balled up into fists.

Gu Juexi, who had walked far inside, turned to look at the doorway and the person standing outside. His mouth twitched slightly, his expression had a kind of indescribable smugness.

“Brother Juexi, you seemed to be in quite a good mood today,” Yu Sha’er commented, looking up and smiling in his embrace.

Ye Yuwei looked at the two people who were embracing each other. She used the pain caused by her fingertips that were almost piercing through her palm, to remind herself to not feel sad because of this man; it was not worth it.

“Why are you blocking the entrance? The hotel staff here are so unqualified.” A fat man who had a beautiful female companion in his arms, pushed Ye Yuwei away, giving her a disgusted look. He then turned around and with a smile, tendered his invitation to go inside.

“The women nowadays all want to curry favor with some big shots and yet, do not put in any effort. Coming here with such cheap attire.” The female companion of the fat man laughed out loud.

Ye Yuwei was almost knocked over. As she stumbled forward, someone caught her in time and supported her.

“Miss, are you alright?” a man asked in a low, crisp voice soothing to the ears.

Ye Yuwei lifted her head and turned around. She saw the man in front of her, impeccably clad in a suit looking dashing, with a pair of beautiful eyes on his handsome face.

“I am fine, thanks,” Ye Yuwei said to the man.

The man nodded. With his invitation in hand, he turned around to enter the hotel.

“Mr. Lu, you have arrived. Please come this way. Mr. Gu and Mr. Qian Feng have been waiting for you.” The hotel staff eagerly welcomed inside.

‘Mr. Lu?’

‘Is he Lu Qichuan?’

As she had liked Gu Juexi very much, she had developed a keen understanding of those whom he had surrounded himself with. Thinking back now, she had seemed so foolish and naive back then.

“Excuse me, Mr. Lu,” Ye Yuwei suddenly called out.

Lu Qichuan turned around and looked at the approaching lady. She looked beautiful and was soothing to the eyes.

“Hey, Miss. I have already said earlier. Without an invitation, you cannot go inside.” The hotel staff immediately warned her fiercely.

Ye Yuwei completely ignored the hotel staff. She looked earnestly at Lu Qichuan.

“Mr. Lu, I am an employee of Gu Enterprise. There was a matter of which I must contact Mr. Qian Feng’s secretary. As you are probably aware, Mr. Qian Feng had previously cooperated with us. My hand phone battery has gone flat, so there was no way for me to contact Mr. Qian Feng’s secretary. Can you bring me inside?” Ye Yuwei said urgently. In the midst of her words, there was also sincerity.

Indeed, Gu Enterprise had previously cooperated with Mr. Qian Feng. Furthermore, the said cooperation was handled by her, so she was not lying.

Lu Qichuan’s beautiful eyes carried a hint of humor. “You are a staff of Gu Enterprise. Your CEO is currently inside the party. Why didn’t you ask him for help?”

Ye Yuwei was stunned for a while, and her face immediately showed embarrassment. “If our CEO came to know of my mistake this time, I will definitely be fired. I only hope to contact Mr. Qian Feng’s secretary and quickly resolve the matter. Mr. Lu, please.”

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